Dirty minds.

For weeks after its occurrence everyone in the house dreamed of what Barley referred to as, “The Unfortunate Incident.”

I call it the “OMG, Cupcake Has A Spine Incident.”

Don’t you wish you had one too?


Icee dove deeper into her depression/midlife crisis.

That is so disgusting.

What?  Do you have a fat or age comment to make?  Let me guess, when she cries she sounds like a group of seals barking.

No her nose is draining all over her face, it’s nasty and she needs to clean herself up.  Someone needs to slap her to bring her out of her Tammy Faye Baker  moment.  But I like what you said too, I concur.

Come here often?

Icee started to look longingly at Kale.

Now there is something I can agree with.  That Kale is a fine piece of man meat.

Gross, he’s your daughter’s husband.

What?  I’m not dead!

Uh, yeah, you are…


Icee’s wandering eye was not helping her relationship with Barley.

Was there any fine print about married couples staying married?  This legacy won’t fail if they divorce will it?  I will not take the blame for this, I never liked her!

Do you need medication?


Cupcake discovered she was pregnant again.  The news did not sit well with Jello.

I should say not.  What would happen when he has one of his “incidents” with the new baby.  Cupcake may just karate chop his butt.

Nice thought, but I don’t have World Adventures.

It would have been cool though…


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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One Response to Aftermath

  1. DB loves her Mac says:

    Those trashy dreams are too much! Talk about a family with one-track minds!

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