Chapter 101: 12 Hours is a Long Time

Edamame: *inhales deeply and exhales* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…  It’s good to be back!

After a year of dreading it I finally gave in to the urge to download and re-install my Sims 3 games.  It took me 12 hours!

Edamame: UUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!  Enough of your first world problems!  I’m not talking to you. You neglected me for so long it’s going to take me at LEAST 12 minutes to get over it! OH, my life is so HARD!

Frittata: Can I please die now?  I need to get away from this freak!

Frittata, you can die at any time, truly, any time!  I actually forgot that you were still alive; totally thought you were dead.  Until I loaded the game and there you were… still.

So last time The Food Family Legacy had their 100th post and I then dropped off the face of the Earth due to computer issues and moving and children in school and yada yada yada.

Anyway, last time we learned Honey was pregnant from the one and only time she gave in to Lox. 

Edamame: Don’t forget that she has it bad, bad, bad for Mango.  Mango Fever!  Mango Madness!  Mango Mania!

Frittata: Beef Wellington took a trip through the Cow Plant.

Yeah, I should really get rid of that.  But I like the danger!

Frittata: Oh, Edamame now has ninja skills.

Edamame: I believe the kids are calling it skillzzzzzzZZZZ these days.  And I can be anything!

Just take a look.  It’s in a book.  Reading Rainbow!

Some other stuff happened, like Kix failing at her YouTube Channel Recycle Style.

Edamame: I guess I’m not the only one that doesn’t appreciate a potato sack prom dress!  Thank you public! 


After prom Kix returned home thinking of her next YouTube video.

Kix: I’ve got to wow them this time.  Maybe I should head to the junkyard and see what I can scavenge.

Frittata: She’s so frugal. *smiles*

Edamame: She’s going to catch some kind of incurable disease like Alfalfa did.

Ummmmm, I don’t believe that’s what happened with Alfalfa…

Edamame: Oh that’s right.  He romanced his cousin and ended up with The Fire Crotch and then spread it around to the ENTIRE TOWN of Sunset Valley and THAT is why the family had to move to craptastic town Riverview. *spits*  I hate this town.

Oooo…Kay… Emotional volcano…


Then before she could get inside the house…

Kix: Ohhhh, pretty lights.  I could repurpose those…



She didn’t run…


Edamame: Wonderful.  Absolutely freaking wonderful.  Let’s think of all the ways this legacy has failed me and my legacy.  Alien abductions…  Put this one up there on the top of the list with incest and kidnapping.

Frittata: Like it’s her fault.  Would you like to be abducted by and alien?

Edamame: You know what.  Aliens couldn’t abduct me; they couldn’t get through my Sphere of Awesome! 

*spits out drink* Sphere of Awesome?

Edamame: What?  It’s like a protective layer, like the Ozone Layer.

Frittata: The Ozone has a hole in it.

Edamame: *glares*


When she finally got home Kix quickly made a vlog post about her abduction.  She thought it was insightful, terrifying and full of information.  But in reality her post was a full three minutes of…

Kix: Uhhhhmmmmm… Muuuuuuummmmmmmm… Guuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh…

Edamame: Instead it was just terrifying.



Edamame: The inner net is stupid.

Frittata: That’s internet.

Edamame: That’s what I said!


She had to stay home from school the next day because she couldn’t control her bodily functions.

Edamame: Why are you doing this to me?

Frittata: To you?  I believe the aliens did it to Kix.  But you go ahead and believe it’s all about you.  You will anyway.

Edamame: Thank you.  Not that I needed your permission, but thanks anyway.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that Edamame has no formal education whatsoever.  In fact, I don’t believe she’s had any informal education either.

Edamame: Let me tell you something, sweetie.  I learned what I learned from the streets, okay!  Before this legacy had this house *head swirl* I was living on the streets of Sunset Valley!

Frittata: *mouth drops open* I don’t believe what I just saw…

But shouldn’t your Sphere of Awesome protect you from anything harmful?

Frittata: *snicker*


I didn’t look up his name, but this guy is on the streets of Riverview!  I just can’t stop looking.

Edamame: Sunset Valley would have eaten him alive.

Frittata: I think you’re rewriting history again.


In other news, the honeymoon is over for Lox.


Lox: *stares at butt* So can we sleep in the same room tonight?

Honey: *rolls eyes* LAWX!  Oy godda think about the baby!


Lox tried to talk to Honey about the way he was feeling.

Honey: LAWX!  Yew did this ta me!  Do yew think Oy want tew of them in theya?

To say that Honey hates being pregnant would be a massive understatement.


Honey: *grits teeth* Leave. Me. Alone. Before. Yew. Regret. It.


Lox was incredibly hurt by this exchange.


So hurt that he bought a cabin on the other side of town so he wouldn’t bother his wife at night anymore.


Turns out one of his friends needed a place to stay…

Edamame: YESSSSSS!  Raina, I love Raina!  This legacy needs more Raina! *hums The Love Shack*

Get your mind out of the gutter, there are two bedrooms.

Edamame: Doesn’t mean both of them were used…

The next morning it was time for Lettuce’s birthday!!!!


All the sim selves were invited and they all boo’d Frittata as she ate her Stu Surprize ice cream.

Elissa: Eww gross, I can’t believe you put that in your mouth!

Sabrina: I can’t even look.

Frittata: No one else was going to eat it!


Peach: Ugh, that is so disgusting.

Thankfully everyone was so distracted with what Frittata was eating that no one noticed when Lox and Raina arrived together.


Right away Lox started mixing drinks as a distraction from his mother.

Sabrina: Finally, someone that knows how to throw a party!

Frittata: He’s such a good boy.


Starla had a BM on the floor.

Starla: Here’s a present for ya!

Andie: What the!

Edamame: Disgusting!  She should never come over again!


Then Andie stepped in it.

Andie: *squish* Oh no!


And it wouldn’t be a Food Family Legacy party if at least one person wasn’t in tears!

Edamame: This is why I stopped having children.

Frittata: Oh, I thought it was Jello.


Dan: Can someone please shut that kid up!


Selah: Stop crying already!

Dan: Iknowright?


Sabrina: *grumbles* Why do I come to these parties?!?!


Then Sabrina remembered she comes for the drama.

Sabrina: Who’s baby could it be? 

Edamame: OHHHHHHHHHH YEAH!  Lox has been a bad boy!

Frittata: You ever think it could be Hunter’s baby?

Edamame: No, never.


Candi was busy dreaming about love.


Mango must have some super strong pheromones.  All the ladies love him.


Honey: *lusting and staring*

Mango: *intense urge to run*

Frittata: If only she could feel that way about her husband…

Edamame: And where would the fun in that be? 


And because I was too busy watching all the other drama I missed the candles.  Here’s a derp shot.


Wasabi: ARRRRRGHLE!  Can we finally eat? I’m starving!


Makeover shot.

Edamame: She’s got Mango’s looks.  Perhaps she should be heir.  She’d have her pick of the menfolk.

Frittata: Menfolk?  What era are you from?

Edamame: Shut your hole!

Wasabi: When do I get a slice of cake?




Elissa took her slice and stood in front of the cake.  Wasabi started to panic!

Elissa: *sigh* Where should I sit?  I could stand I suppose…

Wasabi: OMG, lady!  Move out of the way!

Frittata: Elissa, the child is hungry!

Honey: Take your cake and sit down or get out of this house.

Candi: Oh, I think he touched my arm when he walked passed. 


Wasabi: MOVE!

Frittata: Come on!

Honey: MURDER!!!!

Candi: Where is he?  I must see him one more time.


Elissa finally decided to sit next to the birthday girl.  It may have been a mistake.

Lettuce: Uh, so hungry… Starving…

Edamame: She’s like a pig at the trough.  She keeps eating like that and she’s going to look like Icee before too long.


Elissa: So you like that cake, huh?

Lettuce: *mouth full* OMG, love it.  Sho good.


Elissa: Could you maybe keep the crumbs on your side of the table?  This is a new jacket.

Lettuce: *takes a giant bite* Shorry.  Sho hungry.

Edamame: Gross.  That child needs to go off to some manners boot camp.  Orrrrrrrrrrr boarding schoooooool???

Frittata: Oh stop, she was just hungry.


As the party started to come to a close Honey cornered Mango.

Honey: Heya, dija notice I wore a new perfume?


Honey: Do ya like et?

Mango: *whispers* Help me.  Save me.

Frittata: Ehh?


Honey: How ‘bout a hug?

Mango: What? No!

Frittata: Thanks for the water, Mango.

Edamame: Please tell me you did that on purpose?

Frittata: Did what?


She just can not take a hint!

Edamame: Something huge is going to happen.  I can feel it!  I kinda hope Peach teaches honey a thing or two.


The party was hit.  Shocking since only two people had cake slices and there was poop on the floor.


After the party Lox and Raina went back to the cabin for the night.  Raina told Lox she was carrying his child.


Frittata: Their child will be beautiful.


They both ready pregnancy books all night.


Or did they?

Frittata: Oh, let’s hope they didn’t.

Edamame: *gasp* You agree with this?

Frittata: Why wouldn’t I?  Miller was married when we met.

And that is the last of the pictures I had of my prior save.  Next update will hopefully be a bit longer.  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter.  Keep simming!


Chapter 100: Centennial

*balloons and confetti fall from the sky* Can you believe it’s been 100 chapters!  Why am I not done with this legacy?  Also when I started this legacy I was pregnant with my second child; she is now four (on the 13th)!

