Chapter 17: Two Birthdays and a Wedding…

I was focused on Icee having a good pregnancy.  Hoping that I could randomly roll “good” traits for this baby.  The Next thing I knew it was Cupcake’s birthday!  She rolled Mooch and her LTW is now Living in the Lap of Luxury.

Cupcake as a young adult.

See, she needs to find herself a rich husband.

So far Cupcake has not shown any signs of her clumsy trait.  I could eat my words later, but she’s even been repairing the computers and TV.  I haven’t even seen her fall yet.

So now that Cupcake has grown into a young adult it was time to age up her boyfriend Sedrick Goth.

Mom says we should get married.

Money, money, money…


Sedrick blew out his candles and Cupcake wasted no time asking him to marry her.  Mostly because Edamame was literally pushing her to do it.

Sedrick Goth’s birthday

Someone needed to, that girl has no ambition.

Time for a makeover, that purple hair has got to go.

Purple hair!?!

While your at it can you give Icee some Botox?

Icee is pregnant, she is not getting Botox.

Well, don’t complain to me when she starts to look like the crypt-keeper and barley still has a youthful appearance.

You’ll probably be dead by the time that happens.

That was just nasty.

You started it.

Cupcake was obviously overjoyed by Saedrick’s makeover.

Helllooooo Kale

Oh, they will have beautiful children.  Ahhh, Cupcake should have been heir…

I rolled a K and again gave my husband the naming honors.  He choose Kumquat…  The honor was revoked and I had to instead name him Kale.  I think Kale is a bit more suitable.  Kumquat is a little too silly for me.  But what am I saying, I named a sim Donut…

Donut searching for inspiration?

I noticed a couple interesting things with Kale.  The first is that he is the spontanious spawn of Mortimer Goth, yes apparenlty in my game Morty and Bella do not live happily ever after or happily for a while.  The second is that Kale  had a romantic intrest already: Jocelyn Wan.  Funny thing is I had picked Jocelyn for Jello she also has the evil trait), this may lead to some interesting developments…  One can hope…

Name: Kale Food previously Sedrick Goth

Traits: Brave, Technophobic, Loves the Outdoors, Virtuoso, Never Nude

LTW: Become a Superstar Athlete

Favorites: Custom Music, Hamburger, Sea Foam

Brought to House: $2,304 and one book

We were ripped off, that kid should have brought a bucket load of money with him.  I say toss him back and fish out a new one.  We’ll keep trying until we find ourselves a winner.

Who is this ‘we’ and ‘ourselves?’  This is Cupcake we’re talking about here.  Are you suggesting you share her husband?

That is disgusting.  But if something happened to Donut and Cupcake…  I think maybe we could be of use to each other…

I think I’m going to be sick.


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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One Response to Chapter 17: Two Birthdays and a Wedding…

  1. kaikomikkusu says:

    Yup, spontaneous spawns, sometimes a baby boy arrives in the Clavell household and the father is Xander but the kid has no mother in the family tree. But sometimes, Tamara ends up having a kid from Xander instead.

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