Over My Dead Body

Now that Icee was dead there was no one to stand in the way of Dewayne and Ginger’s marriage.  No one except their unborn child.

Um, owww...

Ginger and Dewayne rushed to the hospital and a baby girl was born.

It's a girl!!!

A roll from the great Scatagories die and the name she was given was Nutmeg.  Which I happen to think is actually kind of cute.

Yeah, if you’re going to name your child after food.

Random traits assigned to Nutmeg were: Excitable and Easily Impressed.  She likes Kids Music, Stu Surprise and Hot Pink.

So far so good.  Hopefully she doesn’t end up being like her “other” family members.

Until then you will withhold your love for her right?

I have no idea why you would say something so disgusting.

Two words: Jello and Zucchini.

And with the birth of their daughter Ginger thought it was high time they thought about marriage.  Now that her mother was dead there was no one to stand in their way.

Can you please push my eye back in my face?

Hahahahahah!  I’ll bet that made that old cow angry; I’ll met they could hear her moo from her grave.

I’ve seen sims fatter than Icee.

No, you’ve only seen Icee, because you can not see another sim when Icee is around.

Ginger and Dewayne wed in front of the TV.  Which I do not have a picture for because I had to move Laron (Dewayne’s spawn) into the house.  This created a great problem for me because the house was full.  I was forced to move Cupcake, Kale and Zucchini from the Legacy House., Kit Kat chose to stay behind.

It's very upsetting for me too Kale.

I told you that Dewayne was no good for her.  Now you’ve had to move out my beautiful daughter and her husband.

I had to remove Zucchini too.


Anyway, I was so frustrated that I took no pictures of the wedding.  But you can be assured that it was full-on white trash.  They married in front of the TV while the fishing channel was on and Nutmeg watched from the floor.

Learning to walk?

What is wrong with everyone? The babies are always on the floor!!!  My children were never left on the floor.

That’s right, your children were left in their cribs and highchairs unless Donut was home.

You make me sound like a bad mother.


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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  1. ♥♥☺♥ says:

    LOL Please push my eyes back into my head!

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