Last time on the Food Family Legacy Frittata and Peach witnessed the death of my simself and are again with mourning moodlets!  Honey still has Mango Madness and now her (almost cheater) husband knows.  Lox is feeling the neglect of his wife and starting to think of another woman (Raina Kehrer).  Steak had become my upgrade slave with an undetermined future ahead of him.  Kix’s and her blog weren’t doing so well; she may benefit from attending a university.  Wasabi and Mr. Pickles continued with their unnatural bond. And simselves Candi and Andie continued with their boyfriend swapping. 


Wellington no!  Don’t touch that!

Edamame: Great, now you’re going to lose the butler.  The only thing this legacy has going for it.  Besides me, of course.

Frittata: Too bad we can’t lose you.


Beef Wellington: *gasp* Cake for me? 

Edamame: What flavor cake is that?

Frittata: Does it matter?  You ask the oddest questions.

Edamame: Yes it matters.  I could pass up say a yellow cake, but chocolate?  If that cake were chocolate I’d use my ninja-style moves and grab that cake so fast from that Cow Plant it wouldn’t even know I’d been there.

Frittata: So today you’re a ninja?


Lox was on his way to feed the Cow Plant when Wellington decided he was hungry.

Beef Wellington: My what big teeth you have!


Cow Plant: *munch*

Lox: Where’s the Beef?

Frittata: This is what happened to my dear Bon Bon…

Edamame:  Ugh. Are you going to start crying again?


Cow Plant: *wet mouth sounds*

Lox: Gross.


Luckily the Cow Plant didn’t like Beef Wellington and spit him back out.  I guess he wasn’t aw sweet as Bon Bon.


Beef Wellington: I do say, ol’ chap, that was a wretched experience!

Edamame: I wonder what it feels like…

Frittata: I wish you could find out…


This time to keep Wellington occupied while Lox fed the Cow Plant I had Mango ask him some advice.  Apparently it is of the toilet variety.

9Sound advice.

Edamame: OH that is just nasty!


Having a butler has really made this family lazy!

Edamame: That is a disgusting counter!  I can’t believe you even bought an ice cream maker!  Do you know how fat this family is going to get!

I have to give them something, all they ever have for dinner is Stu Surprise.

Edamame: Ahhhh, true.

Frittata: They eat it and they like it!


Then I found Honey talking to Mango again!

Mango: Look, even if science depended on our mating.  I wouldn’t sleep with you.

Lox: I would.  I will.  I would like to.  Please…

Edamame: Lox is so desperate.  What a turn off.

Frittata: She is his wife!

Edamame: *shrugs* Meh.


Mango: I do all of my ‘gardening’ with Peach.

Lox: I’ll plow your garden for you Honey.

Honey: Nawt naw, Lawx!


Lox left and started sending texts to Raina.  Raina is always there for him.

Frittata: There’s trouble in paradise.

Edamame: No, it’s a cheeseburger.  Cheeseburger in paradise.


Then suddenly I was distracted by Honey running for the toilet.

Honey: UUUUUUUURHGHRH!  How can I be hungry at a time like this?

Edamame: I know what this means!  But how?  And is it Mango’s?

Frittata: Eww, no.  Remember the tree house?

Edamame: *dissapointed* Oh yeah.


I thought so too until this happened. 

Kix: BLAAAAAAAAAH!  I’ll never eat Stu Surprise ice cream again! 

Edamame: Oh, I see.

16 I thought so too until this happened.

Edamame: *claps* I can’t wait to see who the father is.  Wait, didn’t you just say that?  Am I having Déjà Vu?

Frittata: Mango won’t sleep with her, you moron!

Edamame: There are ways…

Frittata: Oh no.  Nope!  I don’t want to know!


Honey popped a fritter into the fryer and popped into her maternity pjs.

Edamame: Those are maternity?

Frittata: They are when you’re trying to seduce a married man.

I later change them to something less R rated.


Of course she wants to have a girl.  Someone she can share her Hello Kitty collection with.

Edamame: That shouldn’t be too hard in this legacy.  Most of my descendants are female.

Frittata: Ugh, not a Hello Kitty nursery.


So I take a moment to check on Steak and yep, he’s working hard.


And I come back to this…

Edamame: This doesn’t happen when you drink your meals.

Frittata: This doesn’t happen when I make Miller’s favorite, Stu Surprise.

Edamame: But it should.


At least someone is on top of this thing!  Lox was in bed sleeping off his disappointment.


Sims started running into the room to yell at the fire.  Honey was completely oblivious to the fire!

Kix: I got out of bed for this?

Steak: Am I going to have to repair that?

Edamame: Maybe she thought she was having a hot flash.

Frittata: In that outfit?

Edamame: I hardly ever wore clothing and I still had hot flashes.

Frittata: Your poor children.

Edamame: My children were luck to see a fine female form such as mine!  Did you see the manatee that Barley married and Jello never saw another woman naked.

Frittata: That explains so much.

Regardless of the heat, there is a very loud fire alarm going off in the kitchen.  Pregnancy doesn’t make you deaf.


Buff came to check out the party.  It was hot!  (lame)

Kix: Seriously, guys, so tired…

Honey: PLUMBAWB! There’s a foiya!


Steak jumped all over Kix about the fire.

Steak: You making smoke signals and we’re not Native Americans.  This isn’t the 18th or 19th century!  Use your cell phone!

Kix: Wasabi is crying and I don’t have time for you.  Go upgrade something.

Edamame: i think you’re working him too hard.  He’s making no sense.


Kix was not very happy with Steak’s treatment of her

Edamame:  Well, who could blame her.  What a jack in the box!


Upstairs things were only getting worse.

Beef Wellington: Miss Kix, the other one is crying now!

Kix: *stomps down stairs*

Edamame: Um, what are their parents doing? 

Frittata: Peach had to go to work and Mango was hiding from Honey.  Now that she is on maternity leave he’s been spending a lot of time hiding.


Kix: *grumbles* Now I have to get her something to eat too?  Don’t they know I have a blog to maintain!


Kix: She better be happy with this fried turkey leg or I’m going to cram it down her throat!

Edamame: Ooh, sounds like a challenge. 


This face one came to pick Lox up for work. 

Lox:  You seem familiar, have we met?

Face One: I just have one of those faces I suppose.


At the Firehouse he greeted Raina with too much familiarity.

Lox: *sexy whispers*

Hunter Cottoneye: Oh Hell naw!


Hunter Cottoneye: RAINA I am standing right here!

Edamame: Something tells me that thing between Hunter and Raina is over.

Raina: *only has eyes for Lox*

Frittata: At least someone does.


These things pop up for Lox, but never for Honey.

Frittata: Honey hasn’t gotten close to actually doing anything yet.


I took a minute to check on Steak.  He was SLACKING!

Steak: *watches Masterpiece Theater*

Get back to work!


When I get back to Lox he’s not so gracefully crashing to the ground.

Edamame: Maybe Hunter pushed him.  I would have liked to see that.


He spent his time making upgrades and repairs.  I seem to have a glitch with the Firefighter Career.  When I get a notice of an emergency and I click on it, it goes a way and Lox gets a promotion, but he never goes to the emergency.  Anyone else have this issue?


Wait, plan her outfit?  Oh no, this is Kix.  She is going to make her outfit!  And I thought this was never going to happen!

Edamame: Let me guess: she needs fishing line, a stick of chewing gum and two rolls of toilet paper.

Frittata: Nope, but what she does use will definitely get a reaction from you.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Hey there YouTubers.  EarthGirl4Lyfe here with another Recycle Style video for your viewing pleasure.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: I’m in the bathroom getting ready for prom.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: I wanted to tell you about my prom dress, because prom is the perfect opportunity to show off your Recycle Style.  *shows dress*


EarthGirl4Lyfe: *looks at notes* I made this dress using a large burlap potato sack and two large flour sacks.  My vest is repurposed from the interior of a junked automobile.  You can download more details from my website.

Edamame: A POTATO SACK!  They’re all gonna laugh at youuuuuuuu!


EarthGirl4Lyfe: And it doesn’t have to be food sacks.  You could use an old sheet or even towels would be interesting.

Edamame: I guess you’d always have a towel available after washing your hands.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Oh is that the time?  I’ve got to go!


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Making treasure from trash, that’s my Recycle Style.  What’s yours?  This is EarthGirl4Lyfe signing off.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: *forgets to turn off webcam* Tooth check…. Good.

Edamame: How embarrassing for me!  I can’t believe we are related.  I just shows you how breeding can dilute good genes.  I mean where is her common sense?

Frittata: Common sense?  Didn’t you sign into a contract to start a legacy and name your descendants after FOOD?

Edamame: Well, I didn’t read it first.

Frittata: My point exactly.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Makeup check… Good.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Time for prom.

Kix then left for prom with her computer and webcam running. Her viewers were audience to many, many things they will never forget.


Edamame: Her blog is terrible!

Frittata: She’s just not understood.  Give it time, people will come around.


Here is a shot of Kix as she arrived at the school.  I’m really surprised he went in a limo and not her bike.

Edamame: I don’t like it any better then I did earlier.  Why would you even bother showing us this picture.

Frittata: I think she looks darling.  And she made that all on her own.  So cute.


Back at home it’s time for dinner.

Honey: Look awl Oy want you ta do es dip your pen en moy inkwell.

Mango put down his fork, left the table and returned to hiding.

Edamame: Wow, she’s bold!

Ok, let’s see how prom went:


Edamame: I’ll bet it was hers!   *grumbles* Homemade prom dress…


Frittata: See!  I told you it would take off!

Edamame: I don’t believe that for a minute!

52 Edamame: *unladylike gufaw* 

Frittata: Seriously? You sound like a donkey braying.

53 Yeah, this came up twice.

Edamame: LIES!

Frittata: It’s happening!


Edamame: LAME!  Should have stayed in Sunset Valley.  They would have had kick ass prom decorations!


