In the Still of the Night…

Drum roll please


Lame drum roll.

You have wrinkles.

How could you!

Here is the new and improved Nutmeg!

New and slightly improved Nutmeg.

Oooooh, it’s like I’m looking into a mirror…

Sure it is.

She is very cute.  She may be the prettiest sim I have ever had.

That’s a dirty lie!  If it were a contest I would win, hands down!

I may put your theory to the test one day, Edamame.

As long as it’s not rigged.

Coming up with an excuse all ready?

Just get on with your post.

If this bed's a rockin' don't come a knockin'

Wait…  What is going on here…  That looks like Kit Kat’s bed.  Who’s in Kit Kat’s bed?  What is going on here!?!

Cue music: Secret Lovers by Atlantic Starr

Secret Looooooover-ers, yeah, that’s what we are….

Oh no…no…no…no…no…  If I had hair I would rip it all out!!!  Why?  How?  How could this happen?  They are practically siblings!

I’m sure this photo says all it needs without me added anything to it.

I need a drink…

You want to toast the happy couple?  They’re a little busy, but I’m sure if you’ll just wait-

I will do no such thing!  I want to throw it in his face!

What you didn’t see was this conversation only moments before.

Soo... I'm going to go relax on the bed for a while, you can join me if you want...

Other happenings in the house:

Ginger fired the maid for being too sexy.

Get out!

That make no sense what-so-ever!

I'm too sexy for my job, too sexy for my job...

I believe the conversation when something like this:

Ginger: You’re fired, get out!

Man-maid: What?

Ginger: You heard me.  I am a happily married woman.

Man-maid: What?

Ginger: I see the way you look at me!  You need to leave, I have a husband.

She’s delusional.

Yeah, it must be genetic…

This is the maid that replaced him, say hello to Ladonna Muse.

I do not speak to the help directl-

Ladonna Muse, the maid

She is hideous!  Her whole face looks like a giant birth-defect.

How delicate of you.

Sundae caught a severe case of  The Duck Lips and had to stay home from school for a while.

Quack quack

I hope she doesn’t meet with an “unfortunate” accident…

What are you talking about?

…fire…accidental starvation…food poisoning…

What is a lonely old man to do?

Barley is not sniffing after the maid!  She cleans the toilets!

He’s lonely.

Then he can go find himself a proper girlfriend.  It’s the uniform, she’s done this before!

This post is long enough so this is where I will leave it.

Food For Thought:

1. Will Sundae’s case of The Duck Lips clear up?

2. Will Barley be lonely no more?

3. Will Kit Kat and Larson still love each other the morning after?

4. Where has Haggis been?


About skehrer

I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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2 Responses to In the Still of the Night…

  1. Gerit says:

    I burst out laughing in the middle of the night while everyone is asleep again… especially during the duck lips part.

    • skehrer says:

      Yay! It makes me more than happy to know you are enjoying my story so very much. I hope you didn’t wake anyone though!

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