A Real Wedding

That’s right, it’s my first post with a chapter header thanks to Photoshop!!!!  I guess Nutmeg’s wedding is special for many reasons.  And it’s proof that my blog is still evolving.

If you haven’t checked out the profiles please do.  I’ve replaced the trading cards because those were too hard to keep updated.  The new profiles will be easier to read and update, a win, win.  Since I am terrible at posting traits this will be a great spot to look them up a win, win, win!  Some are still under construction, I have two little ones and don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to my blog (bummer).

Jeez, quit blathering on and get on with the update already!

Are we going to talk about the wedding???  It was soooo beautiful!

Yes, Nutmeg had a beautiful wedding on the beach the only problem was I could not feed the guests or decorate for the party.  I’m still not sure what I did wrong, but guests were complaining of hunger and ended up leaving.  Not that Nutmeg and Jon noticed.

I had no idea that people were upset and leaving.  Besides why would I let something like that ruin the most perfect day of my life?

I think I’m going to be sick.

Yes, yes, YES!!!

Jon was as excited as Nutmeg.

Now that I can no longer hear...

He was especially excited when he found out he had just married into a legacy.

He said we are going to have so many kids to fill or legacy house.

Oh no…  The house is going to smell like dirty diapers and you’re never going to work again.

You’re not ruining this for me!

You must be high.

High on love!

You haven’t had your first child yet, we’ll talk then.

Give up Edamame, she is very happy right now.

Wait until one of her children rolls Insane and Evil…

And of course, Jon’s name had to be changed because those are the rules!  I consulted with the Great Die and was given the letter N.  Nouget was chosen, by myself or my husband, I can’t remember (it was a while ago).

When all was done and everyone went home.  The newlyweds enjoyed their night.  The other newlyweds that is.


Gross.  No one needs to see their teacher/student relationship.


Everything okay, Nutmeg?

Yeah, I just threw up a little bit.


A bit later I caught this:

Frito thinking of Sundae...

Why does this have any significance what so ever?

It may not have any for this post.  This happened before Sundae’s makeover and I needed to put it in here as a bit of foreshadowing.

Foreshadowing…that word is foreign to me.

The fact that you were an acclaimed author is shocking to me.

Brie and Sundae had birthdays.

Brie after a much needed makeover.

That girl looks much too mature to be a teenager.  She looks like a book club junky.  She probably watched Oprah religiously.

Wow, do you have ESP or something-

No, darling, years of being a journalist have trained me-

-because you’re WAY off.

Don’t you judge me…

Sundae looking a little too happy with her makeover

Crazy face.  That’s what that is.  But at least she isn’t scowling anymore.

She was so weird before her makeover.  I can’t even tell you how weird she is now…

I totally agree with you, Nutmeg.  When Sundae became a young adult she boarded a non-stop train to crazy town.  And it hasn’t stopped yet.

I’m afraid that I may have to kick he out when I am head-of-house.

Ginger was apparently angry with Nutmeg on the day she painted her portrait.

Nutmeg looking like a Chiapet.

All I can say is WOW!

I think she might be having her “change.”  She runs hot and cold now days.

Well, whatever, it still gives me a point.

Kit Kat turned into an adult.

Please tell me she has put on a bra!  She should not let her flesh bags hang.

Adult Kit Kat

Where did she get that nose!  She did not get that thing from my impeccable genes!

Probably from Kale.  She looks a lot like him.

Well, Kale looked better as a man.

Then Brie was caught out after curfew.


She tried to explain that she was fishing.  But Escargot thought “fishing” was some sort of code word for hooking up with guys.  That was that and the family moved out that night.  Kit Kat and Escargot agreed that they would raise Brie in a house away from Ginger as she had become a bad influence.  But not before I gave both Escargot and Kit Kat fertility treatments.  Muahahahah!!!

Food For Thought

1. When will Nutmeg and Nouget get on with the baby makin’?

2. Is Ginger going to turn that frown upside down?

3. Does Sundae give any of you the creeps?  Maybe she should join the Creeper Legacy.


About skehrer

I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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9 Responses to A Real Wedding

  1. geritwag says:

    Wow! Did you do something different to your pictures? They look so much better now.

    So did Sundae roll the insane trait or something? Though she does look a million times more attractive.

    • skehrer says:

      The only thing I’ve done differently is add more lights in game.

      Sundae rolled snob, sorry I forgot to put that in. Of all her traits snob and neurotic are most prominent. She’s pretty fun to play. She is more attractive now, if only she would stop making odd faces.

  2. adorn79 says:

    I love Sundae’s crazy faces! She takes after poor, misunderstood Uncle Jello. I must say, I’m reading this with two furry babies on my lap and trying not to laugh out loud and wake them up, I’m thoughtful that way, so I’m kind of chuckling quietly like a crazy person. Or should I say like a Sundae?

  3. adorn79 says:

    Hey, sis. What does LTH stand for? I was looking at your new trading card thingees and I cannot for the life of me figure it out.

  4. Elli James says:

    Eek, fertility treatment and Twallan Story Progession- a hilarious combination! I use TSP also, and when I moved out a sim with fertility treatment a while back, she got married, had twins, then had another set of twins- who were born the day before she became an elder. Very amusing.

    Anyways, I love your legacy! It cracks me up. I’ve got to add it to my blogroll! If that’s okay, I mean.

    Oh, Nutmeg. Still not entirely over losing your man to your mother, I see. It’s okay, you have one of your own now! Just keep Jon/Nouget away from Ginger.

    • skehrer says:

      Go ahead and add it to your blog roll! And thanks for reading!!!

      I love TSP! And Kit Kat and Escargot do end up with a set of twins, just one.

      Let’s hope Frito doesn’t die young so Ginger doesn’t go after Nutmeg’s husband! Such drama this generation!

  5. Madcapp says:

    I was starting to think Jon had no face. O,o Although I still don’t know what he looks like since his eyes were closed.

    Brie is much cuter as a teen

    Wow, Kit Kat looks like an actual person in her Adult picture!

    • skehrer says:

      The shadowing was really good on Kit Kat’s face in that picture.

      Too funny how I accidentally kept everyone guessing on what he looked like. He was soooo mysterious!

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