 Edamame: Is Kix part of a Fight Club or something?  She’s doing an awful lot of fighting.

And that’s all I have for the Foods.  Let’s check out the town!


Andie had found true love.  At least for now…


Awe Garg and Dan are getting maweed!  I may be old fashioned, but I think Dan should have done the asking.


Candi and Bennie are now getting married too!

Edamame: It’s spreading like a disease…


Elissa has found herself a new man!


I decided to check out what Elissa was doing at the time of the notification.  Here he is driving Sabrina around in her beater.


Then I checked on her man.  She must have dropped him off at home or something.

Edamame: Uhh, did he get dressed in the dark? 


That two-timing bastard!  Let’s hope Elissa finds out and dumps his ass.

Edamame: Or…OR…  She could use this a leverage for child support and custody after she had their love-child.  Though why anyone would want custody really is beyond me. 

Frittata: Your mind works in mysterious ways.

Edamame: *is proud* I know.


Andie up and kicked out Elissa!  It’s a terrible thing when friends turn on each other.

Edamame: She shouldn’t have gotten pregnant.  Next time use precaution.

Frittata: She’s not pregnant you dimwit!


Fear not, Elissa found a place to stay.  Darian better be careful bringing that other woman around.

Edamame: She is pregnant!  Why else would she be moving in with him!

Frittata: She was kicked out!  She’s not pregnant!

70 Oh, looky looky!


I love this!  If these two get married I will turn on the same-sex baby maker!

Edamame: Wait, how is that even possible?  Does this happen on the enter webs?

7273 Sabrina!  You are killing me here!

Well that’s all I have for this update!  I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for sticking with me through 100 posts!  Happy simming!

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Chapter 99: Almost 100

Well, it’s been a FREAKING long time since the last update.  But Summer is here and hopefully the update will be plentiful!  Enough dilly dallying on with the update!

Last time on the Food Family Legacy:  We all cried (and some not) over the death of the legacy’s late heiress, Bon Bon.  It was decided that since Peach and Lox tied for second place they would both be heir(ress).  One thing is for sure, the next vote is going to be involved because Peach and Mango have five children.  We also learned that Raina followed Lox to Riverview and Lox has secret hidden feelings for his new co-worker.

Edamame: Oh, who is his new co-worker.

Frittata: It’s Raina, you idiot!

Edamame: It’s too early to be so hostile.  Can’t you wait until at least 10 pictures in?

Frittata: *sigh*

Leave her alone, Edamame.  She’s seen too much of her father lately.

Edamame: Uh…  Is she dead?  If she’s dead, then what is she still doing here?  Shouldn’t I be talking to one of the other heirs or something?

Frittata: I’M NOT DEAD YET!  Stop trying to kill me!

Can we just get on with this?  Enquiring minds want to know what is going on.

Edamame: Who’s stopping you?


The first thing I noticed when entering my game was Honey in her exercise clothing.

Edamame: Awe, she looks so cute.

Frittata: You only like her because she’s sniffing after Mango like she’s in heat.

Edamame: Maybe she is in heat.  I mean, if Lox can’t give her a baby I think Mango has proven that he has what it takes to produce.

Frittata: You’re disgusting.

Edamame: No, I’m gorgeous and you’re jealous.

Frittata: *snorts*


Let’s check on what Steak is doing.  Oh look, he’s upgrading the Food Replicator.  I’ve decided to go along with what commenter Yum-Yum said and Cow Plant Steak when he is finished with all the upgrades the house needs.  The family tree has been broken anyway and he’s always trying to get into Frittata’s pants.  This way there won’t be any stray unrelated Foods cluttering up my town.  It’s a win-win situation.

Edamame: For you anyway.

Yes, exactly.


Honey: UH!  Steak, I need to oose the deep froyah!  I’m stahvin!

Steak: Not right now, Honey!  I literally can not leave this food replicator.  I’ve tried three times already!

Lox: Hmmm, I wonder if I should go back to school…

Edamame: What did you do?  Chain him to the replicator?

Only until he was finished.


Meanwhile, upstairs Stu Surprise strikes again.

Mango: Wasabi, you have got to leave this room.  Daddy needs to do a number two!

Wasabi: No, that’s okay, Daddy.  I’ll just cover Mr. Pickles’ eyes.

Mango: No, Wasabi.  You do not want to be in here when this happens.  I don’t want to be in here when it happens.

Edamame: Can’t you make your family something else?  Anything else?

Frittata: What are you talking about?  I am fine with it.  i think it’s all in their heads.


Across the hall Kix was working on her next YouTube video for her channel Recycle Style.

EarthGirl4Lyfe: Hey, YouTubers, it’s me EarthGirl4Lyfe with another Recycle Style video.

Edamame:  Oh jeez.

Frittata: Oh, it’s very cute.  She puts these little videos out on the enter web and other people can see them.

Edamame: What is this enter web?  Why can’t people get their information from newspapers like the rest of us?  Is it YouTube, or U-Tube, or EweTube?  And why sheep?

Frittata: Tsk.  You’re so behind the times.  It’s about the information freeway.

Edamame: Information freeway?

Can we get back on track ladies?


EarthGirl4Lyfe: In my last video I promised my first craft.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: I’m going to tell you how I made this book shelf behind me.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: It’s pretty simple really.  You just need three produce crates and scrap metal.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: OHWAIT!


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Be sure to have and use all the required safety equipment when working with these items.  And positively make sure your tetanus shots are up to date.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Anyway, back to the shelf.

Edamame: Ugh.  How long is this going to last?


EarthGirl4Lyfe: I did all the welding myself, but you make choose to have someone do it for you.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Um…*thinks*  yeah, so that’s it for the shelf.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: If you look over here on the left…right.  I mean the right.  You will see my teacup chair.  I scavenged this chair from an abandoned theme park.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Again, really a pretty simple thing to do.  All you need is a chainsaw, paint and a staple gun.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Just be careful with the chainsaw, because these *shows hands* are important.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Next week we will talk about my favorite light fixture.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Making treasure from trash, that’s my Recycle Style.  What’s yours?  This is EarthGirl4Lyfe signing off.


Kix: AGAJLDFJADFJ!!!!  Why do I always feel like and idiot when I do one of these?


Then Kix went downstairs to upload her video to YouTube/U-Tube/EweTube.

Edamame: People don’t know her real name do they?  I mean, they don’t know she’s part of my legacy, right?


Then Kix went and rolled her LTW.  Blog Artist!

Edamame: 10 blogs?  10 BLOGS?!  How can anyone talk that much about garbage?  *shivers*

Frittata; I don’t know, but it will be interesting to find out.

And before I forget to mention this, from the looks of it Kix does not get to go to prom.  Bummer!

Edamame: AHHH!  You could have left her at boarding school and we wouldn’t have to watch these lame videos and pretend like they are interesting!

Frittata: You are so cold.

Edamame: Yes, Icy is my middle name!

Wait, Icee is your middle name?

Edamame: Wait, what?

I thought you kinda resembled each other.  Do you think you could have been related?  Is Icee a family name?

Edamame: No, no.  Icee, no!  I was only kidding.  And…and related?!  Thank you very much, but no!  Barley did not marry a relative.  Incest did not enter into our family until Kit Kat hooked up with her brother Escargot!  I’m telling you, there was some nasty happening with that generation.  But I’m not going to point any fingers, because I’m not that kind of person.

Frittata: No.  Incest didn’t enter into our family until Raspberry’s disastrous obsession with Crisco and kidnapping of his son, Brennan.

No ladies I believe the incest actually happened a generation before Raspberry and Crisco with…

Edamame: Kit Kat and Escargot!  Thank you!

No!  Kit Kat and Escargot’s grandchildren started the incest.

Edamame: Oh no, it runs in the family!


Back to our story: Wasabi finally left the bathroom so her father could make his deposit!

Wasabi: Oh Mr. Pickles, I miss Bon Bon so much!

She then started to serenade Mr. Pickles with I Will Always Love You.


Wasabi then rolled her LTW to be a Vocal Legend!  I don’t remember any other Sim rolling their LTW as a child.  I could be wrong, I’d need to check back through the blog, but I am too lazy to do that right now.

Edamame: Big surprise there.


And check out who’s back!  Beef Wellington!  I had to hire a new Butler and when he showed up it was Wellington!  Awesome!

Edamame: I never had a butler, I don’t see why Frittata is so special that she should have one.

Frittata: You were also never a celebrity.

Edamame: Excuse me!  EVERYONE knew who I was.

Well, that’s because of Donut’s book.

Edamame: …


It started to rain outside.  Apparently, the greenhouse has a leaky roof, something I thought was fixed with a store patch.  Glad it was fixed because my sims would be drenched otherwise.


(Cue next picture where Honey is dripped wet.)  Honey is not the best gardener; she’s constantly becoming distracted.

Lox: What is she doing?

Honey: I wunda what Mango’s doin’.

Edamame: She is desperate for a taste of Mango!

Frittata: Hahaha!


Then Mango came outside and Honey forgot that she was helping in the garden.

Honey: *nervous laugh* Oh hi, Mango.

Mango: Hi, Honey.  Have you seen Peach?

Honey: Uh, Peach?  No, Oy have no oydea wheyuh she is.

28 Then this loveliness popped up.

Edamame: Like we didn’t already know this?

Frittata: Here, here.

Why are you two agreeing with each other suddenly?

Frittata: Enjoy it while it lasts.


Noticing Mango’s discomfort and that his wife was the cause of it, Lox came over to see what was happening.  Honey didn’t notice him.

Lox: Hey guys, what’s going on?

Honey: *stares into Mango’s eyes*

Mango: *tries to look around Honey*

Edamame: She’s not doing a very good job at hiding her crush.

Frittata: Ya think?

