Chapter 14: Dr. Evil

Jello has grown into a teen.  This must be what Dr. Evil looked like as a teenager!!!  Jello now also hates the outdoors at least I didn’t get neurotic or hates children but I could be putting my foot in my mouth here.

I’m sure one day we are going to see him in the basement or backyard digging himself a bomb shelter.  But at the moment all he wants to do is play chess.  In fact his LTW is to be a Chess Legend.  We’ll see if that actually works out for him.

Edamame started having a hard time dealing with all the teenagers in the house.  She turned to food to help her “deal with it.”

Cake will make the pain go away.

Cupcake still hasn’t rolled an LTW.  I’m beginning to think she may be glitched or something…

Listen, missy...

That girl has no ambition.  Donut and I had a talk with her, she needs to straighten up and think about what she wants to do with her life.

I thought you were all for her marrying a rich man?

Well, yes.  But she can still have dreams for now…  After she’s married to a rich man she can quit work and stay at home sitting in front of the TV.  Maybe she should get a job at the spa, do they offer family discounts?

Always thinking of yourself, aren’t you?

Someone needs to.

Oh, poor Edamame…


Jello still hasn’t started dating.  Mainly because he hasn’t met any girls his age (I think they are all scared of him).  Instead he spends all of his time at his computer either playing chess or developing sinister plots.


Can we please just have the vote already.  I need to know which of my children I will pass the torch to.

Since when do you use cliches?  And passing the torch is a bit grandeur, don’t you think?

Alright, I really want to know if I have to live in fear for my life any longer!

I think you’re exagerating a bit here.  We will be having the vote today.  After this update.

When will we know?  Tomorrow night I will tally up all the votes and we will see who our heir is and who our spare is.  But even if Jello isn’t one of those two, he will still have to remain in the house until he marries.  I want to see what his children will become.

I can’t just kick him out?!


Where are my Tums?

Jello started picking fights with his older brother, Barley, who has turned into a young adult (and not a bad looking one at that).  Jello was poking fun of Barley because his relationship with Beatriz was now on hold until she herself became a young adult.  It was a sore spot for Barley and Jello knew it.

Dig after dig after dig and their relationship which was pretty good is now deteriorating.  I’m pretty hands off with Jello, I like to see what he will do on his own.  So far he’s always insulting someone.

What, what? You got a problem? What?

Watch it, Jello!

That boy, if I wasn’t so terrified of him, I’d slap his face…

But Barley isn’t the only one that has to deal with Jello’s terrible behavior…

I know, I just can’t take it anymore.

I wasn’t talking about you.

Sweet little Cupcake also had her share of run ins with him.

Sedrick and Cupcake were always texting each other and on the weekends Sedrick would come over to the house for visits.  Cupcake tries to make sure that he only comes over when Jello is busy on his computer, but sometimes Jello notices that Sedrick is over and the taunting begins.


Cupcake is a bit clumsy with her flirting attempts.

Cupcake: I love your forehead

A bit?  She said, ‘I love your forehead.’ What is that?

I thought you were supossed to be schooling her.

Well, I can only do so much!

Once Sedrick is gone and Jello is finished with whatever he does on his computer.  He taunts her about her attemps at flirting.

Ooo... Sedrick, kissy, kissy, kissy...

Cupcake usually runs to the unfinished bathroom, grits her teeth and says a few choice words.  But never in front of Jello, because she is scared of him.


Cipcake: Gerrrrr...

Can’t blame her for that!  But hey, wouldn’t it be funny if Jello’s face froze like that?!  I don’t thing anyone would be scared of him then.

I’m not sure that Barley is scared of Jello.

Barley is always at that greasy-spoon working anymore.  He’s never really home.

It’s not okay for him to be ambitious?  You’re very confusing.

I don’t have to explain myself to you…

Lets do the vote now, shall we?

Leave a c0mment with your choice for heir.  The one with the most votes will be our heir and the runner up will be our spare.  Below is a rundown of the contestants.

Barley profile picName: Barley Food

Traits: Athletic, Genius, Light Sleeper, Mooch

LTW: Culinary Librarian

Cupcake profile picName: Cupcake Food

Traits: Couch Potato, Clumsy, Angler, Absent-Minded

LTW: nothing yet

Jello profile picName: Jello Food

Traits: Insane, Genius, Evil, Hates the Outdoors

LTW: Chess Legend

Chapter 13: A Little Dose of Evil

Chapter 15: Announcing Our Heir


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8 Responses to Chapter 14: Dr. Evil

  1. Jess says:

    Barley 🙂
    He’s cool 😀 and being the 1st born, its rightfully his.

  2. gingergen says:

    I like Barley best, but I think Cupcake might be more entertaining. So I will vote for Cupcake.

    Jello scares me. 🙂

  3. Alison Mc. says:

    I’m late, but I would say cupcake.

  4. DB loves her Mac says:

    I would vote for Cupcake, but I hope you keep Jello around for kicks. Hey, after all, there’s always room for Jello!

    • skehrer says:

      That’s the line! For the life of me I just could not remember what the old tag-line was. Thank you, you have saved me from myself.

  5. Courtney says:

    I love your legacy!! So entertaining!!

  6. Dinofs says:

    B-A-R-L-E-Y! But Cupcake would be my secend choice… Jello was my fav till he rolled Evil… Now he’s my least fav…

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