Chapter 8: I Quit!

Edamame was starting to go stir crazy in her small home with only having an infant to talk to.  Just look at the crazed look on her face.  It looks like her head is about to do a 360 and then she’s going to eat Barley!  Maybe it was a bad idea to make her quit her job…

Give me a break!  I had something in my eye.  You caught me in mid-blink.

Oh, I see…

I was getting stir crazy though.  I think I need some ‘Spa-Time’ at least once a week.

Nice try.  You’ll get ‘Spa-Time’ when you write a best seller.

I just need to get out of this shack and away from this awful wallpaper.

You live in a one-room house and you expect high end wall treatments?  Maybe you should write your life story, Edamame

No one would believe it.

Then call it a fiction then.  A novel about a woman who signed away her life (and the lives of her future generations) and started out on the lawn.  Gripping…

No, I don’t want it to be mistaken for a comedy.

Teaching Barley to talk

Barley as a toddler

Some time passed and Barley grew into a toddler.  For some reason all of my toddlers have looked like this.  Maybe the whole town of Sunset Valley is inbred…

As I was saying, Barley is now a toddler and Edamame quit her job to stay at home and focus on raising her son.

He’s so smart.  He learned to talk, walk and use the potty in no time.

Well, he is a genius.  Let’s just hope that hidden insane gene doesn’t show up on Barley.

Before the obvious question is asked: Yes, Edamame has been spending a lot of time in her pajamas.  I’m sure it needs a good wash (or a toss in a bonfire).

Home upgrade

Donut was making great progress at work.  He had two promotions in a row!  With all that extra money and the sales from Edamame’s book The Human Pez Dispenser, I was able to add on to the shack.  It doesn’t look much like a shack anymore.  The home now has a bedroom, bathroom and a living room/kitchen/nursery combo.  If Edamame’s next book makes a fair amount of money and Donut get more promotions (or finally finishes My Baby’s Momma) I’ll hopefully be able to build a proper kitchen and another bedroom.

A real kitchen?!  A place where I can cook meals?

She doesn’t even care about having a bedroom for her son and future children.

Children?  I thought I was only having one more.

Did I say that?  I don’t recall…

NOOOOOOO!  I’m going to be pregnant forever!

Don’t be silly, it only feels like that at the end.  Then you have the baby and forget all about it.  You’ll probably want another one or Donut will.


I apologize if this was hard to read.  It was difficult for me to write because my daughter wanted to sit on my desk.  She also needed to have her feet on my keyboard, “I danning, I danning (dancing).” Normally I wait for naptime, but I really want to play today.

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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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5 Responses to Chapter 8: I Quit!

  1. adorn79 says:

    I can just picture Emily dancing on your keyboard. She’s so adorable.

  2. arborfamilylegacy says:

    lol, your blog is so fun to read. 🙂 I eagerly await the next chapter! Cute kids dancing on the keyboard and all!

  3. Dinofs says:

    Awww… it wasn’t hard to read, not at all! Just something here and there, which I could understand! But it was probabley adorible!

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