Lox: Want to take a swim, Mango?

Mango: *yells* YES!


Right after being ignored by his significant other, Lox rolled this wish to date Raina.

Edamame: Oh my, he’s really turning into a bad boy.

Frittata: I think it’s sad.  He’s desperate for attention.


Over on the other side of the lot the naughty gnomes are at it again.  What is Papa Bear doing to Lincoln!?!?!

Edamame: Ugh, that is disgusting.  You need to censor that.


Inside the house, Kix (who still hadn’t gotten dressed) decided to check on her blog.  She was so excited she could barely contain herself.  She closed her eyes tight while the screen loaded.

33 Ohhhhhh, snap!


Kix was not happy.  She got dressed and left the house on a mission to find something blog-worthy.

Edamame: Good thing it Summer.  I would hate to see her face freeze like that. 

Frittata: That’s a terrifying thought.

Edamame: Isn’t it?  I mean as a woman the only thing you have is your looks, and when you screw half of that up with a look like that…

Frittata: You’re an idiot.

Edamame:  What!


Instead of heading to the junk yard she ended up at the dumpster outside the diner.

Kix: I should find something blog-worthy in here.

Edamame: Wait.  I don’t understand.  She’s not about to–


Kix: What is that?  I think I can use it.

Edamame: Uh, what?


Kix: I just need to reach it…

Edamame: Anyone else starting to feel itchy?


Kix: Whoa!

Edamame: *starts panting* Oh no, oh no, oh no.


Kix: Almost got it…

Edamame: *dry heaves*

Frittata: UGH!  Can you please do that somewhere other than my ear!


Edamame: What’s this?  She’s in trouble now!  POPCORN!!!!

Frittata: I thought you were about to be sick?

Edamame: Next time you should bring your butler.

Frittata: No! 


Cop: Get out of the dumpster and go home and take a shower.

Kix Awwww, man!


Cop: Don’t let me catch you out here again.

Kix: UGHHHHH!  That would have been great in my bedroom!

Edamame: WHAT!?!

Kix was very lucky that the police officer didn’t feel like doing his job at that moment.


Cop: I got ta go get my grub on.

Edamame: What kind of town is this?  I don’t believe the police officers in Sunset Valley would have been so lenient.


Let’s check on Steak!

Edamame: I see he finally changed out of that disgusting chainmail.

He tried to go to bed.  I had to change his mind for him.


Outside, Mango noticed his wife entering the house.  He was out of the pool before Honey could say, ‘Hi, Mango.’

Mango: *kissing sounds*

Peach: What’s that all about?

Mango: I just had to show you how much I love you.

Frittata: Awe.

Edamame: *snorts* Please.


By the pool Lox decided to have it out with his wife.

Lox: Honey, I don’t understand you anymore.

Edamame: Wait!  I feel like I should have popcorn.


Lox: you sat by this pool the the entire time and only ever looked at Mango.

Honey: I don’t know what your problem is!


Lox: My problem is with you and this thing you have for Mango!  He’s a married man and you’re my wife!  You should be giving me all the attention you are giving Mango!

Honey: Oh PLUMBBAWB!  You are so needy!

Edamame: Look at the face she is making! 


Lox: Will you please, PLEASE forget about Mango?

Honey: *thinks*


Lox: *begs* PLEASE….

Frittata: This is so hard to watch.

Edamame: I know…should’ve had popcorn…


Honey: Oh awl roight!  I’ll troy ta fahget ubout hem.

Lox: *is relieved*

Edamame: Well, that was easy.


And then Honey did her wifely duty and made out with her husband.


Only she couldn’t keep her promise.

Lox: *really get’s into the kiss*

Honey:*thinks about Mango*


At this point I sent most of the family to bed with the exception of Steak (my upgrade slave), Lox went to check the mail and Fritty and Peach went to the Bistro for opportunities.  I decided to cruise the town and check on the SimSelves.  Here you can see Candi sitting next to Hal Breckenridge and eyeing the young teenager, Dallas Shallow.

Dallas: She’s checking out my ass isn’t she?


I found Starla outside a community lot.  Apparently she’s messed with the mafia or something because she’s wearing a pair of concrete pants.

Edamame: Another reason why Sunset Valley is better.


Oh no!  Starla no, don’t go!

Edamame: That is just creepy.

Frittata: I had a nightmare like this once.

Edamame: No one cares!


Then suddenly she freed herself.

Edamame: Well, you’d think she’s be happy to be free.  I guess there’s just no pleasing some people.

Frittata: You can say that again!

Edamame: What is up with her boots?  Girlfriend needs a new pair of shoes!


Looks like Bennie Dean has come back to Candi.

59 But that could be because Andie found herself a new man.


Edamame: I can tell you how it makes me feel.

Steak received a letter from Olivia Hoyt.  Sadly, Steak has no time for her, no time at all.


Lox and Honey received their wedding gifts.  So thoughtful of Peach to give antlers, Honey will love them.

Edamame: Oh those antlers will be a great addition to their Hello Kitty/Vomit room.


Gift giving is hard.  I mean really what do you give a legacy family?

Frittata: Well, I thought the statue would look lovely somewhere on the lawn.

Edamame: So you bought them a gift for you?

Frittata: Go choke on something.


They even got a gift from Raina.  How sweet.

64 And speaking of Raina, looks like she’s about to be free of her chains.


It was at this time that I noticed Peach had left the bistro and was in mourning!  I freaked out thinking that Frittata had died at the bistro!  When I zoomed over there everything was fine.


Frittata and Peach ran to the front of the bistro where my sim was dying.

Frittata and Peach: *sadness*

Death: Frittata, so glad you could join us!  You too Peach.

Edamame: HAHAHAHAHAAH!  Your sim died!  Wait, if your sim died, how are you still here?

Don’t confuse yourself, Edamame.


Check out this jerk!

Kurt Shallow: BWAHAHA!  Your narrator just died!

Edamame: Wow, he really is shallow.  Still, he is kinda handsome.

Frittata:  Of course.




Sarah Kehrer: No please no!  Let me stay.  I have so much unfinished business.  A…and my daughter, Raina, still needs me.

Death:  Not a chance.  And let’s hurry this up, I like to have a chat with my daughter.

Edamame: Uh-oh!  Sucks to be you.



Oh such sadness.


Death: FRITTATA… *clears throat* Frittata, how have things been?

Frittata: *not impressed*

Peach: *cries*

Frittata: *grumbles*


Frittata: *cries*  You killed the narrator!

Death: Yes, it was her time to go.  You will see her again.

Edamame: Dun dun DUUUUUUUUN!


Frittata and her father moved to a less crowded area to have a chat.

Death: Have you been getting regular check ups?  You want to make sure that ticker is in working order. *chuckles*

Frittata: *sighs*


Frittata: I can’t do this right now, I’m too sad.

Death: That’s fine. I’ll see you soon enough.

Edamame: *sighs* I know how you feel.  This is what living with Jello was like.  Constantly looking over your shoulder, paranoid that someone is trying to kill you.

Frittata: Only in my case someone really is and he’s my father.


Oh crap!  With all of the drama going down at the bistro I forgot it was Mango’s birthday!


Mango was upset that his wife was AWOL for his birthday.  But on the bright side Steak and Wellington were there and someone made Goopy Carbonara.

Edamame: No Stu Surprise?   Someone should wake the rest of the family!

Frittata: *sarcastic* Hahaha.


Mango: Well, I guess she’s not coming.

Mango then did his birthday spin and sparkles and revealed that he looked the same…


Wellington: *cries*  Birthdays are so special.

Edamame: What a pansy!


Ok, party’s over back to work with you, Steak!  And hurry it up that ice cream maker needs to be cleaned!

Well, it looks like this post is long enough for now.  Until next time, happy simming!

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Chapter 98: Recycle Style

Last time on the Food Legacy tragedy struck and my heiress, Bon Bon died.  That’s it, I’m too sad/depressed/heart-broken/miserable to remember anything else.  After Bon Bon died I actually stopped playing the Food because I was so disgusted.  So let’s see what this update has for us.

Edamame: Just a little Bitter aren’t you?

Shut your hole, Edamame.


When Peach returned home from work that night (the night of the tragedy) she fell apart.

Peach: Oh no, no!  My sister!

2 We all deal with grief in our own ways.  Honey’s way happens to be the slutty way.  When I saw this pop up I was at first annoyed by it.  Sims, it seems are whore by design because they will sniff after anything that walks.  But then I decided to check out the situation because I thought Honey was in bed with Lox.


Honey must have a hidden Inappropriate Trait, because children!

Mango: Look, Honey, I’m not going to bed with you.

Honey: Mangoooooooooo!  Bawn Bawn juss doyd.  I need someone to hold me.

Edamame: Oh, she has such cute pajamas.


Honey: Flowas?  How ‘bout some flowas.  Will flowas help?

Mango: No, no, not at all!


Honey: *sad sigh*

Edamame: She’s doing everything short of begging him.

Shh! That might be next.

Edamame: Let me tell you what she should do.

Oh Please do.

Edamame: She should get him drunk and then sneak into his bed while he’s sleeping and–


Edamame: Wait, whatjusthappened?

Frittata: You totally did that to Donut and he told the world!

Edamame: No.  No, I said, she should do it.  I did not say that I personally did it.  I wouldn’t do something like that.  Ehem.  What’s happening around town?

Nice segue.

6 Starla and Don Lothario have found love or lust or just-something-to-pass-the-time-until-something-better-comes-along.

7Selah is feeling a little needy.

8  That may or may not have effected her friendship with Sabrina.

9 Candi and Bennie Dean seem to have split.  At least I hope, if not that’s a pretty cold thing for Andie Sim to do to her roommate.

Edamame: Alls fair in love and war.


