Birthday 3x

Before the rebuild could happen a few birthdays needed to be taken care of.

Well, hellooooooo...

Lawson grew into a young adult.  And suddenly Kit Kat thought he wasn’t so bad after all.

What, he looks the same.

That’s because you’re not a teenage girl.

You’re just all about the insults lately, aren’t you!

Welcome Sundae!

Ginger gave birth to another daughter.

What is with all the girl births lately?

What are you talking about?  Zucchini is a boy.


You are impossible.

The morning after the birth of her new daughter, Ginger aged into an adult.

Yay, getting older!!!

This birthday post is boring.

Shove it, Edamame!

A birthday party was thrown for Nutmeg as she entered childhood.  Unfortunately the party was not drama free.  One look at Jello and Cupcake walked right out the door.

I think not

Can’t blame her there!

She had to be coaxed back to the party by other members of the family.

I think I would have preferred to stay in the car until he left.

Because you’re a princess.

The party was held in the backyard.  Where Jello forgot about his food and creepily stared at Kit Kat until the cake was brought out.

Jello, Earth to Jello!

Now if that doesn’t give you nightmares, nothing will.  You know he wants to make another trash comment, but he’s scared Cupcake will go all Crouching Tiger on him.

The sun went down and Nutmeg was brought to the cake.  Jello was still standing in the same spot, staring at Kit Kat through the window.

Still staring...

What a creepy guy.  It makes you wonder what kind of home-life he had.

What?  Are you for real?

The candles were blown out and Nutmeg grew into this…

Something is just not right here.

Dear GOD!!!  Send it back!!!

Just kidding.  Here is what she really looks like.

Will the real Nutmeg please stand up.

Don’t do that to me!  My heart can’t take it.

You are DEAD!  You have no heart.

It’s not the first time you’ve said that to me.  And it still hurts just as much the second time.  You should be aware that I am a delicate flower.

And here is Nutmeg after her makeover.

Nutmeg in the light of day.

Oh, she’s really cute!  You know…  I looked just like that when I was her age.


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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10 Responses to Birthday 3x

  1. Amanda says:

    Beverly + Leona = Edamame


    • Amanda says:

      By the way, I didn’t post this at 6:54am, it’s 9:54am. It must be on your time, I guess, even though I’m posting it.

  2. DB loves her Mac says:

    Nutmeg is cute!

    Jello is creepy but I love to see him visit. There’s always drama!

    • skehrer says:

      So true. If Jello were still in the house I’m sure we’d have some Jerry Springer moments. Though, that is not a bad idea…

      • Not sure if you still read these, but if so I downloaded Jello and am considering making him the founders spouse in a legacy. Traits aside, I found him the best looking of the first generation of kiddies. The amazing traits are a plus lol

  3. Sam says:

    Nutmeg is stunning!

  4. Maddykins says:

    Wow Nutmeg is gorgeous! I love her eye color with her hair color… and she may not have them but she looks like she has freckles. So cute!

  5. selahgio says:

    Nutmeg is cute! Bebe Hart is her grandmother right? That girl has some half way decent genes really!

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