Survey Says…

Thank you to everyone that took the time to ready my blog and vote for my heir.

So who is it already.  I can tell you right now, If Sundae won I will make it impossible for her to have children.

I don’t even want to know how you would do that.  But it turns out you have nothing to worry about.  Congratulations to Nutmeg!!!  It was a landslide victory!  Nutmeg had a grand total of 29 votes and Sundae had a grand total of 3.

Our new heir

Hello everyone, I’m Nutmeg!!!!  I’m SO excited to be here!!!!  I never realized our house was a Legacy House.  It wasn’t something Mom or Grandpa ever talked about, I’m not sure Mom ever knew, Grandpa said it would have been to much for her after what happened.

Shhh, Nutmeg we try not to give away spoilers at the beginning of a post.

So sorry, I’m just so excited to be here and to find out that I am heir…  I never knew I was part of a Legacy!

What is going on here?

Hello to you too, Edamame.  One of my readers left a very thoughtful suggestion.  They thought it would be nice to hear another perspective from one of your descendants.

Hi, Grandma!!!  Gee, it’s so nice to meet you.  I’ve seen you floating around the house, but I’ve never been able to actually talk to you before, because I’ve been so busy with work.  You know being a writer is just work, work, work!!!  But what I really want to do is be a journalist, I think that would be the greatest job ever!!!   I never knew our family was a Legacy Family!  And you, you’re the founder!  Wow, I would hug you if I could!

Ugh!  Don’t use that word ever again!

What, legacy?  but why would legacy be a bad word?  I’m not sure I completely understand.

No, Grandma.  It makes me nauseous.  Do it again and I will possess your computer and you will never write another book.


Way to go, Edamame.  Good thing Nutmeg isn’t over-emotional.

I’ll bet I can still make her cry.

Don’t sulk, it’s unbecoming.  You know you are her Grandmother, Great Grandmother to be exact.

Whatever!  I died in the prime of my life!  I will forever remain youthful!!!

But I hear you were, like, 90-something…

Hold your tongue, or I will hold it for you!!!

Her bark is worse that her bite.  She’s dead, there is literally nothing she can do anymore and she’s angry about it.

Perhaps if Grandma becomes too much of a problem we could call the Ghostbusters.

You’re not very funny, Nutmeg.

I don’t joke Grandma, I never joke.

Ladies, lets try to be nice to each other.  We aren’t even half way through this Legacy.

What was she talking about?  Something happened?  Way to give it all away.

Bite me, Grandma.

Ladies, this is your second warning…

Thank you.  Now, as far as “what happened,” we will get to that.  But first let’s discuss this:

You kids having fun?

Finally! It is about time that someone found out!

Gasp!  Larson and Kit Kat are making out?!

What's going on here?

That’s right Barley, you, you… give him a-what-for!

After the initial shot of finding the two lovebirds, Barley was actually very happy for them.



WHAT!!!!  That no good son of spawn got my Kit Kat pregnant!

OMG! OMG! OMG!  Kit Kat is having a baby!  YAAAAAY!!!!  Um, why?

Yup, Kit Kat is pregnant with her first child.  Ah, the joys of being pregnant and the only cook in the house.

Grumble… grumble… grumble… he will pay… grumble…grumble… grumble… no ring… grumble…. grumble  out of wedlock…. with her cousin….

Oh, how remiss of me.  Kit Kat and Larson were secretly wed in the kitchen after she discovered she was with child.

I do

That does not make me feel any better about this.  Their child is going to have all sorts of “issues.”  Our legacy is going to be the laughing stock of all legacies.  It’s going to be known as the Kissing Cousins Legacy.

Oh, a secret wedding!  Yay!!!!  How exciting, I wish I could have been there to cheer them on!

Then it would not have been so secret, now would it have , dear?

One word, Grandma, Ghostbusters.

Seeing that Larson was now an official member of the family he was granted with a new name.  The letter was E, I was barley able to ask my husband a name before he excitedly exclaimed ESCARGOT!  His traits are: Slob, Handy, Inappropriate, Never Nude and Heavy Sleeper.  Favorites: Latin Music, Peanut Butter and Jelly and Turquoise. His LTW is The Tinkerer.

Not long after they celebrated Escargot’s birthday into adulthood.  The whole family was invited.  Unfortunately the day before Cupcake died.

Kale was devastated and a complete mess.

Cheer up Kale. You still have your health, right?

What a Debbie Downer!  You’re at a party! Be happy!  On the other had, Kale is still looking pretty good.

That’s your daughter’s husband.

Not anymore…


Haggis was entertaining the idea of choking Jello which embarrassed Ginger to no end.


Poor Mom…

Don’t give it away, Nutmeg.

What a moron!  He acts like he’s insane!

That’s because he is!

As if the party’s mood wasn’t in jeopardy already, Kale went and died while everyone was eating cake.

A party to die for...

OMG, this guy totally just died!

Jello loved every second of Kale’s death.


When Kale was gone, all the guests ran away…

Nice party... errr... gotta go!

Death stuck around to put away some leftovers…

ummm... thank you?

OMG!  DO NOT EAT THAT!  You know that food is poisoned.

I love parties, but that one was no fun.  What is wrong with Uncle Jello?


Barley is not short on his own drama.  He finally got Ladonna in the sack!


Your silence says everything, Edamame.

This is your fault.

Yes, it is.

The morning after, Barley decided maybe a relationship wasn’t the best idea.  He told her he just wanted to be friends.

Friends? FRIENDS!!!!

Oh, burn!  That is what happens when you try to get a raise the easy way!

And that was the last we saw of Ladonna Muse.  We had to hire a new maid.  The service would only send us male maids.

This post is getting long so I’m going to leave it here for now.

Food For Thought

1. What happened to Ginger?

2. Will Escargot ever recover from the “party to die for?”

3. Why didn’t we see Sundae, did she run away?

4. Will Kit Kat and Escargot’s child be born and have “issues?”


About skehrer

I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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6 Responses to Survey Says…

  1. wishline says:

    Oh WOW! my ‘co-host’ idea has taken off! And Nutmeg is really funny! Well done, Skehrer!

  2. Gerit says:

    I think Nutmeg has ADHD… or something close to that. Anyways, I love the co-host idea. It makes it alot more fun, because the I can just see Edamame’s temper rising. 🙂

    • skehrer says:

      Edamame just hates competition or anything that could make her look bad. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with Nutmeg, she’s very excitable. She may calm down a bit after she reaches her YA stage.

  3. DB loves her Mac says:

    I puffy heart LOVE the pic of Jello maniacally savoring the party of death!

    Was Sundae at school the whole time? Or did you “send her to China?” ~cough~ timestream! ~cough

    • skehrer says:

      Unfortunately I don’t have World Adventures yet. I keep hinting to my hubby how much I REALLY want both exp packs. That would be a good plan though. But Sundae has given me too much drama in the house to let her go just yet. Just wait, Sundae is a pretty crazy sim…

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