Kix became a teenager while she was at boarding school.  I brought her home so she could go to the prom.  SOMEONE NEEDS TO GO TO PROM IN THIS HOUSE!  By the looks of it we brought her home just in time.

Edamame: Sparkling Plumbob above my head!  What have they done to her?

Frittata: The poor thing was starving and nearly naked.

Edamame: No, not that.  Look at her face!  That haircut is totally wrong for her.


And after a quick makeover she looks much better.

Frittata: She was still starving though.

Edamame: So.  At least she looks good now.  I was hungry my entire life and NO ONE heard me complain.

I beg your pardon!  I think you’re doing that creative history thing again.  All you did was complain.

Edamame: It’s artistic license.

Frittata: Oh, so now your life was a work of art?

Edamame: I am a work of art!

Back to Kix.  She gained the Eco-Friendly trait while she was at school.  And while she is still grumpy she has found some peace and decided to focus her energy on saving Mother Earth. 

Edamame: Oh no.


Kix went straight up to her room and logged on to YouTube.

Kix: Ok, is this recording?

Edamame: Ugh, her room looks like a bunch of junk tossed together.


Where she started her own channel called Recycle Style.

Edamame: *groans* Hippies.

EarthGirl4Lyfe: Hey, YouTubers, it’s me EarthGirl4Lyfe.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: *reads notes* I’m starting this to show my Recycle Style and to show you–


EarthGirl4Lyfe: *remembers to look at webcam* –you how you can get it too.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: *reads notes* So join me next we when we begin with our first project


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Making treasure from trash, that’s my Recycle Style.  What’s yours?  This is EarthGirl4Lyfe signing off.


EarthGirl4Lyfe: And on a personal note: It’s really important that we save the Earth, because we, like, live here. 


EarthGirl4Lyfe: Yeah, it’s that important.  *logs off youtube*


Kix: Ahhh, I really hope that was okay.

Edamame: *stunned silence*  Umm, can we just make sure she doesn’t become heir?  I don’t know if I can take all of her preachy, preachy…ness.

Frittata: I think she would be perfect for the next heir!  She’s passionate about something.


Kix made the best face while she was recording her show.  Guys, the monkey gene is still there!


Yes!  Live on Donut!

Anyway, Kix was about to run off to school when I was told the adult won a FREE VACATION!  How could this go wrong?  Please, nothing go wrong…


Only problem is, Lox was finally about to go to work for the first time!  Grrrrr…

Lox: Welcome home, Kix.  Looks like I’ll see you in a few days.

Wasabi: Everyone is leaving on my first day of school?!  What if, what if, what if there are other people there?  What if there are a lot of other people there!!!  Will someone carry me there?  I think I’m about to have a panic attack.

Edamame: WHAT is her deal?

Frittata: She prefers her own company.


There goes the family.  That’s Frittata’s red plumbob; she spent the night grieving over the death of her youngest child and didn’t get much sleep or bathing done. 

Edamame: That’s going to be a fun car ride.

Frittata: Would you have not grieved if your youngest died?

Edamame: In short: No.

When I got back to the house I noticed that Wellington was gone.  I have no idea what happened to him.  Maybe after his first day on the job he decided to run.  Can’t say I blame him.


Wasabi: Thanks for carrying me to the bus, Kix.  I’m so glad no one else is here but the bus driver.  You don’t think he wants to talk to me do you?  Is he looking at me? *stares at the floor*

Kix: Don’t worry, Wasabi, I won’t let Mom send you off to boarding school.

Wasabi: BOARDING SCHOOL!!!!!!  I can’t go there.  They’ll take away Mr. Pickles and I can’t have them taking away Mr. Pickles.

Edamame: Oh please send her away.  I can not take another minute of her whining.  And who is Mr. Pickles?

Frittata: Mr. Pickles is Wasabi’s special friend.


This is the babysitter, Justin Ortez.  He’s a real gem.  All he did was play on his smart phone.

Frittata: Babysitters are the worst!  I heard that they used to take of with the kids.

Edamame: I was never so lucky…


Luckily Jimica was teaching herself to talk in the play yard.

Edamame: Not only can children now learn to walk by themselves, but they can also teach themselves to talk?  PLEASE tell me they can potty train themselves too!

Not quite.


But poor Lettuce had to sit the entire time in a diaper that smelled like it had five angry skunks in it.

Edamame: *gags* Ugh, I think I can taste it.

Frittata: We won’t be hiring him again if we can help it.


When the girls got home Wasabi went right to her room to have her calming time with her special friend, Mr. Pickles.

Edamame: That’s a pretty creepy doll.

Frittata: Oh no, it’s darling.  A distant cousin or aunt or….friend sent it to her when she was born.  *thinks*  Now, who was that?

And when I tried to have Kix take Jimia out of the play yard my game froze and I had to crash out.  I had to do it all over again; only this time the adults weren’t offered a vacation.


This time Lox actually went to work!


When he got there he discovered that Raina had followed him also moved from Sunset Valley to Riverview.

Lox: Raina?

Raina: Lox?


Raina: OMG!  LOX!!!!!

Edamame: Was Raina the “big surprise” you promised?


Edamame: Is that the best you could do? *yawn*



And then in the heat of the moment Raina planted a huge kiss on Lox. 

Lox: *thinks he may have married the wrong sim*

Edamame: Oh YESSSSSSSS!  I love me some Raina!  I’m so glad your game froze. 

Look at that thought bubble.  That was some kind of kiss.  He doesn’t get thought bubbles like that when he kisses Honey.


Raina: I love it when a plan comes together.


Raina immediately got a job at the fire station.


Back at home I did some bedroom rearranging.  Since Bon Bon is gone *cries* I moved Kix into her old room and Wasabi got Kix’s old room.  This is Wasabi’s new black and white room.


There is a whole lot of black and white happening here.


And this is Bon Bon’s old/Kix’s new room. 


Edamame: It still looks like a bunch of junk to me.

Frittata: That’s because it is.  It’s really quiet marvelous; she collects all of this stuff from the dump and transforms them into–

Edamame: That’s disgusting.   And you know what else is disgusting?  How you think it’s so amazing.  You do realize she is living in GARBAGE.


Later that night Honey and Lox finally got it on in the tree house.  Hopefully Honey will be a bit more pleasant to be around.

Peach: Are you brushing your teeth, Kool Aid?  You don’t want them to fall out do you?

Edamame: Does this have anything to do with what happened at  the Firehouse?

Funny you should mention that during this he was rolling wishes to do things at the firehouse.  Work related things.

Edamame: Raina should move next door.  She’d be very neighborly.

Frittata: I know what you’re thinking.  Lox is a good boy he won’t do anything like that. 


My sound was off so I have no idea if a lullaby was played.

Peach: No, Kool Aid, do not stick your feet in the koi pond.  The koi will eat your toes, Kool Aid.  Do you want the koi to eat your toes?  How will you walk?

Edamame: What kind of conversation are Peach and Kool Aid having anyway?

Frittata: Kool Aid is clumsy.  If he sticks his feet in the pond he will probably fall in.  Maybe he won’t put his feet in the pond if he thinks the fish will eat his toes?  I don’t know, I wasn’t there.

Edamame: Well, thanks for that lengthy explanation about nothing.  Jeez, if you don’t know what you are talking about then don’t speak.

Frittata: *whispers* Pot calling the kettle black.


Cow Plant: Mmmm, snack time!

Peach: I really need to go inside.

I don’t know why I still have that thing after it ate my heir.  I think I’ll replace it with the chicken coop.

Edamame: How many people are living in this house?  Leave the cow plant I say, it will slim the pickings and the heir vote will be easier when it comes.  Maybe it will eat Honey and Raina can move in to comfort Lox.  But then again I am really looking forward to seeing a Honey go all Honey Badger on Raina.


After Honey and Lox came down from the tree house she was so happy she broke into song.  Unfortunately, she used Miller’s guitar.

Edamame: Well, why not.  Miller’s not using it.  LOL, OMG ROTFLMAO!

Frittata: *fumes* Is that some kind of code talk?  I don’t understand what you just said.

Edamame: Why don’t you go ask Kix.  I’m sure she’s down with the 411. 

Oh no, just shut up already, Edamame.  You’re going to say something we will all regret.


Frittata noticed Honey playing her late husband’s guitar and had a few words for her.


Edamame; WHOA!  Unattractive!  What did you say to her anyway?

Frittata: I don’t know, I saw red.  I may have said something about feeding her to the cow plant if she ever touched Miller’s guitar again.


On the other side of the room Kix is tweeting about her latest dumpster dive. 

Edamame: *cringes*  G-G-G-Gross…

So far I am having a lot of fun with Kix.  I have a plan for her college days.  *rubs hands together*


Bon Bon decided to make a nightly visit for an ice cream cone.  I also enlarged the kitchen so I could fit in the replicator that Steak gave to the family.  He’s been making upgrades to my appliances until I boot him out.


The laundry was moved to the basement outside the Butler’s bedroom.  Speaking of Wellington the morning after Bon Bon was eaten he decided to do a disappearing act on me. He stood in the living room right nest to Peach (who was cued to talk to him) and vaporized.  I guess he’s back on the Enterprise now.  *sigh*

49 Looks like Sabrina has stolen Starla’s man.  Not that Don Lothario can be had by an one woman.


Scrolling around town I saw this.

Sabrina Sim: *very angry words*

Guy behind Sabrina: Dang, lady, get a grip.


Which completely coincided with this notification.  I think we all know why Sabrina was upset now.

Besides that the Simselves have been keeping a low profile around town.

Well, that’s it for this update.  I have to start playing through my testy play for The Testy’s in Fall.  Watch for that update.


