Chapter 2: Just Another Day


The next morning Edamame took her shower and drank her breakfast.  It was shaping up to be a pretty good day.

Another Slimfast

WRONG! The shower was FREEZING and I felt so exposed!  And BREAKFAST was a joke.  That shake did nothing for my hunger.

That is because the shower collects and uses rainwater.  You have no hot water heater, how do you expect to get a warm shower?  And without walls you were exposed, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before people start to gather and watch your morning ritual. Now off to work for that promotion.  The faster you get promoted the faster you get a meal at the diner and eventually some walls to put up.

You’re enjoying this far too much.

Victoria Andrews

Victoria Andrews

Simis Bachelor

Simis Bachelor

At work Edamame met Victoria Andrews (her boss), Simis Bachelor (Professional Blogger, and in a relationship) and Conor Frio (Automated Spell-Checker Checker, single).  Being single and now having his phone number it only makes sense to set our sights on Conor.  Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of Conor Frio at work.   He somehow avoids me.

I should ask him for some pointers.

I’ve implanted a microchip on you.  You’ll never avoid me.


You sound like my daughter.

As I was saying.  Conor seems to be the IT man.  Edamame will keep her eyes open for anyone else that may catch her fancy.

Madison VonWatson

Madison VonWatson

After work Edamame hit the bookstore.  She will eventually have a full kitchen so she needs to get her cooking skill in tip top shape.  I can’t have her burnig the place down or setting herself on fire before she has offspring. As she was leaving she saw…

Who are you kidding, Madison.  You do not have the body type for that skirt.

That’s aweful mean, Edamame.  Save it for when you have your own gossip column.  Besides where would you be if it weren’t for those Slimfast shakes?

I’d probably be happy.

Get a promotion, a husband and two kids, then I’ll stock the refrigerator with all sorts of things and you can “let yourself go.”

I’m not going to ‘let myself go’ I’m going to eat my food instead of drinking it.

After buying her cookbook Edamame went to the park for a little reading.

Malcolm Landgraab AKA Benjamin Button

Malcolm Landgraab AKA Benjamin Button

I found him!!!  He’s real!!!  I found him!!!


Benjamin Button!

Do you have a blood sugar problem?  You’re awful nasty today.  That is not Benjamin Button, it’s Malcolm Langraab and he can’t help his genetics.  Maybe you should just go home and go to bed.

Good idea.

Hopefully in the morning you’ll be a bit more pleasant.

I doubt it.  Not if I have to drink another Slimfast.

You want to switch to the Special K Diet?  You’ll have more variety, but I’m not sure that battery operated refrigerator can keep your milk cold.  But if you like chunky milk, Special k it is.


The next morning…

I’m hungry!  I’m starving! My stomach is eating itself, I can feel it!

Are there children around?  I hear a whiney baby.

It’s a good thing there are no seasons here in Sunset Valley.  I’m almost certain that if it were the middle of winter your face would have frozen like that.  Then you could say goodbye to any chance at ever finding yourself a man.

You’re just trying to scare me, things like that don’t really happen.

How do you know, glitches happen.

Entering Diner

Entering Diner

Looks like that was a bit of what I call motivation.  Edamame finally got her promotion to Automated Spell-Checker Checker and a little dinner at the diner.

Just don’t come out of there twice the size you were before you went in.

I’m starving leave me alone.

Swallow before you speak!  You’ve sprayed crumbs everywhere.  Don’t scrape them off the table and eat them that’s disgusting.

Can’t help it, I’m so hungry and I do’t know when I’ll ever get another meal like this.

You won’t if you’re going to make a fool of yourself.  You are the founder and so far the only representative of this legacy.  Please do not tarnish it before it’s even begun.

What?  I didn’t hear you. I was chewing.

You’re back on the shakes tomorrow.

Chapter 1:  In the Begining

Chapter 3:  It Almost Happened


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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8 Responses to Chapter 2: Just Another Day

  1. arborfamilylegacy says:

    “I’m almost certain that if it were the middle of winter your face would have frozen like that. Then you could say goodbye to any chance at ever finding yourself a man.”

    You are too funny – love reading your story for the laughs!

    • skehrer says:

      Hey, thanks! I’m trying to get it all caught up to where I am in the game. Then I plan to start reading some other legacies. Glad you’re enjoying my story.

  2. xxsimsaddictxx says:

    “I found him!!! He’s real!!! I found him!!!”


    “Benjamin Button!”
    Hahaha!! That’s hysterial!!!

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  5. hawkalina says:

    Wait, what? How is Malcolm Landgraab Benjamin Button? In my game he looks relatively normal… O_O

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