Neglect is a Crime.

Naughty me, I forgot to post about Ginger aging into a teen.  Here is a quick recap: Ginger grew into a teen.  Okay, moving on.

Not so fast.  You can’t skip over all the details.

Alright, alright.  Geeze, I was just trying to get us all caught up.

Just shut up and say it.

Oh, Edamame, there are so many things wrong with that comment.  But I will just sit down and walk away.  snicker

Just get on with it.

Ginger aged into a teenager and gained the artistic trait.  She also looks very much like Cupcake.  In fact she looks so much like Cupcake that I have typed Cupcake instead of Ginger throughout this post and must go back and edit.  It was incredibility difficult to tell them apart as I was playing and had to give Ginger a makeover.

Back in the pigtails she went.  And she hates those pigtails.  I later had to suffer through another ANTM moment.

I can see why she hates them.  They do nothing for her.  If you want a makeover done properly you should send her to the spa.

Well, you’ll be very happy to know that Ginger got a part-time job at the spa.

That’s my girl, she’s going to make Gr…Gr…


Yes, Thanks!  She’s going to make Gr… me proud.

Ginger also gained Master of the Arts as her Lifetime Want.  Being our heir by default means a lot rests on her shoulders.

Like snagging herself a man.  And then she needs to give this family a couple kids.  Don’t be a failure like your mother, Ginger!  Did you ever get that plastic surgeon’s number?  If Ginger is going to be making that retched face she is going to get frown lines and no man is going to marry a woman with jowls.

Wow, you are all over the place!  calm down, she’s only a teenager.

She can still steak her claim on a man.  In this town she’s got to act fast.

Fast and loose?  Is that how you did it?

Mock me if you will, but one of those boys she goes to school with could end up an elder before she graduates.  Maybe she should look for younger boys.

Yeah, Ginger can be the creepy girl that hangs out at the hospital looking for a newborn to marry.

You know, you really have a bad attitude.

The same could be said of you.

Whatever, I am perfectly pleasant.

Can I finish this post?

Nightly visits from Edamame and Donut are going to raise the electric bill.

What do you expect us to do, scream and rattle chains?

Hmm, that might be more entertaining.

Now, you’re stereotyping.

What, you are DEAD!

You wound me with your words.

You’re an actress.

Look you got a picture of me blogging!

You have a blog?

Yes, it’s about this game I play.  You see I’m playing this game, by these rules that some guy made up.  I take a bunch of pictures and post a story about it on my blog…

Very funny, Edamame.  Now go back to your hole.


About skehrer

I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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