Chapter 97: Something Goes Here

Last time on the Food Legacy the Food’s moved into a new home in a new town filled with new people.  Kool Aid went from being light skinned to dark skinned, something only the Sim Gods can explain.  I’m actually quite happy to see the skin tone continue for another generation.  After too many tries I finally forced Megan and Lox to marry even though my game stubbornly refused to comply.  Megan’s new name is now Honey.  Oh, and Frittata will only ever make make Stu Surprise for the meals she prepares because it reminds her of Miller.  But Stu Surprise is making the rest of her family sick, some of them literally, ahem, Mango.  Maybe the Stu Surprise is the reason no one came to mourn her when she died (for a whole minute).  Anyway, let’s see what happens this time on…   THE FOOD FAMILY LEGACY!!!

To begin with I went to City Hall and made sure Vector Mod was not enabled for this game.  If you read my latest Seasons test play where I also tested Vector Mod… Let’s just say some ship going down and I’m not going to have the Foods go down with that ship until I have it figured out.  *sniff*  Miss you Gaylord Testy.  XOX Forever!

Also, I dropped in a few Sim Selves into town.


This is Selah Sim, you can find her at her blog Selah and Sims.


This is Gargantua Sim, she writes The Byrd Legacy.


In the front is Elissa Sim she writes Meet the Derps.  To the right is Franklin Sim he writes The Watson Uglacy.


In front is Candi Sim, she writes The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.  To the left is Andie Sim, she writes Remy Wonton Family Woman and Rated R for Language.


In the front is Dan Sim aka Poi_Boi, he writes The Pollination Legacy.  Behind him is Sabrina Sim she writes The Southern Prettacy, The Pokemon Rainbowcy and FISBI.


And when I finally got her to work in my game I put Starla in a house of her own, because she the other house was full.  Starla writes The Creeper Legacy and Up to the Faytes which are on hiatus.  Hopefully they will be back some day.

Edamame: Ugh!  Why would you want to add “real’ people into a Legacy Town.  Don’t these towns have enough problems?

I wanted to add more sim selves to my town, but for some reason I am having issues with some showing up.

Edamame:  There is something wrong with you.


I’ve decided that Honey has a rather creepy unblinking stare.  All my other sims will blink, but not Honey.  Maybe she’s really a robot.

Edamame: Simbots?  SIMBOTS!?  You can’t trust a simbot!  How could you let this happen to my legacy?

Frittata: Calm down, she’s not a simbot, you idiot.

Edamame: How do you know?  Have you seen her shower?

Frittata: No!  Gross.


I love that Bon Bon eats with chopsticks!

Bon Bon: So, you’re going to clean up your dishes this time, right?


Honey: *grumbles*

I think Honey has a hidden Mean-Girl trait.

Edamame: It must go along with her Robot DNA.


In case you’re wondering, these are the dirty dishes Bon Bon was referring to.  Bon Bon got tired of cleaning up after Honey and decided to instead make a stack of her dishes for her to clean up.

Frittata: Oh, I’ve been using those to serve my Stu Surprise on.

Edamame: If I lived in your house , I’d opt for a liquid diet.

How is that any different from when you were alive?  All you did was drink your meals.


Speaking of Stu Surprise, Honey has experienced Stu’s Revenge.

Edamame: Right, she probably just had a loose circuit or an oil leak.

Well, you could she she left and oil streak.

Frittata: I don’t know what the problem with my Stu Surprise is.  I have not digestive problems with it and Miller loved it!  She not a robot!

Edamame: Just a guess, but could it be those dirty plates you’re serving it on? 

Frittata: I didn’t know they were dirty!

Edamame: What about the green stinky gas didn’t give that away?

Okay, let’s move on before someone cries.


Garg and Dan are hooking up.  I’m sure Garg’s husband would have something to say about it, but he’s not showing up in my game.

13  Looks like it’s love, true love.

14   Looks like my elder simself is ready to find love again.  I don’t think this will last very long, she had got to kick the bucket soon.

Edamame: Let’s hope.  Old people love is disgusting.

Frittata: Much like your dimply butt.


Frittata: A Greek Goddess?

Edamame: *silent fury*

It appears Edamame is actually too angry to speak.  Well done, Frittata.


Kool Aid: Grandma, are you eating that for breakfast?

Frittata: Kool Aid, I’m old.  I’m the daughter of Death.  I’ve lost my husband.  Yesterday I died and no one cared.  I’ll eat an ice cream cone for breakfast today if I feel like it.

Edamame: I thought you only ate Stu Surprise?

Frittata: It’s Stu Surprise ice cream.  I made it myself; Miller would have loved it.

Edamame: Bile.  I taste bile.


Frittata: *lick, lick, lick*

Edamame: That’s obscene, no one needs to see that.


Lox had an ice cream and regretted it.

Honey: LAWX!  Doan throw up own may.  Yew’ll get moy Hellow Ketty shurt durday.

Translation: LOX!  Don’t throw up on me.  You’ll get my Hello Kitty shirt dirty.


A vomit and shower later Lox was feeling much better.  I also now have the walker and play yard thanks to my sister in-law.  These will come in handy!

Lettuce: Zoom, zoom!  Nothing is holding me back now!

Lox: Lit fireplace and a baby in a walker.  Nothing bad can happen here.

Edamame: And he’s a firefighter?

Technically, but he hadn’t had his first day yet.  He’s still on his honeymoon.

Edamame: I didn’t get a honeymoon!  Why didn’t I get a honeymoon?

Because I like depriving you.


Peach also tried the ice cream.


Peach: This tastes like Stu Surprise!  My taste buds must be broken.


These people are disgusting.  Look, it’s actually dripping down the side of the counter!

Edamame: At least Honey’s dishes are gone.

The flies probably flew away with them.


And before I forget, I changed Peaches hair to one that came with University.  I like this one better, I can see more of her face.



I was too busy watching Lettuce learn to walk to even notice that Kool Aid and Kix were leaving for Boarding School.


Peach was beside herself as her children left.

Peach: Boo hoo hoo, my babies are leaving.  They will be different people when they come back!  WHAAAAAAA!

Edamame; *rolls eyes* Please, if I’d had the option of sending my kids to boarding school I would have sent the two of them off as soon as they were born.  They do that for daycare and preschool now right?  You just have the kids and they raise them?  Because really, when you’re busy living a life you just don’t have time to bother with children.  And feeding them, bathing them, changing them…

Frittata: There is something wrong with you.

Two kids?  You had three children.  Are you forgetting Jello?

Edamame: Don’t you ever utter that word to me again!  That one would have stayed at boarding school.

Such a loving mother.

Edamame: I can’t help but care, it’s who I am.

Frittata: *headdesk*


Kool Aid ran out to the waiting taxi yelling his goodbyes to everyone.  While Kix was at the door waiting for Kool Aid to get out of her way.

Kool Aid: Good bye incense burner, I’ll miss you most of all!

Kix: *impatiently taps foot* Move already.  I can’t get to my taxi!

27 Dan and Garg are moving kinda fast here.  Let’s hope it’s love and not lust.  Hopefully little one will be on the way soon!

Besides hearing about jobs Garg and Dan are the only simselves I’ve heard anything from.


This is the families new butler, Jamil Stinson.  I don’t remember what his real name was.  I changed it when I gave him a makeover.  Who has a young butler anyway?


That’s better.  Meet the Food Family’s new butler, (Beef) Wellington.  *hugs*  He had better be worth the money.  He also speaks with a British accent, because to my American mind all butlers should.

Wellington: Right-o.  Cheerio and other British things.

Mailbox: Flag?  I don’t need no stinking flag!

Edamame: What the %$&@, I never got a butler.  Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe I might have wanted a butler?

Frittata: How sad for you.  I’m so happy that I got one.


This is Wellington’s  basement bedroom.  I’m sure he’ll feel right at home.


Check that out, Candi’s into old guys.

Edamame: I hope she made sure to get life insurance and that she inherits everything in his will.  Something I should have done.  When Donut died, we were destitute.  *sigh* 

I don’t believe it actually happened that way.


Birthday time!  Wasabi and Jimica are having birthdays, how can you tell?  By the crying baby in the room, not the giant birthday cake.


Peach went to take care of the screaming child and only made matters worse by stepping on her.  Thanks Maxis for that last patch that fixed stuff and broke others.  My sims love to blend with the counters, tables and step on crying babies.

Lettuce: *screams* My intestines!  I’ll never poo again!

Edamame: That should take care of that diaper problem then.


And right here is the moment Wellington realized that this job was going to suck.  Peach doesn’t look too please with his behavior.

Peach: What exactly is your problem?  She’s a baby, babies cry.

Wellington: Especially when they are trampled on by their mums, it would seem.

Edamame: Oh, oh, oh.  Make him say something in British.

Frittata: You mean English.  He is speaking English.

Edamame: No, idiot, I mean British.

Don’t bother trying to explain, she’ll never get it.


And then horrible, terrible things started to happen in the kitchen!  Poor Jimica what has become of you!  Just another reminder that I really need to purge some CC.

Jimica: *stray cat in heat sounds*


I have no idea where that shirt came from, but it has got to go!


There, that’s better.

Jimica: It’s my birthday.  I have new clothes, new hair and a new body, but I’m still not happy.  WAAAAAAAAA!

Edamame: Just no pleasing some people.


Edamame: What?

Frittata: *snicker*

37 Good news!  The Food will be having their first prom participant!  Bon Bon is going to go and find the perfect spouse!  Just please don’t pull a Gaylord and die before the prom!  *siiiiiiiiiigh*

Frittata: *cries*

Edamame: look, I didn’t get to go to prom either, but I’m not blubbering about it.


And then Wasabi’s turn.  Please no more crying.  She just woke from her nap, that’s why she looks that way.  No tranquilizers were involved, I promise.

