Chapter 16: Breaking the News

Since putting the heirs to vote Edamame has “gently” broken the news to Barley.  I put gently in quotes because it went something like this, “Well son, you’re it.”

I like to think I had a bit more sympathy than that.

You didn’t.  You’re “passing of the torch” as you say, was rather unceremonious.  I actually felt sorry for Barley.

Well, I’m still alive and until the Grim Reaper comes knocking I still run this house.

Who runs this house, Edamame?  I believe you may be getting senile in your old age.


Much better.

That boy needs to get himself a wife and start working on his own heirs.

Do you need more sleep?  You certainly are a crab lately.

I guess I would be too if I had to dig through someones garbage and come away with a little more than news.

I vomited for more than a week!  I’m just not sure my story was worth the ‘perks’ I came away with.

Next time you should probably wear gloves and it may be a good idea to shower after rummaging through your neighbor’s trash.

Where were you with this advice while I was digging?

I wait to part with my gems of knowledge when we have our talks.  I like our little talks, Edamame.

I don’t.

Let’s move on, we do have a story to tell here.

Barley called Beatriz and invited her over.  He had a surprise planned for her.  A birthday cake and a wedding!  It was a big day for the Food family.  I was originally going to wait for her to age up on her own, but I got impatient.  I have 10 generations to complete in nine days!  Can it be done?

Barley on the phone

Happy Birthday, Beatriz!

That girl had put on some weight!  Look at her butt!!!

Maybe Barley likes a little meat, Edamame.  Remember what happened when he was a child, maybe this is what happens when your children see you naked.

I need to write my memoirs.

Ummm…  Are you listening to me?

What should I call it…

After a makeover and a name change Icee Food (I know it’s lame, but that’s what the die rolled), she looks a bit older than her years.

Icee Food

Girl looks like she is at least 10 years older than my son.  She’s not good enough; send her back and get another.

They are already married, Edamame.  It’s not that easy.  She now has an obligation to provide us with a child.

Who is this ‘us?’  Are you aliens that come down and snatch up babies so you can make hybrids?  How do I know her child will really be my grandchild?

Taking an interest in Science Fiction lately?

I’m shopping around for a topic.

Keep looking.  It’s been done before and done better.

Name:Icee Food previously Beatriz Erwin

Generation: 2 (spouse of Barley)

Traits: Inappropriate, Bookworm, Neat, Genius, Ambitious

LTW: Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium

Favorites:Indie Music, Key Lime Pie, Spiceberry

Brought to House: $2,740 and a book

It wasn’t long before Icee became pregnant.

Great, she’s going to become even fatter!  I hope you’re going to make her drink Slimfast until it’s oozing from her pores.

I never bothered you about loosing weight after you produced a child.  Why would I make Icee miserable?

What kind of name is ICEE anyway?!

It’s the only thing I could think of that started with I.  Step off your pedistal before I knock you off it Edamame.

Are you threatening me again?

You know Jello still lives in your house…

Shutting up now.

Thank you.


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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2 Responses to Chapter 16: Breaking the News

  1. Maldric says:

    I’ve been reading your Legacy these past two days and I’m in love. ^-^ Personally, I love Jello, but oh well.

    Also, I find Icee’s name amusing. You can use it as a running joke, especially since she’s kinda chunky, “I SEE FOOD!” 😛

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