Chapter 11: Pregnant Again…

Look at the look of horror on Edamame’s face.  She’s clearly not very excited to be bringing another sim into Sunset Valley.  I was only giver her and Donut what they wanted…

Edamame: Why meeeee?

I told you to delete the wish and move on like it never happened!  It was temporary insanity!

Well, when Donut also rolled the wish I just went ahead with it.  Besides, the only place temporary insanity holds up is in a courtroom.

You’re never going to let me go back to work.

That’s not true, Edamame.  You’re driving me crazy with your constant job wishes.  You will go back to work, eventually.

Hormones and a crying baby are never a good combination.  Poor Cupcake only wanted a snuggle and she got drenched instead.

I just really need to get away from the kids for a while.  I need some me time.

Why don’t you just try to enjoy this time and write more books.  Your book Who Cut the Cheese did really well.  But Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar is taking you much longer.

Barley the teen

Do you think it’s easy to write when I’m sick to my stomach and I have a toddler attached to my hip?

I suppose we could have Barley get a job, he is a teenager now.

I’m going to complain.  I hate just about ALL of the hair that is available.  I don’t want to buy anything from the store because I am hoping the prices go down.  I’d rather buy a stuff pack for $20 than one set of items.  I just want better hair and clothing options.

This is Barley as a teen (after his makeover).  He’s has his mother’s “I’m bored with the world” look.  But he does resemble his father.  Just don’t turn into a monkey on me.  Barley gained a new trait at this stage too: Mooch.

He needs a job.  He should work to bring money into this house too!  Or he can make some rigch friends and mooch off them for money.

Barley did get himself a part-time job at the bookstore.

He better start working on that promotion.

Wow, you are just so hard to please.  I really hope you’re not like this when you hit menopause.

I was able to give the family a stove finally.  Everyone was very happy, until Edamame started cooking.

Burned pancakes

Look!  I made pancakes for my family.

They look more like charcoal.

Shut up!  I cooked for everyone and they ate it.

About this time Barley rolled a wish for Culinary Librarian.  I grabbed it.  We have to keep this woman (and her daughter) away from the kitchen.  Anyway, I guess those pancakes tasted as bad as they looked.

Don’t you blame me for this.  All I’ve ever had to eat was Slimfast!  I thought food was supposed to be dark brown!!!!

There is no need to cry, Edamame.  You’re ruining your makeup.


I really hope this is the last pregnancy.  I’m just not sure I can take another one.

Due to my own pregnancy and distractions I neglected to get very many pictures of Edamame’s pregnancy.  But she had a baby boy.  I rolled a J and my husband had the honor of naming him Jello.  Then he made sure to tell me that Jello is a name brand and not an actual food.  I tell you, everyone is a critic!

Dear little Jello turns out not to be so dear after all.  His traits are insane and genius.  This one is going to conquer the world.

I’m scared of my baby.

Oh come on.

Maybe we should have named him Stewie.

He has three more traits coming, I’m sure everything will be okay.

Nikki Ursine, put down that baby!

Famous last words…

Nikki Ursine came over for a visit.  Turns out Nikki is Donut’s niece, her father and sole parent is Jared Frio.  Barley met her at school and brought her home, she dresses a little older than a high schooler usually does, but maybe she has a mind for business.

She wouldn’t stop picking up Jello.  Edamame was not having it.

No one is taking off with my kid, insane or not!  I know!  We ccan build him his very one room in the basement!

You don’t have a basement.

It’ll have padded walls and we’ll feed him through the door…

I’m just going to ignore her.

Cupcake had her birthday not long after Jello was born.

Cupcake as a kid

What is it about Edamame’s offspring all having that bored look?

I unfortunately neglected Cupcake through this time in her life.  (No pictures, I’m a failure.)

She went to school and came home day after day. Oh, she rolled Angler at this stage.  Wonderful, now I have to worry about her hooking herself in the back as she tries to fish.  The life of a sim can be so, so cruel.  I see a lot of Emergency Room visits in her future.

Cupcake concentrated on her studies through her childhood, she was on the honor-roll.  That’s pretty much it.  She had a couple friends over.  One of which was Beatriz Erwin, Cupcake wanted to be her best friend.  But Beatriz turned into a teenager before Cupcake did and the girls drifted apart.

Poor Cupcake, bad traits and no friends.  What more does life have instore for her?  I’m not sure what kind of mate she is going have.  There doesn’t seem to be a large variety of boys to choose from.  Maybe Her teenage years will be easier.

What Cupcake needs is a trip to the spa.

You think the answer to everything is a trip to the spa.

Well, it’s worth a try.  If she turns out to be ugly then she needs to find herself a good plastic surgeon or she’ll never find a man!

With that I need to spend some time with my actual family (save my husband from our daughter).  Come back for the next installment; Barley has started dating!

We will see about that.  I need to approve of future wife.  And she better be a good girl.  None of this getting pregnant and forcing my son to do something he doesn’t want to do.

Oh, you mean a “good girl” like you were?


And he better not marry a dog.

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4 Responses to Chapter 11: Pregnant Again…

  1. Amanda says:

    OMG, what an ugly Sim family. You talk about all of the kids having the bored look, I was thinking more along the lines of the ugly look. I’m just saying…

  2. Alison Mc. says:

    I don’t think the family is that ugly…could be better, but que sera sera. Cupcake isn’t too bad, she may be the looker of the family.

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