Edamame: Is Frittata holding her head up?  It looks like it wants to flop right over.  I don’t believe you; I think someone drugged her and that is the only reason she isn’t crying.


This is an awkward shot but after I took it I noticed something important in the background.

Wasabi: Sparkle time!

Mango: Yes!  Grow up well, Wasabi!

Frittata: *has more Stu Surprise ice cream*

Honey: *regurgitates*

Bon Bon: You silly Cow Plant!  Give me that slice of cake!

Edamame: What is Bon Bon doing with the cow plant.

When I took this picture I didn’t notice her.  I didn’t even know she was home from school yet.  I was too focused on the birthdays.

Frittata: *sniff* I’m going to need more ice cream for breakfast.


Tada!  Wasabi!  She gained the neurotic trait.  Now she is a lazy neurotic loner.

Wasabi: I want to be a hermit when I grow up!

Edamame: What rodent nested in her hair?  Find it and kill it for crimes against beauty!  Next picture, I can look at this child no more.

Frittata: You are cruel.  This child is your blood.

Edamame: I will not claim her.


This is when I realized that Bon Bon must be home from school.  Her friend Mary Kay Shallow certainly seems to have a thing for Wellington.

Mary Kay Shallow: I just love your monocle.  Could I polish it for you?

Tread carefully Wellington, she’s a minor.


Here is the newly made over Wasabi.  I was incredibly distracted by other things happening and totally forgot to get the makeover pic before this.

Wellington: I do say, this child needs to bathe!



Edamame: Wait, who is that?

Frittata: THAT’S MY BABY!

Bon Bon: *muffled screams*


OMG!  The cow plant swallowed her.  IT SWALLOWED HER!  Do you see the Grim Reaper there?  He’s not here for Fritty!

Then suddenly there was no light and my pictures suck!  Thank you full moon!  Just know there are sims in this picture crying.

Cow Plant: *gulp*  Ahhhhh, tasty.

Frittata: *cries*


The dying scene.  Stupid cow plant.

Frittata: *cries more*


And there she she goes.  It’s the last we will see of Bon Bon.   *cries*


Edamame: Would you shut up!  I have a serious question that I need to have answered!

Frittata: *cries quietly*


Calm down, Edamame.  Peach and Lox are tied for spareship (not a real word).  Which means we will now have dual heirs.  Which makes me very excited because we haven’t seen a male heir since Barley.  So, as sad as this saturation is we still have a good outcome.

Edamame: Next time make sure you feed that cow plant.  I can’t take this kind of stress.  I don’t want to die twice *points to Frittata*.

Back to the story.


In his grief Steak lashed out at Honey.

Steak: What do you care!  You never liked her anyway.  You’re probably enjoying this!  This is all your fault!!!!


Then they both cried together.

Bon Bon wasn’t the only one to leave the Legacy House that night.

49 Steak threw everything he had at this LTW and finally did it!  I tried to move him out, but I’m having problems due to the size of my house.  The game is telling me I can’t move one sim out because the active household is too large.  It wants me to move out more sims.  Not happening right now.  So, now that I think about it; Steak may have to die.

Anyway, let me know what you think.  Should I have dual heirs and find an unpleasant way to kill off Steak (because, you know, I’m frustrated over Bon Bon’s tragic death).  Or should I have another heir vote?  Who’s upset that Bon Bon died?  Shout it out in the comments below.





Chapter 96: Get Married Already!

Last time we heard from the Foods was the Halloween Party from 2,000 years ago!  At that party Megan and Raina had a cat fight over Lox.  Megan got up in Bon Bon’s face and Raina defended her.  Megan and Bon Bon’s relationship has suffered since.  And let’s not forget that before the party everyone’s favorite boozer, Miller, died.  And like Queen Victoria, Frittata officially went into mourning.

Also, Bon Bon will no longer be a vampire as I was planning before.  It’s been about a year since I thought of doing that with her and to be honest I was never that excited about it.  Miss Misery suggested I make Bon Bon a fairy and given my gigantopithecus of gardens I think she will indeed be a fairy.

I’ve also installed Supernatural, Seasons and University Life and even though I have not finished my test with Seasons or even started University Life you will no doubt noticed those expansion packs in this update.  Okay, let’s get this party started!


Given the vast size of the garden it’s now all hands on deck.  All of the family is helping out especially Bon Bon.  She is our heir after all and she needs to get those skills up!  Once I can get my hands on a fairy potion she’s going to be in this garden more and more.

Frittata: I’m just glad to have the help.

Edamame: Oh great, you’re back too.  Back in my day we didn’t have gardens and such.  We had to make due with what we could buy at he grocery store or the refrigerator.

Back in your day the family only drank their meals and the one time you tried to make them pancakes they looked more like hockey pucks.

Edamame: You are so judgmental!

Frittata: Back in your day, life was in black and white.  You had to eat dinner on the toilet and you had to trick men into marrying you.

Edamame: Hey, guess what.  Miller’s dead.

Frittata: OHHHHHH WAAAAAAAAAH!  *cries*


Steak has literally bonded with the inventing table.  He needs to build me a new Time Travel Machine I will allow him to pursuit the last point of his paining skill.  Then he is off to live his own life!!!!  But, first thing’s first, BUILD MY MACHINE!

Steak: Wish I could use the toilet right now.

Edamame: Back in my day we didn’t have Inventing Tables.  We made due with a chess set or bookshelf.

Again with this ‘back in my day’ stuff?  You’re turning into an old fart, Edamame.

Frittata: She smells like one too.

Edamame: Miller.  Dead.

Frittata: *cries*


The toddlers are locked in their rooms to skill or die!

Frittata: I don’t find that funny.  The children are our future, we need to teach them well and let them lead the way.  Show them all the beauty they possess inside.  We need to give them a sense of pride to make it easier.

Edamame: Why does that sound familiar?  Have I said that before?  That sounds like something I would say.

More like Juice.  That’s a Whitney Houston song Greatest Love of All.

Edamame: No, I don’t think so.  I think that must be a direct quote of mine.


Lox has been making friends with the Cow Plant.  Which terrifies me!   Confession: I’ve never had a Cow Plant before because they scare me!!!!  But I figure if I can just keep Bon Bon away from it, I’ll be okay.

Lox: Who wants a lollipop?  Huh?  Huh?  Who?

Edamame: You mark my words.  You will regret having that Cow Plant.  I’ve seen what they can do.  They get a sim in their grasp and then they start spinning it and covering it with these sticky white threads!  It’s just not natural!

Frittata: Wait.  Did you just describe a spider?


Megan: Oh my Plumbawb!  Lawx, yoo lev heeah?

Translation: Oh my Plumbob!  Lox you live here?

Megan is quite impressed with the new Legacy House.  As she should be, it took me a while to build it.

Edamame: I heard the staircase is a problem.

Yes it is, Edamame.  Thank you for pointing that out.


Inside this is one of my many attempts to marry Lox and Megan.  Dumb girl kept forgetting they were married and wouldn’t join the household.

Edamame: Did you ever think that maybe she didn’t want to be in a Legacy and that you were forcing her to do this against her will?  And that her life will never again be her own!  And that she will die a young beautiful woman because of the stress that comes along with it!  Did you ever think about that!

Frittata: Um…  Are we still talking about Megan? 


And then I noticed Kool Aid had zero days until his next life stage.  So what the hell, why not throw the kid a party on top of all the other crap going on right now.  Only thing was, Kool Aid (as well as the rest of the toddlers) was starving and about to pass out.

Kool Aid: I’m hungry!  I’m tired!  I need to go potty!

Frittata: *stinks*

Kix: And I thought I was the grumpy one.

Edamame: Jeez, have you ever heard of a shower? 

Be nice Edamame.

Frittata: Impossible.


This picture is the complete essence of what this party was.

Frittata: Oh, Miller, I wish you were here for this!  *still stinks*

Bon Bon: Someone cut the cake already, I’m starving!

Mango: Hurry up, hurry up.  I need to get to bed.


This is Kool Aid after he became a child.  I can not remember what trait he gained.  I’ll check on that later.  I think he’s rather cute!

Edamame: Can I point out the obvious?  Something the two of you have not mentioned, though I have no idea why!


Edamame: Where did this dark skin come from?  I remember seeing Kool Aid with pale skin.  Is this child some kind of Kool Aid Food doppelganger?  If so should we murder it in its sleep?

Frittata: You will not touch him!  He is perfect the way he is.  Who cares about his skin color!  At lease he has skin!  I’ve heard there are zombie roaming around in Riverview, maybe even skeletons!

Edamame: And with all of that you think a doppelganger is out of the question?  Get a hold of yourself!  It’s the end of the world and you’ve got one among you!

Oh, shut up!  I have no idea why Kool Aid’s skin changed.  It happened when I opened up my game after a patch update and I just saved it because I thought it was fun to have the skin color carry one for another generation.  Now, if a zombified Jello shows up on the lawn I agree that we should all freak out.


This is another try at marrying Lox and Megan.  I think this is the fourth time during this house warming/Kool Aid’s birthday/wedding party.

Frittata: WAAAAA!  I wish Miller was here to see this too!

Megan: *grits teeth* Yoor ruin’in moiy beautifool wedden!

Translation: You’re ruining my beautiful wedding!

Steak: Don’t mind me.  I’m just off to start painting for my freedom.

Edamame: Did Lox put on some weight?

He might me a little doughy, but that’s alright.  We can still love him.

Edamame: No!  Those are Icee genes at work.  You need to get him to the spa and put him on a restrictive diet immediately.  He should only drink his meals from here on out.  Ugh, just looking at him make me feel fat.

Frittata: You are the worst kind of person.

