The Birthday Edition

Nouget looks like he turning into a zombie not an elder.  Har har har…

Behold, the birthday edition.  This post is rich with birthdays.  Are you ready, we have a lot of people to go through…

First up, Nouget.  He turned into an elder.

I would first like to point out that Nouget is wearing a Superman shirt.  It’s funny because he is so NOT a superman.  Hero’s don’t get themselves killed when they try to fix the trash compactor.

You’re just jealous.  When Donut was his age your were back to changing diapers.


Nouget as an elder

And I thought Dumbo was an elephant.

You know what they say about big ears.

No, I don’t.  What?

I guess you will never know then.

Nouget is now retired and focused on his gardening.  He did achieve his LTW wish of becoming a Creature Robot Cross Breeder. Yay points!

The twins were  next.

Make a wish!

Apricot nearly burned the house down.

She blew on those candles like she was some sort of dragon and flames went everywhere.


OMG!  Cover my eyes!    I can see through my hands, someone cover my eyes!!!

Nouget saved the day and the legacy by putting out the fire.

What flavor is that cake?


Over react much?

I’m just surprised that Nouget was able to put the fire out.  I was expecting it to act like some kind of Greek fire.

Kiwi started to age without a problem.  Apricot was horrified.

I want to be prettieeeee!

Apricot being the older twin, thought she should have been the one to age first.

It's not fair!

I guess next time she’ll just have to keep that dragon breath in check.

Kiwi as a teenager

Her eyebrows need a little tweaking, but other than that it’s like I’m young again.  Is this what reincarnation feels like?

What? Do you even know what you looked like?

Yes!  Like her!

Kiwi rolled Schmoozer.

Apricot was given another cake.  Everyone made sure to give her some distance and the Fire Department was on hand.

::crosses fingers:: no fire, no fire, no fire...

And this is the new Apricot.  She rolled Excitable.

Teenage Apricot

Well, she needs a makeover.

Be nice!

I was!

I don’t have makeover pics for the girls.  I will get some pictures of them for the heir vote.

Now it’s the triplets turn.  Hang in there we are almost done.

This creepy thing happened to Anise.  She stayed that way until she left that bedroom.

Taller than she should be

Here are the girls as children:

Nutella rolled Grumpy.

I'm not very happy...

Butter rolled Neurotic.

Again with that trait!

Butter face?

Anise rolled Hot-Headed.

Anise as a child

Alfalfa turned into an adult, rolled Artisic and joined the Criminal Career.  Behind him is Kiwi post makeover; she’s completely unimpressed with Alfalfa.

Just call me the Emperor of Evil.

FAST FORWARD!!  The triplets had another birthday.

Nutella rolled Great-Kisser

She gets that from me.

Teenage Nutella

Butter rolled Good Sense of Humor.

Teenage Butter

And Anise rolled Loves the Outdoors.

Teenage Anise


She’s a teenager, she’s expressing herself.


And last, but not least.  Nutmeg had her birthday.  She turned into an elder and after getting her LTW she and Nouget went off to France for a “Honeymoon.”  More on the honeymoon later.

Do I see tongue?

Okay, I’m glad that is over.  Not enough pictures.  Hopefully that won’t be a problem again.  I’ll play tonight so I can get some quality pics for the heir vote.

That’s it, as always thanks for reading!

Food For Thought

1. What will the children look like?

2. Who will be our next heir?

3. I don’t know…


About skehrer

I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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3 Responses to The Birthday Edition

  1. Alexy777 says:

    “You know what they say about big ears…”
    I don’t know why, but that made me laugh so much…

  2. Madcapp says:

    The twins are both really cute! I still like Kiwi best.

    LOL Awesome shot of Nutella as a kid. She get a fly on her forehead and try to see it?

    The triplets are all cute too! I’m not sure about loving outdoors and being emo though, the way Anise looks.

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