Chapter 7: Home Sweet Home…Maybe

The Foods have a house!!!  What an exciting moment.

That is not a house!  It’s a shack! There is one room for everything!  When Donut does a No. 2, there is no where to go to escape.

That’s rough.  Shouldn’t you be working on a book right now?

I was taking a break because my fingers are swelling up like sausages.

Can you make a fist?


Then you’re fine.  Get to typing!

Can I move out once this baby is born?

EDAMAME!  You would abandon your child?!  I’m shocked.

What, I’m pregnant I had a preggy moment.

No that was just plain insane.  I wasn’t aware you carried that trait, it must be recessive.  And no you can not move out.  In this Legacy Challenge the founder and all heirs shall remain on the lot until they perish.

So hungry

Hmph.  I’m hungry.

I’ve been hungry before too, but not enough to do that.  There is something so incredibly wrong with that.  I just don’t have the words for it.

Now there’s a shock!

Not long after Edamame finished her ice cream on the toilet she went into labor.  She told Donut three times that it was time to go before she called the cab herself.  He was so into his book that he completely blocked out everything around him.  He realised Edamame was gone when he had to use the toilet.  Forgetting about his book and his need for the toilet Donut ran all the way to the hospital.  Not exactly a smart thing to do when your wife is in labor.

No, the smart thing would have been to listen to me.  And call for the FREAKING TAXI!!!

Yes well, he did make it to the hospital.

Yeah, but he passed out.  He missed the entire thing!

Edamame: Do not talk to me. Do not touch me. Do not look at me.

Don’t you stick up for him.  He’s in the dog house!!!

Okay, let’s talk about the baby.  Generation 2 started with the birth of a baby boy!

I rolled a B and gave my husband a series of options to choose from.  (By the way, this is NOT how we named our girls.)  He chose Barley.  So far Barley’s trait have turned out to be athletic and genius.

I knew he’s be a genius.  But let’s just hope he doesn’t take after his father and pass out after a marathon.  Hey, where is Barley’s collector’s card?

I will put barley’s stats up when he obtains all of his traits.

Alright, I was just making sure you weren’t neglecting my possible heir.

I wouldn’t worry about that.

Back on the SlimfastA Donut MakeoverThe next morning Edamame was back on the Slimfast shakes and Donut had a new look and a new LTW (Illustrious Author).

Why are you drinking those again?

I need to get this baby weight off.  I can’t let the people at work see me like this.

I haven’t decided if I am going to send you back to work yet.  I may have you stay at home to take care of the baby.


Don’t get too excited yet.  The babysitters are notorious for stealing babies around here and Donut already has the wish for another baby.

WHAT!?!  You want me to stay home so I can pop out babies?!

No, I was planning to have you take care of Barley and work on your writting.  But we can always make you a baby factory if that’s what you want.  You do need to produce at least one more child…  Don’t you like Donuts new look?

I don’t want 20 kids!  Yes, I think Donut looks much better now that he’s shaved that rat off his face.  He looks younger and more worthy of someone like me.

Someone is going to have to bring you down off that pedestal you’ve climbed up on.

I’m strapping myself to it.  You’ll have to use the jaws of life to remove me from it.

I think we’re in trouble…

Chapter 6: Introducing Donut Food

Chapter 8: I Quit


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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8 Responses to Chapter 7: Home Sweet Home…Maybe

  1. Vikkie says:

    I LOVE how you write…its so entertaining…you have me laughing the entire way through a chapter. can’t wait for the next one!

    I am doing a legacy family too but I’m not good at writing.

  2. Amanda says:

    I think we are dating the same man… Hm. Never, ever, thought I’d say that!

    • skehrer says:

      Wait, you’re dating him? Edamame married him. Hmmm, I better keep a closer eye on him while he’s at work.

  3. spongeb0ber says:

    “I don’t want 20 kids! Yes, I think Donut looks much better now that he’s shaved that rat off his face. He looks younger and more worthy of someone like me.”

    Your legacy is so funny! xD

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  6. I’ve seen links to your Food Legacy on multiple other blogs, only now getting the chance to read it. And it’s hilarious! I especially loved this:
    Someone is going to have to bring you down off that pedestal you’ve climbed up on.
    I’m strapping myself to it. You’ll have to use the jaws of life to remove me from it.

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