Chapter 6: Introducing Donut Food

Name: Donut Food previously Connor Frio

Generation: 1 (spouse of founder)

Traits: Absent-Minded, Unflirty, Loner, Bookworm and Good

LTW: Professional Author

Favorites: Classical Music, Fish and Chips, Grey

Brought to the House: $1,113,  Laptop Computer, Totally Preggers Book (why?) and a romance novel (and why?)

All I have to say is: It figures that Edamame would marry someone who would have the same LTW that she does.  From this point forward Donut will be saving up points for a switch.  Maybe Illustrious Author…  That should get the Food family off to a nice start.  Donut’s first book a Science Fiction was titled Stars (not very imaginative), hopefully he will put more thought into the second book.  Starsbrought in royalties worth $95, not great, but better than Edamame’s first book.

Tell them about my second book.

Yes, I know your proud of your second book.  But you’re still a far cry from where you need to be.

I didn't do it

I didn't do it.

Edamame’s second book a drama titled: Waiting and Waiting brought in royalties of $356.  Now Donut needs to start his second novel if he can keep from breaking the computers at the library.

Around the time Edamame’s second book was finished she found out she was expecting (for real this time).  Finally Generation 2 is on its way!  Will it be a girl or a boy???  We wil have to wait and see…

Upon hearing the news, Donut was struck with an idea for his second book.  My Baby’s Mommaa drama loosly base on his own experiences.  I’m not sure how Edamame feels, but I can’t wait to read it.

I’m waiting to read it before I review it.  If Connor feels he was trapped then it will all come out in the book

Are you listening to yourself?  You DID trap him.  You told him you were pregnant when you weren’t, just to get him to marry you.  And his name isn’t Conner anymore it’s Donut!

I’m pregnant, tired,  hungry and nauseous.  And now you’re trying to make me cry!

Wonderful.  As if she wasn’t enough of a handful before she was pregnant…  It’s going to be a long pregnancy.

Pigging out

Pigging out

That night I let Edamame and Donut dine out at the local bistro.  Edamame pigged out!

I’m eating for two now, I have to.

That is so not true, Edamame.  Read a couple pregancy books and talk to a doctor.

You’re just trying to make me feel bad.

After dinner I sent Donut home and Edamame to the Spa for a massage.  I tried to pay them extra to put a muzzle on her, but I was told no.  They kept my money anyway…  but maybe it was worth it.  The massage worked like a charm or a tranquilizer…

Are you saying they drugged me?  That’s creepy.  If my baby has issues, I’m going to sue.

If your baby has issues it will probably be because of  his or her random traits.

Wait, random?

You really need to sit down and read through your contract, Edamame…

Chapter 5: The Hunt

Chapter 7: Home Sweet Home…Maybe


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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6 Responses to Chapter 6: Introducing Donut Food

  1. Amanda says:

    Very nice. I can’t believe you had her trap him into marriage. That is so funny. I wish I could read the Baby’s Momma book. I hope he got his material from watching Maury!

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  5. hawkalina says:

    My legacy ended up with Connor Frio as a co-founder too. Guess he’s just an eligible single guy. 😛

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