Queen of Ice

Icee went on a rampage.  During Dewayne’s next visit she confronted him about his son.

Icee flips out at Dewayne

She still hasn’t gotten dressed, I see.

Whoa there, lady.

Dewayne was completely unprepared.  Red minus signs were flying every which way, I thought someone was going to loose an eye.  When they ran out of things to yell at each other they just stared, neither one willing to back down to the other.

I don't like you very much.

I still can’t believe he has a son.  Where is the mother?

There is no mother, Dewayne has spawn.

Ugh, that is beyond disgusting.  Why do sims do that?  Nasty creatures.

Maybe it’s hereditary, Dewayne is spawn from his mother, Bebe Hart.

Oh no!  Ginger’s child is going to be some kind of demon that will spawn its own offspring.

How interesting.  I wonder what a demon-monkey-spawn look like.

Icee let Ginger know that she would marry Dewayne over her dead body.  Then she did the oddest thing.  She ran all the way to the crypt.

Why do crazy people do the things they do?

Why would she do something crazy like that.   Does she want to get mauled by a bear and die a most terrible and painful death????

I thought my three-year old was overly dramatic, but you have her beat.  You’ll just have to wait and see what happens to Icee.


About skehrer

I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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