Right after Donut died Icee approached Barley about selling all the paintings he’d done.  She kept telling him they would make a fortune.  It was not the right thing to say to someone who had just lost his father.

I knew that girl was no good from the start.  But no one ever listens to me…

That’s because you talk and talk and talk.  We don’t know when you’re actually going to have something important to say so it all becomes static.

WHAT?!  You should hear everything, they are all gems.  GEMS I TELL YOU, GEMS!!!!

Barley and Icee began to quarrel.

Oh, awesome!  Does he kick her butt to the curb?

No, Edamame, but he did sleep in Jello’s room that night.

Wow, that almost makes me feel sorry for her…almost.  Not really enough to mention.

You don’t feel sorry for her do you?

Not at all.

In a desperate attempt to win back Barley’s affections Icee began to dress younger and more…

Inappropriate!  That is not right at all.  Someone call the Grim Reaper so he can put her and the rest of us out of misery.  Just because she can squeeze into her old clothes doesn’t mean it’s right.  With the kind of pressure those clothes are under; what if she looses a button on that shirt or her jeans?  She could really hurt someone.

You have quite an imagination.

Imagination or intuition?

Apparently Icee was not prepared to get older.  Witnessing Donut’s death brought home to her just how old she was.

And that she is next…  You can reverse the clock Icee!

She can’t hear you.

In other news: Kit Kat aged into a toddler and the family was no where to be found.  I swear this kid spent more time abandoned on the floor than in her crib.

Oh, poor baby, when she’s a teenager she should take a trip to the…

Not the spa!



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