Labor Pains

Are you kidding me?

Not long after Jello moved out Cupcake went into labor.  Kale jumped around like he had no idea what he should do.  This irritated Cupcake as this was their second child together.

No kidding!  Men, sometimes I wonder why they even exist.

Procreation?  Without them humans would cease to exist.

Do you need to be so literal all the time?

Do you need to be so dramatic all the time?

Stop being a child and get on with the story.


Kale finally came to his senses when Cupcake gave him “The Look.”  Suddenly Kale knew exactly what to do and it was off to the hospital for the birth of their baby boy.  The mysterious Scatagories die has told us that this child shall be named with a Z.

Z?!  Good grief

Exactly!  And this child shall be known as…Zucchini!!!  Hoping for better luck with his traits I clicked the randomizer button.

Please be a genius, please be a genius…

Neurotic and Insane.

I just rolled over in my grave.

Maybe this will happen with every generation.  Everyone has a crazy uncle/aunt, you know.

They should send him away to the military immediately.

How can you say that?  Look at how cute he is.

He has huge alien eyes and a rather large too round head and too small ears.  He looks like some kind of larva in that swaddle.  I’m glad I’m dead.

Moving on…

Ah, young adulthood

Ginger became a young adult.

Why does she have that look on her face?  What is she up to?

Why are you so suspicious?

She’s been spending time with that Dewayne, he’s not good for her.

We will have to see what happens.

Is this what happens when you take a long lunch?

Ginger continued with her part-time job at the spa.  It gave her ample time to work on her artistic and guitar skills, even if some days were not as great as others.

Poor Ginger had to witness the death of her coworker?

Ironically, Don’t Fear the Reaper was playing when this happened.

You made that up.

Yes I did, but it was funny.

That was in poor taste.

Only because you’re dead.

Midnight flirtation

Ginger found comfort in the arms of Dewayne Hart.  Ginger’s relationship with Dewayne was going places  and soon she would find more than just comfort in Dewyane’s arms.

What are you talking about?  You can’t just end it here!!!

Come back and finish this…  What does she find in Dewayne’s arms?


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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