Chapter 23: Houston We Have A Problem…

Donut was lost without Edamame. His days ran together.  He spent all of his time grieving and crying at her grave.

So sad

Oh, poor Donut.  Oh don’t look at me like that!

It’s just that I’ve never heard you express any tender emotions for anyone other than yourself, not even your children!

Well, he does look pathetic, moping about all day.  And then he just stands at my grave until he poops himself.

Oh, never mind, clearly I was wrong.  Maybe we should have your body exhumed  and find out if there is a rock instead of a heart in your chest.

If there is a rock in there it’s a diamond!

Let’s move on to your favorite topic.

I thought we were already talking about me…

…I meant Icee and her age.

An older Icee

Oh, well carry on…

The way I see it, we have a very real problem on our hands.  Icee can no longer give us a spare.

Kick her out of the house for breach of contract!!!!

You would love that.  I’ve been thinking this over and I think Ginger would be our heir and the roll of spare will have to fall on the Children that Cupcake has.  If she has more than one child we will have a “Spare Vote.”

Well, it a sounds like you already made up your mind so why are your “discussing” this with me?

Just to annoy you.

It’s a good thing Cupcake is pregnant, hopefully she won’t disappoint like Icee.

Yes, Cupcake is pregnant, but most of my pictures of her pregnancy are gone…

I guess you’re a disappointment too…

The only pictures I have of Cupcake’s pregnancy are these here.

Oh no you di'ent.

Did she have it out with Icee?

Looks like it.  Icee is menopausal and Cupcake is pregnant.  All those hormones add up to a giant disaster!  As you can see, Cupcake was getting angrier and angrier.  Sweat broke out on her upper lip and forehead.  She started panting and groaning.  Then she made this horrific sound that I just can’t explain.  I thought the monkey gene was taking over our sweet Cupcake.  But was only in labor.

I can’t believe it.  Jello actually looks like he is afraid of Cupcake and the beat-down that she’s about to give Icee. Hahahahaha, I love it!

The baby was a girl.  I rolled a K and she was named Kit Kat.  Kit Kat is showing some promise, her traits turned out to be brave and friendly.  She loves custom music, cookies and spiceberry.  It’s the Kale, Cupcake and Kit Kat family.  Lots of that K sound.

Presenting Kit Kat Food


Excitement over Kit Kat’s birth was short lived.  Something was happening in another room.

Baby on the floor

What could be so important that they just left the child on the floor like that?

The End

Donut was dying.  I was totally unprepared for him to die.  I remember saying, “Oh no.” out loud and my husband’s curious look.  Even he was a bit bummed.  Donut had become my favorite in the house.

Excuse me, I should be your favorite.  I never pooped my pants.

You never had your pants on long enough to poop in them.

Barley was shocked, he thought his father would be around forever.


Barley should never make that face again.  It’s atrocious.

Donut was ready to go and to be reunited with Edamame.  He lived to be over 100 days old, if I remember correctly he was about 103.  Edamame only made it to 98.

Donut was buried next to Edamame beneath the willow tree.

Forever Together

Hey, he doesn’t still poop his pants does he?


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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2 Responses to Chapter 23: Houston We Have A Problem…

  1. DB loves her Mac says:

    Real circle of life timing, huh?

    Nice final shot!

  2. Amanda says:

    I love that they left Kit Kat on the floor! Now that Donut is dead, is he going to talk to you along with Edamame?

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