Chapter 5: Gotcha!


Sunday morning Edamame was back at the Frio house.

On a side note: How funny would it have been if their last name was Frito?

Edamame thought a second or two about going after Connor’s brother Jared.

He works at the diner and could probably bring me home food.

Look after you get married and have a couple kids you can eat, eat, eat.  And we’ll paint the Goodyear logo on your butt for all to see.

Jared turned out to be…less than ideal.

Then I had a plan.  I was going to get Connor drunk and take advantage of him.

I couldn’t think of another way to go about it, so I let her have her way.

I brought out all my friends.  Johnny Walker, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Jose Quervo… I’m forgetting someone…Oh, the Captain was there too.

Drink much?



Yes, I drank a lot.  I drank away the hunger pains.

Looks like it too.  What are you doing here?

What?  I was flirting.  Connor liked it.

Well, I’m sure Connor probably couldn’t see too well at that point anyway.  But it looks to me like your Slimfast if going to make a visit on Connor’s shoes.

You’re so gross.

I’m not the one making that face.

Would you move on already.  The story does get better.

Who does it get better for?  You, Me or Connor?

Does it matter?  You and I want the same things, right? I’m learning to see this from your perspective.

First Kiss

First Kiss

Did you fall asleep?

NO! That’s when we finally kiss.  I knew I had him then…

Ugh, looks sloppy.

I may have been a little drunk.

A little…right…  Looks like you plan was actually working.  I have to say, I’m impressed.  You’ve learned a lot in such a hort amount of time.

People will do just about anything when they are hungry.

Really?  That again?

I’m just saying…  There are days when I think I could eat the butt off a skunk.

ANYWAY!  Looks like everything was going according to your plan.



Most of it.  The beginning and ending.

What does that mean?  What about the middle?

Well nothing happened.  Connor just thought it did. It worked to our advantage…

Poor Connor.  You finally wore him down.

Yeah, and it was like trying to break out of prison with a nail file!

That’s a bit harsh.

Who’s side are you on?  I did what needed to be done.

I’ve created a monster…

In the morning Connor couldn’t remember anything from the night before.  After finding Edamame in his bed and freaking out for the second time, Edamame told him she was pregnant. And that they should get married.  Which they did in the kitchen.  Then Edamame told him about the legacy and how he would need to change his name.

Edamame: I'm pregnant


The look on his face was priceless.  He could have caught flies in his mouth!  He was speechless

I rolled a D and my husband choose the name Donut.  And that is how Connor Frio became Donut Food.

Chapter 4: The Hunt

Chapter 6: Introducing Donut Food



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3 Responses to Chapter 5: Gotcha!

  1. Rad says:

    ‘And that is how Connor Frio became Donut Food’ made me laugh in a very uncivilised manner.

  2. spongeb0ber says:

    “I’m just saying… There are days when I think I could eat the butt off a skunk.”


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