Crazy Talk

Let’s pick up where we left off, shall we?
In the last post we found out Kit Kat and Larson (now Escargot) had been secretly married because she was expecting. Barley used and threw away the maid like a disposable napkin. And in Haggis’s old age he was becoming even crazier than before.

I sent Kit Kat to the spa to keep her busy happy.  Before she could even set foot in the spa this happened!

Who is that?

Don't test me, Tracey, I'm pregnant and hungry! I will rip your heart out and eat it like an apple!!!

That is Tracey Lopez, Escargot’s ex-girlfriend and Kit Kat’s sworn enemy.  Escargot dumped her to be with Kit Kat.

What?  My Kit Kat stole a man from another woman?

That’s right.

That’s girl’s got talent.

Kit Kat was finally able to get into the spa and on with her pampering.  But half way through she went into labor and was removed from the spa.  They said something about not wanting her make a mess all over their clean floors.

Heyyyyyy, ouch!!!

How could they do that to a pregnant woman!  Poor Kit Kat!

She’s here again?

Get used to it, Edamame.

Kit Kat made it to the hospital and brought forth a baby girl.  A quick roll of the Scatagories die and I was given the letter B.  The baby was named Brie.


Brie’s traits are brave and slob.  She loves Classical music, Stu Surprise and the color pink.

Awe, so cute!  I just LOVE Babies!!!

Yeah, I guess he’s okay…

What made you change your mind about him?

Well, it’s not his fault his father is a freak.

It’s because Kit Kat stole him from another woman isn’t it?


You are so weird.

Fast forward and this is what she looks like as a toddler.

Toddler Brie.

There is something creepy about her…

I had to move the computer from Nutmeg’s bedroom because Edamame kept waking her up in the middle of the night.

Not again!

What?  I thought that if she were tired she would be a little less mouthy.

Not likely.  And I’m thinking about putting the ghostbusters on speed dial.

I will toss your phone in the toilet!!!

No one is going to call the ghostbusters just yet.

What does that mean?  What are you planning?  Oh no! Are they going to “off” me?  And that is a picture of Icee.

Oh so it is.  My mistake.

HOW COULD YOU!!!  I look NOTHING like her!!!

Moving on.  Nutmeg has taken her role of heir seriously.  She’s been working out with Barley.


Grandpa can be scary.

Yeah, he get’s that from his mother.

Hey, I heard that!

But I really think this is going to pay off.  I know I need to find myself a husband and bring in the new line. I consider it an honor.

Hey, Nutmeg, you’ve got a little something on your nose!



Oh, go break a hip, Grandma!

Nutmeg has a thing for Solomon Rouse.

Just a flirtation?

He’s really cute, but I find it hard to talk to him.  Every time I try to talk to him, Sundae is hovering around somewhere.  She never comes out of her bedroom unless Solomon is visiting.  It’s really frustrating!


She’s really become kind of creepy.  I think she belongs in the Creeper Legacy and not this one…

That is the stuff of nightmares.  Does she hang out with Jello?

Uncle Jello isn’t allowed in the house unless there is a birthday.  I remember there was some talk about him calling Kit Kat a name or something…

Ok, so Sundae really likes Solomon too, but the looks of it.

It’s really gross.  She starts to sweat when she knows he’s over.  But he’s sooooo cute, so I have to have him over!

Lurking...and sweating...

Oh, that is NASTY!  Is it my imagination, or can you smell that too?

You’re dead, I think you’re smelling yourself…

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

What elephant?  I don’t see one, it’s not going to sit on me is it?  I’m too pretty to die!!!!

For the last time, YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD!  By elephant in the room I mean the thing that happened between Ginger and Haggis.

Oh, it’s so sad!

Once Haggis hit his elder years his insanity really started to show.  This is what happened late one night…

Haggis came home from work and sat at the table.  Crazy thoughts were going through his head.


Then he ran to the game room and proceeded to choke himself at the window while Ginger was playing a song for everyone.

eckkkk, eeeeckkkkk....

When her song was over, Haggis threw himself at her and told her it was over!!!

Broken rings and heartbreak.

Ginger had no idea what was happening.  Then she suddenly became VERY angry.  Crazy Haggis has forgotten the golden rule: Do not anger the apes…


Perhaps he realized he was acting crazy.  But he somehow decided to try and hug Ginger like everything was ok.

I don't think so!

After that Haggis was kicked out of the house.

Well, that was truly unfortunate…

You sound kind of smug.

I predicted this, if you remember…

You mean your crazy old lady ranting?  Nice trick.

Whatever, I’m a profit.



Oh, great, she’s crying…

Ginger ran to the kitchend and gorged herself on anything she could grab from the refrigerator.

I'm going to lick it until I see my reflection!!!!

Great, now she’s going to be fat and pathetic.

Be nice!  She had her hear broken.  What would you do?

We’ve talked about this before.  Edamame has no heart.

Barley tried to calm her down.

There, there, Ginger.

Ginger wasn’t in the mood to be calmed down.


Then she locked herself in her room for the rest of the night.


Did she try to eat her bed too?

That’s it!  In the morning I’m calling the ghostbusters…

That’s it folks, I’m leaving it right here with some things for you to ponder…

Food For Thought

1. Will Ginger stay locked in her room forever?

2. Will Kit Kat and Larson ever move out?

3. Will Nutmeg and Solomon finally start dating?

4. What the Hell is up with creepy Sundae?

and one more

5. Will Nutmeg really call the ghostbusters?

Find out next time!


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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2 Responses to Crazy Talk

  1. turtles without a home anonymous says:

    OMG I totally love your posts. I am obssessed with sims and i treat them like pets. I once made a sim of my sister and i randomised her traits and it came up with evil, nuerotic, easily impressed, coward and artistic. She wasn’t too happy about this lol. I have read your blog start to well the latest post i think its chapter 90. Keep blogging 😀

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