Chapter 13: A Little Dose of Evil…

Jello made it to his birthday!  This picture took on an all new creepy factor when I rolled the evil trait for him.  Really, it couldn’t have been planned better.  Jello Food is an insane evil genius.  World beware!

Can we send him off to boarding school or something?  I really don’t like the way he burst out laughing for no reason.

He’s insane, Edamame.  He stays.  He still your child and you should love him unconditionally.

Yes, I do.  I just don’t want to be around him.  I can love him from afar can’t I?

He’s still a boy, you’re raising him!  And at the moment all he really wants to do is play chess.  How evil can he be?  maybe he’ll be a cheater and that will be the worst of it.

I lock my bedroom door at night because he scares me.  It’s his eyes and the way he looks at everyone.  I fear for my other children…

Let’s bring in more money, then I will be able to build you a bigger better home.  A home that will have a room for everyone and a suite just for you and Donut.  But I need money first.

You always want money.  Money, money, money…  I should have married someone rich.

Not in your contract, my dear.  But your children are now free to marry rich.

Excuse me, I need to have a talk with Cupcake.

I feel like time moves so fast in this game.  I need to beat the clock to find the children their spouses and start the next generation.  Maybe it’s because this is my first real attempt at playing, but skilling up and finding a mate takes all my time!

Donut became a nearsighted old man.  He retired because he never really liked going to work (too many people).  Now Donut spends all his time painting and writing.  Trying desperately to skill himself up to reach his LTW (Illustrious Author).

Donut the Nearsighted

He really let himself go.  Is that a comb over?  Where did he find those terrible glasses? Off Buddy Holly’s corpse?

You’re always so critical, Edamame.  And Buddy Holly died in an airplane crash, I’m not sure his glasses survived.

I refuse to become old!

This should be interesting.  You can’t stop time.  We all get older.


Barley got tired of using the toilet after his elderly father in the middle of the night.  He was tired of finding the “surprises.”  Doesn’t the man understand to flush!

Flush the %&*#@ toilet

Barley’s relationship with Beatriz continued to blossom.  With any hope she will be his wife when they both become young adults and a new generation will begin!

Cupcake started dating too.  She had a hard time choosing between Michael Griffen (right) and Sedrick Goth (center).  Michael would bring more goodies to the gene pool for our future generations to enjoy.  But he turned out to be a slob and everyone knows that a slob and a klutz just don’t mix well.

Cupcake: Who should I choose?

With a not so subtle hint from her mother, Cupcake decided on Sedrick Goth.  Neither are bothered by the fact that he is a technophobe and Cupcake is a couch potato.  And Sedrick has the “never nude” trait, that could make it a bit difficult to father children…

Mom says I should like you

He’s rich!  She’s going to marry him one way or another!

Are you sure he is rich.  He’s in high school, I’m sure his parents are the rich ones.

Don’t you think they would share their wealth with their son and daughter in-law?  If my daughter can marry rich, by golly she will.

You’re pretty disgusting.

You really think I’m pretty?  I’ve been using this new anti-wrinkle cream and eye lift serum.  I was starting to think they were a waste of money…

Let’s move on…

And time finally caught up with Edamame.  Refusing to tell her actual age, Edamame still maintains that she is 35.  Her children don’t even knowher real age.

Edamame elderly

What are you taking about.  I am 35.

How long have you been 35, Edamame.

What does that mean?  Are you saying I look OLD?  If you would let me visit the spa more instead of writing book after book I wouldn’t look so tired.

You would live at the spa if I let you.

…grumble… Like that’s a bad thing.

At least in your… 30s… you have learned to appreciate Donut.  Plaid pants, Mr. Rogers sweater and all…


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6 Responses to Chapter 13: A Little Dose of Evil…

  1. Dinofs says:

    LOL she is like my 51-year-old dad, he says he’s 27!

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  4. dinkyjen says:

    Barley screaming at the toilet made me crack up!!

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