There’s a New Sheriff in Town

Nutmeg took over the family and cleaned house!  She waited for the right opportunity and pounced…

(This post skips over a lot.  I was dealing with lag from World Adventures and couldn’t get great pics.)

Not long after Ginger died, Frito proposed to Sundae.  She of course said yes.

Can you imagine if she’s said no after all of that?

A sweaty proposal

So disgusting…

Right after they were married Sundae went into labor and off to the hospital they went.  She gave birth to a baby boy.  I rolled a C and named him Crisco.  Crisco and his parents spent one night as a family in the Legacy House.  The next morning they were booted out.

Wow, no hard feeling or anything right, Nutmeg?

I’m not done cleaning up, Grandma.  As soon as I can manage it, you’re headed for the basement.

Nutmeg wanting nothing more to do with Sundae and Frito.

Step foot on my property again and I will call the police.

Nutmeg and Nouget had children to raise and she took that job seriously.

Oh, please.  Like raising kids is hard or something.  Just turn on the TV and open a bag of chips.  DONE!


The twins turned into toddlers.

That looks like a private moment.

They’re toddlers they have no need for privacy.

Do you smell that?

And Alfalfa became a child.  He rolled Mean-Spirited…


Good luck with that one!

Can it, he just needs love.


Poor child, Alfalfa is always angry.

Why are there streaks!!!

Alfalfa does not like a streaky bowl!

Who does.  I mean does it kill you to add a little paper and flush again?  You should have seen the mess that Donut could make.

Mom, I think I need to eat more fiber.

Turned out, Alfalfa was constipated.  Once he added more fiber to his diet our grumpy little guy was…still grumpy, but less uncomfortable.

And I thought he was talking about a space rock.

Nouget lived to see Adulthood.

Yes! Adulthood!

The twins became children.


Apricot rolled Good.  Much to Alfalfa’s constant irritation.


Kiwi rolled Loser.

If she gets unlucky too she should automatically be heir.  Pathetic, but invincible.

Your going to anger Nutmeg again.

And Nouget promptly impregnated Nutmeg again.

Home Run

Sweet llama dung, you are like a Pez dispenser.

This was our last batch.

Of what, cookies?

No, children.  We had triplets.

Nutmeg and the triplets

Wow, you just kinda crammed them all into that baby carrier, didn’t you.

They like the closeness.

What about the lack of oxygen?

Yes that is Dr. Frito heading into the hospital.  No words were exchanged.

I blame your complete lack of focus.  Those moments are gone forever and…

Put a sock in it will you!  I am so tired of you just yammering on and on all the time.

Someone needs a trip to the spa…

Let’s just skip all the nonsense.  Here are the triplets as toddlers.  Enjoy them, these are the only pics I have of the girls as toddlers.

What?  More girls!  Haven’t you ever heard of apples!


Nutella: Heavy Sleeper, Hates the Outdoors


Butter:  Couch Potato, Artistic

You just had to name a girl Butter didn’t you!  She’s going to have all sorts of trauma when she goes to high school.

Only if she’s ugly.


Anise: Good, Virtuoso

Butter has no eyebrows and Anise has enough for both of them.

After all of those children Nutmeg got right back on the treadmill.


Wish I would have had a treadmill.  I had to starve myself and dine on Slim fast.

Still pouting about that?


Alfalfa became a teenager and a Natural Cook.

Alfalfa teenager

He had heir potential!  It’s good to have a natural cook in the house…  WHAT IS ON HIS SHIRT!?!  I hate him.


You put him up to this!

One of the girls brought Crisco home from school.  He had no interest in playing with the girls.  Instead he walked into the room Nutmeg was in dropped, trou and sat on the couch.  When it was time for him to go home her put his pants on and left.

Crisco, please clothe yourself.

Poor kid, who knows what he sees at home.  He probably thinks that is normal behavior.

There are so many things wrong with what you just said.

What do you think you're doing!

Alfalfa was caught out after curfew.  Nouget was not very happy with him.

What is he going to do, go rob someone?

He has a wish to join the criminal career path.

Hah!  Good luck then.

Okay, this post is long enough.  I’ll put up the montage for Sundae and Frito and one more post then we should be able to have an heir vote!!!  Sorry these are so rushed.  Normally I take a ton if pictures, but with the lag I was having I just couldn’t get the game paused in time and I was missing prime Kodak moments.  Good news is, I have a better functioning game.  Bad news is, I have to take out my package files (I did keep Twallan’s mod).

Food For Thought

1. Will Nouget make it to elderhood without dying?

2. Will Butter indeed be a “Butter Face?”

3. Will I get the heir vote out this week?


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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4 Responses to There’s a New Sheriff in Town

  1. Gerit says:

    Ack! What’s with sims and their constipation?

  2. Madcapp says:

    Kiwi and Anise are so pretty! I like them both. I still have not had triplets.

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