And Now Back to Our Story…

Before the rebuild we learned that Larson grew into a young adult, Nutmeg became a child and Ginger had daughter number two, Sundae.

That’s right, it was the boring post.

Hey, they can’t all be winners.

Oh, Larson...

After Larson aged into a young adult Kit Kat’s opinion of him did a complete 180.  She started to hang on his every word and ask for his help with her homework (even when it was completely finished).

Aren’t they related somehow?  I will not tolerate incest in this family!!!

Whoa there.  Larson is her cousin, Ginger’s step-son.

There is still something very odd and creepy about her having a crush on him.

Then you won’t like this…

Jail bait

Larson started having inappropriate thoughts about Kit Kat.



But their love was forbidden.  She was a teenager and he was too old for her.  So they kept their thoughts to themselves.  One day while they were in the family room together enjoying a movie, something happened…

Oh no!  His father is a police officer!  They will never arrest him for what he’s done!  Poor Kit Kat, she’s just a young girl…

You have a little sparkle, just there...

Kit Kat grew into a young adult!!!  Edamame I’ll bet you feel stupid now.

You’re not very nice to me.

Larson, eat your heart out

What do you think of the new Kit Kat?

I think she needs to wear a bra under that shirt.  She needs to put those things away, she doesn’t want the “wrong” kind of attention.

I think that’s exactly what she wants, Edamame.  Kit Kat is no dummy, she knows how to get what she wants.

Then one day in a corner by the gallery after everyone was asleep…

First kiss

Larson kissed Kit Kat.

GROSS!  They are RELATED or something!

No they are not!

They started to have a secret romance.  Sneaking kisses in quiet corners and while everyone was asleep.

I can’t believe this, I am horrified!  Nothing could be worse than this, NOTHING!

* * *

Don't you have homework to do?

Nutmeg’s small life consisted mostly of homework and dressing like her mother.

Ugh, how depressing.

That’s all the school kids do.  Homework, skills and try to make friends.

And since I am certain I have not listed them before Nutmeg’s traits are:  Excitable, Easily Impressed and No Sense of Humor.

Easily Impressed and No Sense of Humor?  Odd.

Here is Sundae, her traits are: Brave and Loner

Sundae pre-makeover

That’s not Sundae, that’s a boy.

Nope that is Sundae.  Notice the monkey shirt.  Let’s hope that isn’t a hint at what is to come.

Sundae made over

She looks much more like a little girl here.

What is with the Donald Trump lips?


Haggis spent a lot of time with Sundae.

Oh no!  He shouldn’t spend so much time with his children.

Do you know how crazy that sounds?

But HE is the crazy one.  We can have his influence on the children.

Cupcake arrived for the triple birthday party for Ginger, Nutmeg and Sundae.

Cupcake and Barley

God, she’s old.  She’s really let herself go.

You should talk.

Who's this?

After seeing the way Kit Kat hung on his every word Cupcake took the opportunity to size up Larson.

Good, I hope she scared the ever loving—

If three is a crowd, then what do we have here?

Everyone packed into the kitchen, the place was crowded!  Kale commented on Jello’s lack of hair and everyone (except Jello) laughed.  Cupcake was particularly proud of her husband.  And Kit Kat looks like she just wants out of the house.

You should move her out.  She isn’t the heir or even a child of an heir.

You just want her away from Larson.  Kit Kat will move out after she’s achieved her LTW.  Besides, I really want to know what happens between her and Larson.

You are so DISGUSTING!  That whole thing is wrong!  It’s wrong, it’s wrong, it’wrong.  IT’S WRONG!!!

But how do you really feel about it.

Let’s see the reveals shall we?

Here is Ginger as an Adult.

Adult Ginger

She is constantly copying Cupcake’s hair!

Have no fear, she switched it back.

Are you ready to see Nutmeg?  I hope you are…

BAM! Teenage Nutmeg!

Feel free to read this in your best Oprah voice.

And peeeeeeeople this is before her make over.  BEFORE!

Gasp!  She has my face!

She looks a lot like her father, Haggis.

For the love of all that is holy, shut your lying mouth!

Nutmeg rolled the trait: Never Nude.

Good Luck if she’s heir (snicker)…

And this is Sundae.

Sundae as a child

No impressive, not impressive at all.  How could you show us Nutmeg and then leave us with Sundae?  And why is she looking so depressed, yuck!

Well, she rolled the trait: Neurotic.


And this is where I will leave this post.  After reading many other legacy blogs I have decided to be a copy-cat and leave some things to ponder.

Food For Thought (Do you see what I did there?)

1. What will Nutmeg look like after her makeover?

2. Will Edamame’s fears over Sundae be for nothing?

3. What will happen with Laron and Kit Kat?

4. Will Edamame ever shut up?


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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3 Responses to And Now Back to Our Story…

  1. 1. She won’t match the monkey shirt so much.

    2. She’ll find something else to worry about.

    3. Wuv. Twu wuv.

    4. hah! very funny!


  2. Gerit says:

    Edamame is what makes this blog really fun to read… I read it at night so when I burst out laughing it’s kinda embarrassing 😛

    • skehrer says:

      OMG, I do the same thing (only while I’m typing). If I get really tickled I start giggling and clapping like a little girl. I’m sure my husband is concerned for my sanity.

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