Chapter 9: Age-Ups and a Surprise!

During a trip to the local library Edamame wasn’t quite feeling like herself…  Maybe she ate somehing that didn’t agree with her…

But I think we all know what her problem is.  Edamame was expecting again.  SURPRISE!!!  Can you hear it?  The angels are singing.  Could this be our heir, or our spare?  Only time (and our readers) will tell.

You’re not hearing angels sing, that’s my lunch…

Really, Edamame, that was just nasty.  I forgot what a grouchy preggy you are.

You would be too.

No, I was too busy trying to keep my food down.  Maybe you should trying being quiet for a  while, you may find that it helps settle your stomach.  I remember my husband made eggrolls for he and my daughter…


Someone needs some ice cream…

Waa Waa baby

Baby in tow

Later that day I sent her off to the spa for a preggy massage.  I had no idea that she was going to pick Barley up and go to the spa with him, Donut was at home painting and could have watched him.

These ladies clearly did not agree with her bringing her son to the spa.  The audacity!  Funny thing is Barley wasn’t even crying, but they obviously thought he was a waa-waa baby and were thoroughly offended.

Well, Madison’s outfit offends me.  Do you think she wears the same one everyday or does she just have multiple copies?

I don’t know, but maybe you could donate those pajamas that you have been living in to her if she needs more clothes.

Like they would fit her.

Careful, Edamame, you could very well look like that one day.

Are you threatening me?

Could be a threat…  Could be a promise…

I hear something

Listening to belly

Donut is always so easy to please when Edamame is pregnant.  All he ever wants to do is interact with her belly or give her massages.  I’m not sure she really appreciate him enough for it.  He’s been very forgiving to Edamame.

For someone having the loner trait he certainly likes to interact with his family a lot.  He does miss his brother.  Unfortunately every time he calls him Jared is about to step out and do something.

Jared doesn’t like me for stealing his brother from him.

Is that it or is it the circumstances of your marriage?

He may have called me some unnecessarily nasty names.

Like what?

Oh, I don’t dare repeat them…  There maybe children reading.

Oh, that bad.

It’s just jealousy.  He couldn’t have this.

Um.  I remember you trying to hook up with him.

SHHH!  Don’t say that in front of Donut!!!

Just before Edamame was due to have her child Donut had his birthday.  As you can see from these pictures, he was very excited at first.

I am Addonis

Once the change was over he was more than happy.  He even struck a couple of poses, though he was the only one in the room at the time.

I’m going to seriously rethink my choice to keep Edamame at home with her children.  Since she’s a workaholic all she thinks about is joining random careers.  And Donut’s being a loner gives him a negative moodlette at work.  We shall see how things turn out after this baby is born.  Edamame just may become the bread winner for her family and Donut will be a stay-at-home father. This would give Donut ample time to work on his art and writting skills.  Magic 8-ball says Outlook is good.

Yes!  I can go back t work!!!  I can get away from the house!!!

Edamame and Cupcake

I didn’t say this was going to happen tomorrow.  I said we’ll see after this baby comes.

Speaking of baby.  Edamame had to rush herself to the hospital again.  This time Donut tried to come, but couldn’t because he needed to stay home with Barley.  (I’m still too scared to use the babysitters.)  Edamame came home with a baby girl!  Now I could have and heir or an heiress…  I rolled a C for our baby girl.  My husband not being home to choose I went with Cupcake.  He later said it was cute and had he known I would have gone with Cupcake he would have picked Budweiser instead of Barley.

Name: Cupcake Food

Generation: 2

Traits: Couch Potato and Clumsy

Can you believe I got couch potato and clumsy, this is going to be hilarious!  Anyone know if the clumsy trait effects toddlers and children or do I have to wait until she’s older?  I wish I could play right now.

That night both Edamame and Barley aged up.  Edamame was due to age up with Donut, but because she was pregnant she had an extra day or so (my story tells it differently).  As you can see, Edamame was enjoying herself at first, then had a big shock and went right back to being bored…

Barley as a child

I wasn’t happy with the picture I got of Barley.  Turning into a child didn’t do Barley any favors.  Barley also gained another trait: Light Sleeper.  This will be my first experience with a child sim (in The Sims 3).  Right now this one really needs a makeover.  But that will have to wait for later.

By the way, Edamame rolled a wish to have another baby…  She won’t be going back to work anytime soon.

No!  I wasn’t thinking, I was just so happy to have her in my arms that I wasn’t thinking logically.  Delete the wish and we can move on like it never existed.

Nope, I think we should give our readers three children to choose from: An heir, a spare and one to be fed to the stream.

You’re going to drown my baby!  It’s not happening, Donut is sleeping in another room.

I only mean that one of your children will not be bound by the contract and will be able to move from the house to live his or her own life.  It will be interesting to see what happens in their lives.

Will I still be able to see them.

Yes, of course.

22 Days until my due date, subtract five from that if this one stays in there until scheduled I will be having her in 17 days.  Hopefully I can get this legacy completed before hand.

Chapter 8: I Quit

Chapter 10: Oh Dear God No


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