Playing the Field

Barley’s now a teenager and the dating game has begun.  He met Heidi Bravo at the gym one night they struck up a conversation and it was revealed that Heidi was single and unemployed.  Barley was willing to look past the unemployed aspect, his mother stayed at home with her children why wouldn’t his wife?

After a bit more conversation it became obvious that Heidi was hydrophobic…  Barley decided to move on to better prospects and better air quality.  Her unemployed/single status now made sense.

That night Barley just about missed curfew.    Edamame was not pleased with him.  She let him know that if he were ever caught out past curfew he would spend the night at the jail.  She would not be using their hard earned money to bail him out.

Edamame: You are on diaper duty for the next three weeks!

“I made a believer out of him.  He won’t be doing that again.”

I’m sure he won’t after getting a look like that.

Diner date

Saturday night Barley had a date with Beatriz Erwin at the diner.  Things couldn’t have gone any better.  At the end of the date they even had their first kiss.  That must have been some kiss, poor Beatriz looks like she’s been swept away.  I think this one has promis folks!  Beatriz just may be the one for Barley.  And just look at what she will bring to the gene pool!  Very excited to see what their offspring will look like.

Meanwhile, back on the home front.  Jello had his birthday.  Yes, Barley could not attend his little brother’s birthday because he was too busy trying to secure the next generation.  But seeing that Jello is insane Barley thought it wouldn’t really matter.  But will it?

Jello as a toddler

I could not believe it, but Edamame decided she wanted ANOTHER baby at this point.  I’m just not sure I’m up for another baby at this point; the house is just too small.  Three kids all sharing one bedroom, it’s no wonder Jello is insane.

I am having no more children!

Isn’t that what you wanted, Edamame?

I thought so, but now I’m just not sure anymore.

Really how does your husband deal with you?

Oh, he’s almost to retirement age. It’s too late for him to find someone new.

You think so?

What are you saying?  Do you know something I don’t?  He’s not going to leave me with all these kids!

Not long after jello’s birthday came Cupcake’s birthday.  I rolled Absent-Minded and it’s obvious, she apparently forgot to put on a shirt too!

Cupcake went right to the mirror for a much needed makeover.

Cupcake before

Cupcake after

You’re not joking.  I had to leave the room when I saw what she had become.  I nearly panicked.

Oh nearly?  I saw you checking and rechecking your pulse.  And what was it you were stuffing in your mouth by the handful…Tums?

Anyway it was all for naught.  Look at how Cupcake turned out.  She’s turned into quite a looker.  She just may have a running at being our heir.

If she doesn’t trip and mar that face.  Get me a plastic surgeon’s number to keep on hand would you?

When Edamame came home she was cheering like crazy.  I missed the picture and got the sneeze instead.  Apparently she has an excitement allergy.


Hopefully now Edamame will have some satisfaction.  She gained her LTW, but was still pestering me about having a career.  She joined the Journalism career again and started up where she’d left off.

Stay tuned, Jello becomes a child and I roll a surprising trait…


Chapter 11: Pregnant Again

Chapter 13: A Little Dose of Evil


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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3 Responses to Playing the Field

  1. Amanda says:

    Jello isn’t as freaky looking as the rest of them.

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