She really is.


Frittata: *sniff, sniff*  …

Lox and Megan: *wedding words*


Frittata: Boooohoohoohoo….

Lox and Megan: *more wedding words*




Frittata: What a beautiful moment.

Edamame: No thanks to you.


And this time it finally worked!


They were so happy they couldn’t keep their hands off each other!

Megan/Honey: Don’ evah leave meh, Lawx.  Nevah!

Lox: *muffled words*

Edamame: Can I make another ominous prediction?

Frittata: No you can not.

Edamame: But I’m really good at them!


And then I got this thing.  Can you believe this!  I totally thought with the crying babies and everyone starving the party was going to be a complete disaster!


Edamame: looks like the party was too good for some people.

I don’t know what that was about.  I checked her out in MC and she’s not pregnant.  Believe me, that is the last thing I want right now.  Mango on the other hand would be very happy.

Peach: Huuuuuuuurl. NomoreStuSurprise!

Oh yeah, that’s another thing.  Frittata will only make Stu Surprise no matter what time of day it is.

Frittata: It was Miller’s favorite.  I can’t bare to make anything else.


And then this happened.

Edamame: Oh, pretty.  what is it?


Edamame: ALIENS!  ALIENS!  Okay, we need to build and underground bunker.  Get 3 pieces of ply wood, 35,000 nails, one ton of concrete and two bottles of water…and a paperclip.

Frittata: …  They can get you from inside.

Edamame: It’s worse than I thought.  I need 53 Key Lime Pies, a couch and TV in a spiceberry painted room and someone needs to raise Icee from the dead.

Frittata: How is that going to help?

Edamame: Well, it scares the hell out of me.  If it doesn’t work on the aliens then I don’t know how to help you.


Edamame: I can’t watch.  Someone cover my eyes!


As soon as Bon Bon was taken up into the UFO she and the alien were plopped right back onto the lawn.  And she was now wearing her everyday clothes.

Edamame: Holy Will Wright Waffles!  *whispers* It’s right there.  No one move.  They can see you if you don’t move.

Frittata: You idiot.  It’s an alien, not a t-rex!

Edamame: Well, I’ve never been abducted before.

Frittata: That’s because they look for intelligent beings.

Edamame: …


And when I go check on the other members of the house I see this.  I’m not even sure if I should ask or assume anything about this situation.  Maybe I should just pretend it never happened?


The next morning Lox ran to the grocery store (literally) to buy the new seeds available with University Life.  Megan/Honey made herself useful.

Megan/Honey: Nawt livin’ in this room one more night.


She redecorated the bedroom.

Megan/Honey: *sigh* beddah.

Frittata: What.  Wait, I think I need some eye drops.

Edamame: This room makes me taste bile and I don’t have a gallbladder.  It looks like she painted the walls with vomit.

She sponged over the green with her favorite color, hot pink.


I’m really disappointed with the drama I had in getting Lox and Megan married.  I had this whole elaborate Hello Kitty wedding planned.  She even had a copy of this Hello Kitty dress.  It saddens me.

Edamame: Oh boo hoo.  Move on!


I heard more alien sounds, when I checked I saw them taking off.  Everyone was accounted for so maybe they just hung out all night?

Edamame: Did you do the thing I suggested.  With Icee and the pies?


Edamame: *scowls*  They’ll be back.   Then you’ll wish you’d listened.


After school Bon Bon went over to the Newbie house to hang out with Bob, here.  Is it just me or is there something odd about his nose?  Bon Bon doesn’t seem to mind.


While there she had an urge to pull a prank.  I love her face in this shot.

Bon Bon: This is going to be great.


Then she shoved a whoopee cushion under the seat.


At first Bob was totally into it.

Bob Newbie: Yes, this is so cool!


Then he was totally not!

Bob Newbie:  No way, this is so uncool!

Bon Bon: *is confused*

Edamame: Wow, what a douche bag!


Back at home Wasabi is crying like the world is coming to an end.

Edamame: It is!  There are aliens and zombies and skeletons and doppelgangers and dinosaurs running around!  This is the end of the world!  Atone for your sins for you will meet your maker!

Oh please.


Mango couldn’t help.  He was stuck on the toilet (too much Stu Surprise).

Mango: Disgusting.

Edamame: Ugh, why do we have to see this?  At least I can’t smell it.


Her mother was signing autographs over by her place of employment.  Peach is working at the Bistro because I need to have the Refrigerator of Awesome and she’s already reached her LTW.  Gaining the cooking skill will be a plus too.  No more Stu Surprise.

Frittata: What’s wrong with Stu Surprise?

Edamame: WAIT!  Is that your simself?  Will Wright’s Nose Hairs this had better not be the ‘surprise person’ you’ve been hinting at.  If it is then… I don’t know… something.

Calm down she is my simself, but not the surprise.  I actually forgot I put her in.  She is definitely not the surprise person.

Frittata: Looks like the Legacy fame has followed us to Riverview. 

Edamame: You mean MY LEGACY FAME!


Peach got home and just stood there while Steak took care of Wasabi.

Steak: Can you not hear that screeching, Peach?  It’s deafening.

Edamame: Aren’t all children though.


Steak: Awwwww, does da pwoor widdle baby need baba?

Edamame: Uhh…  Do I need to comment on this?


Edamame: I feel like I do.

No you don’t.


Lox finally gets home from running allover town for me and takes a bath with this shirt on.

Edamame: He should wear a shirt.  No one wants to see that doughy middle of his.

Frittata: Do you mind!

Edamame: Yes I do!


I fixed it, but how weird.  (Basically this picture is here so I can get as close to 50 pictures as I can.)


Meanwhile, back in the upstairs bathroom.

Mango: *unpleasant sounds* I really need to start ordering pizza.

Edamame: Will you stop showing that!

Frittata: I had no idea that Stu Surprise effected Mango like this.


In the kitchen Megan/Honey is starting to show her true colors.

Bon Bon: For Sims Sake I am hungry!

Megan/Honey: *mockingly* For Sims Sake I am hungry!

Edamame: Oh I can’t wait for this to happen.  Honey is messing with the wrong person.  Bon Bon is going to be heir and a vampire.  It is on!

No not a vampire.  A fairy.

Edamame: A FAIRY!  That’s not…what can a fairy do that’s cool.

Frittata: Make it rain flowers?

Edamame: …

Then I realized that I could not click on Frittata’s picture. At first I thought my game was messing up.


But when I checked on her I saw that she was floating!  Oh no, Frittata!!! 

Edamame: Hhahahaahaha!  You died!  Wait, what is she still doing here?


Death showed up.  And no one else came to mourn!!!

*tears up* Oh no!  RIP Fritty.  She was 90 days old, had 228,200 happiness points and had reached her Lifetime Wish.  Go be with Miller again.


Papa Bear: Oh snap!  I am a plant.  I am a plant.

Edamame: Again, what is she still doing here?  I am not co-hosting for the rest of this legacy with Frittata!



Mango: This sucks.


But then Frittata whipped out a freaking Death Flower!  And this is where my sadness over her dying ended.  I can’t believe she had a Death Flower in her inventory!!!!  @#%$ Good think I already enrolled Kix and Kool Aid in boarding schools.

Frittata: Tada!

Grim Reaper: Say whaaaaaat?

Papa Bear: Don’t look, just be the plant.

Edamame: Oh, thank Maxis!

Frittata: Awe, you’re glad I’m still around?

Edamame: No, this means there will be an end to you.  One day.


Grim Reaper: Alright, you can stay.  But only 5 more minutes and then it’s time to go home!

Frittata: Okay, Dad.


And Frittata went to bed happy to be home and not minding the little bedbug next to her.

Frittata: At least for now.  I am ready to be with Miller again.  But I have to be sure that Bon Bon is ready to take over.

Edamame: Why does her face look so freaky?  It looks like she has a 5 o’clock shadow.  And where did her eyebrows go?  Do you take those off at night like a toupee? Toupee brows?

That’s it for this one.  I am planning to get the family a butler because I haven’t had one yet.  He even has his very own room build in the basement, he’s going to love it here.  Anyway, I know the wait was long for this post I hope it was worth it.  I will try to get another post out before another six months go by.  Until then I hope you will enjoy my Testys updates in between my Food updates.

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Trouble in Paradise

Is it any surprise that I am having issues with my Legacy family!?!

First: Bon Bon is broken, rather her inventory is broken.  There are things in there that have no business being in there and I can not remove them!

Second: I can not get Lox and Megan to marry.  I can not even add her to the house using Master Controller/Story Progression whichever one it is!

Third: I have to change the house.  There are just too many people for that damn circular stairwell!  It’s looks like the 405 during rush hour when it’s bedtime!

As of right now I am trying to remake the family and start an new save file.  It’s so much work!  I saved the house to my library, saved all the sims to the library.  Now I need to recreated the family, which I can only do with eight sims.  I have 11 (pretty sure) in the house right now.  My plan is to make the family the family: Miller, Fritty, Steak, Mango, Peach, Lox, Megan, Bon Bon.  Once I have them in the house I will kill Miller (because Fritty is still in mourning).  Marry Lox and Megan.  Then make babies with Mango and Peach and edit said babies with MC and CAS until I have Kix, Kool Aid, Wasabi, Lettuce and Jimica back.  Then I have to put the other secret someone out in the town, but that part is easy.  THEN I need to put in some simselves.  

If there is an easier way to do this or if anyone can help me with my problems PLEASE leave a comment!  I will be checking my email frequently because I really want to make this work.

Also, if you want to see your simself in my town please leave a comment with a link.  I have to download all new simselves as my hubs reformatted my computer and I have lost all CC and simselves I had.

Ok, now I have to go pick up my Kindergartner.

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