Back in the Saddle

Let’s just get right back into it shall we?

Well, it’s about time you showed up.  Where have you been for the last, oh I don’t know 9 MONTHS!

I had a child of my own Edamame, get over yourself.

Did you give your child a food name?

No, Edamame.  I’m not stupid enough to blindly sign a contract.


When I left you all we had just seen Jello age into a prematurely balding psychopath.  Nothing has really changed in that department.

That’s right, he still lies in wait for someone to pass him by.  Then he pounces on you.  He did that to poor Donut one day, and he has incontinence you know...

That’s not a pretty picture.

You didn’t have to witness it…

Also, Jello is still spending way too much time with Ginger.  Barley and Icee’s impressionable young child.

Someone really needs to step in here and put an end to this.  Really, look at that picture.  His evil may be rubbing off on her.

Feel Free to intervene at any time.

Yeah, right.

That’s what I thought.

You mock me, but you have no idea the terror I feel on a daily basis.

There have been a couple birthdays.  Barley aged into an adult and Ginger became a child.

Barley is starting to loose his hair.  He really should go to the spa and have a treatment.

So now the spa can cure male pattern baldness?  You never offered up this little gem when Jello lost his hair.

I told you, his hair rejected him.  It’s all those evil thoughts and actions.  His hair wanted nothing to do with it.

On a side note, it appears to me that Barley got a bit of that money gene from Donut.  Look at that mouth, that is a monkey mouth!  Anyway.  As you can see from the picture, Ginger was not too happy with her makeover.  I had an America’s Next Top Model moment with her.

She needs to go to the spa…

Shut up about the spa already!

You need to go to the spa.

Oh, my GOD!  What is wrong with you.  You need to prepare someone for a picture like that.  I nearly lost my Slimfast!

So she’s put on a little weight.

A little?  That’s the understatement of the year!  Does she have to wear snug fitting pants?  It looks like there are two hams in there.  And when she walks it looks like they’re fighting to get out!

Maybe she should go to the spa.

The spa is the last thing that she needs.  She needs less relax time and more active time.  Could you tell her to wear proper underwear?

What???  Where did that come from?

Seriously, I think she only wears thongs, because there is far too much jiggle in there!

Why are you looking?

I can’t not look!  It’s an eye magnet!  A dangerous and disgusting eye magnet.

I am NOT doing that.  You will just have to deal with it.


About skehrer

I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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7 Responses to Back in the Saddle

  1. Amanda says:

    OMG, Sarah. This is hilarious.

  2. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad you’re back! I’ve checked every now and then over the past months, and you have no idea how happy it makes me that you are your epicurisims are back in business. Wheeee!

    • skehrer says:

      I’m glad to be back. You have no idea how many times I have wanted to play, but couldn’t. My girls keep me busy.

  3. Maldric says:

    You’re just too funny. ^-^

  4. LMAO, I love it when you argue with your own sims. Looking forward to seeing who you talk to when Edamame dies.

  5. analeep says:

    Lol, Edammame cracks me up (and annoys me a bit too). Icee isn’t fat. She’s normal looking. Women are built to have fat on them.
    Anyways, I just love this legacy, can’t wait to keep reading ^^
    (I still want Jello to be the heir so bad)

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