Two Birthdays and a Disaster

Life went on as usual. Zucchini became a toddler and did all of his toddler-type stuff.

Zucchini as a toddler

Whatever an insane toddler does.

At least he’s not evil, Edamame.

I’m waiting for that bomb to drop.

Kit Kat also had a birthday and aged into a teenager.

Kit Kat as a teenager

Oh my, she’s beautiful…she looks just like me.

Of course you think that. I was thinking she looks a bit like Donut. But let’s take a moment to appreciate the look of shock on Cupcake’s face.


That’s better.

Is she swallowing her tongue?

Not sure, but it was a Kodak moment.

You’re like a predator, just waiting to strike when an embarrassing moment happens.

Edamame, I think that’t the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me.

How is this: You need therapy.

Kale achieved his LTW as Superstar Athlete. He came home wearing this and I nearly fell out of my chair.

Kale, rocking the Dwight Schrute sunglasses

He really started to irritate everyone in the house with his glasses and Terminator impressions.

People like that make you want to slip something in their drink.

And by “people like that” you mean conceited people, people like you?

I’m ignoring you.

Everyone noticed Ginger’s increased appetite during the parties, but no one said anything.

Nom, nom, nom...

Ugh, she’s like a pig at the trough!!!


Eating so much at once is bound to make one feel sick.

And fat. Don’t forget who your mother is, dear.

Nice touch, Edamame.

Mommy to be

Ginger was pregnant.

Oh, I did NOT see that coming.

Really? You must be the only one that didn’t

What is going to happen now? Will Barley let them marry?

Barley isn’t the problem, it’s Icee and she has a major problem with Dewayne.

Icee has always been a pain in the a…

Peek a boo, I see you

Icee has been spying on Dewayne and she knows his little secret.

Does she ever wear clothes anymore? All I ever see her in is that nightgown.

Dewayne has a son.



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