Chapter 10: Oh Dear God NO!


Edamame was getting older and started feeling sorry for herself.  After all, you can only pretend to be 18 for so long and once you have children you’re really starting to stretch it.  So, she started to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror…naked…  Problem is; the family has one mirror and it is in the one bathroom they all share.

And just where else and I supposed to do it?  Do you know how inconvenient it is to only have the one bathroom!

You should have been an actress, Edamame.  You just live for drama!

Back to the story…  Poor Barley walked in on his mother one day while she was admiring herself.  As you can imagine he ran out of the room so fast he broke the sound barrier.  He ran into his room and shook for about 45 minutes.  It was a while before he could look at his mother again.

Well, I don’t see what his problem is.  I look good!  Besides he’s going to have to see a woman naked at some point if he’s going to provide us with another heir.

Cupcake the toddler

He may or may not be our heir, Edamame.  And if he isn’t heir or spare, his choices are his to make.  Besides, not young boy wants to see their mother naked.  If he did that would be completely creepy.

I still refuse to believe that I am the problem here.  I look good and there is nothing wrong with admitting it.

But there is something wrong with this narcissistic habits.

We can’t forget about sweet little Cupcake, she aged up as well.  Into that thing you see to the left.  She looks just like Barley only with long hair.  Her nose might be slightly different.  Maybe I’ll give Edamame one more shot to bring in a looker.  We could get lucky and these kids are only going through and ugly duckling stage. ::crosses fingers::

I still wonder about Cupcake rolling couch potato and clumsy.  I just know I’m going to see her sitting on the couch watching TV and then suddenly she is going to be on the floor because she fell.  I’ll make sure to get LOTS of pictures.  But we have to survive the toddler stage and child stages first.  Hopefully there will be no fires or electrocutions in her future.  I’ll be sure to keep her from working on the electronics and far away from fireplaces and stoves.

Ooo ooo ooo

Another reason I worry about these kids is because of the DNA brought to them by their father.  Donut and Edamame’s courtship happened so fast (because she trapped him) that I had no way to do any genetic testing.  Imagine my horror when I caught this… transformation (if you will).  Did ANYONE know that Connor Frio…

Um… His name is Donut.

SHHH, this is important!

Donut can look just like and orangutan!?!  Why didn’t someone warn me?  I fear for the legacy.  All this time I thought he was gardening, but maybe he was really looking for insects to munch on.

Oh, who’s into drama now?

Did you see that picture?

Everyone has a moment every now and then.

I don’t believe I have ever had a “monkey moment,” Edamame.  If you have though, I will definately be on the lookout for your next.

Making faces

Barley should be carful not to anger him.  Monkeys have incredible strength and he could snap every bone in his bodywith very little effort.  I couldn’t look, I closed my eyes through the rest of this exchange.

Oh, that’s bravery.  You can watch my vomit and take pictures of it, but you can’t watch Donut goof off with his son.

::sigh::  Edamame, I was attempting some wit.  Thanks for ruining it.

It’s what I do.  I apparently ruined Donut’s life, why can’t I ruin a joke for you?

Oh, did you read My Baby’s Momma?

Yes, and it made me cry.  You should have seen how sad I looked.

Wait a minute.  You watched yourself cry?

Who else was going to feel sorry for me?

Moving on…


The reason Edamame was chosen to stay home with her children and not Donut.  Just look at that highchair, it’s disgusting.

Oh!  Look at his face.  It looks like Donut was suddenly struck dumb.  i know he’s absent-minded and all, but that slack-jaw look is too funny.  Can you imagine when he’s elderly and eating his oatmeal?  We’re going to need to put a bib on him!  And maybe a tarp on the floor for good measure.

Where was I when this happened?

I don’t know.  In the bathroom checking yourself out or watching yourself cry?  Point is, it’s a good thing you were the one to stay home even though you are so desperate to go back to work.

I need to get out of the house.  I feel trapped.  Sometimes, I just can’t breathe!

Don’t stop now, you’re about to win the Tony.

I just want you to know that I am thinking really bad thoughts right now.

Thanks for the warning.  Let me know when I should start dodging your mind bullets.



Amazingly I get this look a lot. I think maybe Edamame doesn’t like me.  And maybe she has some hidden traits.  I wonder if her one of her parents was an NPC…

Note to self: Next legacy, background checks!

But remarkably I believe this one was directed toward Barley because it was 11:00 and he was out of bed for a snack.  It was a school night and yes, he should have taken care of that before bedtime.  But every kid tries it at some point.  Thankfully, Edamame didn’t start breathing fire.

Very funny.

If looks could kill, you would be a felon by now.

I was making that face because I’d just found out I was pregnant again.

Tee hee hee.

There is something wrong with you.

orangutanI wasn’t laughing at you.  I was just thinking about what this baby could look like.

And with that I will end this segment.

Stay tuned I will try for another update tomorrow night.  For some of you it will be passed your bedtime (I’m west coast), but hopefully it will be worth the wait.

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7 Responses to Chapter 10: Oh Dear God NO!

  1. Amanda says:

    Hm. I wonder where you got the story line of Edamame watching herself cry… It tickles my brain like a long lost memory. 🙂 lol

  2. Elli James says:

    It’s one in the morning. I just found your legacy. And my sister just barged in my room and started yelling at me for waking her up with my ‘obnoxious chortling’.

    Thank you- first off, for making this awesome legacy. Secondly, for creating a way in which I can drive my sister mad while I laugh my head off. Brilliant.

  3. spongeb0ber says:

    omg you calling donut a monkey was so funny, I almost died og laughter when i saw that picture! xD ahahaha

    • skehrer says:

      Oh awesome! I loved reading that! This isn’t the end of the Monkey Gene. Just when I think I’ve bred it out, it proves me wrong! Thanks for all the wonderful comments, and thanks for reading.

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