Chapter 1: In the Begining…

Welcome to the Food Legacy!  In this Legacy Challenge we will follow the adventures and misadventures of the Food Family.  Our founder has hastily signed a binding contract to follow Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge rules for The Sims 3.  Failing to read the fine print our founder has been kindly reminded that every Sim born to the legacy shall be named for a food item.  Also, and this may make it difficult to find a mate, anyone entering into the the legacy must change their name too..  I, the creator, shall roll a die obtained from my Scatagories game to help name our heirs, spares and spouses.

Wait a minute…  I can’t name my own children?!

This is my first WordPress Blog, I will attempt to add polls for heir selection.  I hope everyone enjoys The Food Legacy.  A warning though; I may have an interruption in my posting, I have a two-year old and I am expecting my second baby (due July 18).  If I am gone for a while it is only because I have added to my own legacy…

Are you naming your children after food?

It’s not too late to change this to the bodily function legacy.  You have a choice here, what will it be?


Lets meet our founder shall we?

Edamame Food, Founder

Name: Edamame Food

Generation: 1 (founder)

Traits: Artistic, Bookworm, Great Kisser, Family Oriented and Workaholic

LTW: Professional Author

Favorites: Classical Music, Pancakes, Hot Pink.  She also likes long walks in the park and hopes for world peace…

Are people going to be collecting cards of my family?  You know, like they do for baseball players?  Do you need my measurements?  Will there be gum in the packages?

There’s really no need to be snarky, Edamame.  It’s unbecoming.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Per the rules, Edamame Food moved into vacant lot 15 Summer Hill Court in Sunset Valley.

And here is where the reality of what Edamame had done really set in.

Your eyes do not deceive you.  That is in fact a child’s bed, a battery operated refrigerator and a shower (more on that later). Everything one needs to be…cozy…

This is a joke, right?  You don’t really expect me to live like this.  Where are my walls?  And where is my TOILET??!!

Get yourself a job and you might get those things.

Oh, so you’re going to spend my money too?

Edamame, if all you are going to do is complain the entire time then this is going to be one very long Legacy.

You can’t make me stop.  I am going to complain until the biter end.

A biter end can be arranged, my dear… But first you must have an heir and a spare (just in case).  Read through your contract again, your happiness, well being and mortality are all up to me. GWAHAHAHAHA!!!

That laugh was unnecessary.

What laugh, I choked on my own spit.

Edamame Food Hard at Work

Edamame Food hard at work

Immediately I sent Edamame to The Doo Peas Tower to join the Journalism Career as a Paper Girl.

I really want to be an author not a journalist.  And come on, a paper girl!  I’m not 12!

Then she went straight to the library to start her first fiction The Purple Chicken Clucks at Midnight. Here she is with her nose buried in a…computer…  Not the stellar hit we were hoping for her royalties were worth $37.

I’m a failure.

That’s why you have a day job.

Thanks for making me feel better about myself…

That’s not in the contract.

I hate this.

Christopher Steel

While Edamame was at the library she met Christopher Steel.  After a short discussion she learned Christopher was unemployed. Not marriage material, but he could give us and heir…

No, I’m not wasting my time with that deadbeat.  If I have his baby, where will my child support come from? Moving on, there has got to be someone worthy of me.

I wasn’t aware you had the narcissistic trait.

I don’t, I have standards.

Oh is that what it’s called.  I thought it was called snobbery.

What? How does that make me a snob?”You don’t even own a toilet.


Moving on…

Edamame Brushing Her Teeth

Edamame brushing her teeth

After her short conversation with Christopher, Edamame ran to the bathroom.

I did not run.  I hustled…a little.

You ran.  I was concerned for any sim that may have been between you and your destination.

Hey, how did you get that picture!

I’m everywhere, Edamame.  Remember that.

There is something so degrading about brushing your teeth in a public restroom.

I’m going to agree with you.  There is a certain ick factor involved.  But at least this restroom looks clean and at least you were able to brush your teeth.

Was that a double mirror?  Isn’t that illegal?

On her way home Edamame detoured through the park and stole a snack from someones unattended picnic basket.

Stolen Dinner

Stolen dinner

That is not me!

Sure looks like you.

Well, if…if it is me…It would be no wonder that I had to resort to steeling.  The only things in that refrigerator are Slimfast Shakes!

A shake in the morning, another for lunch and a sensible dinner.  Looks like you found a dinner. Not sure I should call a burger sensible though…

I’m starving!

Fine, get a promotion and you can visit the diner.


You haven’t even worked your first day yet.

I’ll sleep with the boss if I have to.

On that note I will end this episode.  Join us next time as we find out if Edamame gets her promotion and what she’s done to get it.

Chapter 2:  Just Another Day


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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9 Responses to Chapter 1: In the Begining…

  1. arborfamilylegacy says:

    Totally cute naming theme! And I LOVE the dialogue – lol!

  2. Vikkie says:

    i love your writing style…sooo funny! Put your story on my bloglines so i can keep up with the story!

  3. enkeli63 says:

    I love your founder ^^ Good job on your Legacy so far!

  4. sims3bingblog says:

    I really love the way you’ve done this with Edamame interacting with you 🙂 Definitely makes it a fun read!

  5. Amanda says:

    Hey, Sis. I just realized that Edamame looks like she could be a Kardashian.

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  7. Simsnewbie23 says:

    I’ve read this before, but sometimes I like rereading a legacy, especially ones that I like. =D

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