Bad News Bears

Oh no…  Let me guess.  Kiwi is pregnant and the father is one of Nouget’s brothers.

Umm…  Wrong again!  Kiwi simply had food poisoning.

Well…  You tricked me!

If Kiwi was pregnant to her own cousin that would be gross!  What kind of family do you think this is!

Excuse me?  Your brother married your sister!

For the love of Plumbob!  Kit Kat was NOT my sister and she was NOT related to Escargot!!!

You tell yourself what you want to hear, Nutmeg, but I know the truth.

Apricot and Kiwi had birthdays.  There was cake and all that jazz, but I will spare you the pictures and just show the ladies.

Apricot dreams of putting Alfalfa behind bars

Our spare, Apricot rolled Charismatic.  So her traits are: Neurotic, Genius, Good, Excitable and Charismatic.  She joined Law Enforcement.

But why did you put a picture of me up there?

Kiwi really thought she was going to be heir.

Kiwi rolled Clumsy.  Her traits are: Neurotic, Virtuoso, Loser, Schmoozer and Clumsy. And desperately looking for a man.  She joined the Athletic Career.

By now the entire town knows there is a Legacy House among them and everyone wants in.  Which means Generation 5 has their pick of the town.  Kiwi was the first to find herself a man.  Theodore, he made her really nervous, and when Kiwi is nervous…

Heh, Do you smell something? Did Alfalfa just walk by? Heh...heh... ...

Oh, that is unladylike!  WAIT!  He looks A LOT like the Kerrs.  He must be related to her father.  I KNEW IT!!!!  Kiwi is having her uncle’s baby!

No, you’re way off.  I can’t help it if the neighborhood is starting to look the same!  There just aren’t a lot of genetic lollipops out there.

Whatever, that man is her uncle.

Oh, get over it.

Maybe it was due to the lack of fresh air or maybe Theodore just really wanted in the Legacy House.

Uh, no we don't know who the heir is yet...but I hear I'm in the lead...

What a dirty little liar.  She must be taking lessons from you, Sarah.

Doubt it, Edamame.  However it happened, Kiwi and Theodore are engaged!

GASP!  She tricked him into marrying her!  Who does that!

You did that.

Hey, you don’t know me!

Theodore still made Kiwi really nervous.

Pssshh, no I didn't...

*  *  *

One day Apricot had her greatest wish come true.  She arrested her brother and he spent the night in the slammer!

Alfalfa on his way to jail.

The news destroyed their father who had never given up hope that they would one day come to understand each other.

Maybe Alfalfa and Apricot will get along now.

It wasn’t his time to go!

That’s right.  The Grim Reaper was off duty when Nouget died.  He came calling in his casual clothing.

Can we make this quick? I'm missing my my favorite show.

Who knew that Kiwi would find the Grim Reaper utterly irresistible?

Kiwi: You just killed my dad. Reaper: Yeah, I just killed your dad.

This is very unsettling.

It was grief.  Everyone deals with death in their own way.

Yeah, it was grief…sure…

He didn’t stick around much longer.  I was really hoping to have a reaper baby, but no such luck…  Bummer.

NouNou, don't leave me!

Nutmeg was utterly heartbroken.  This time it really was farewell.

Who would have thought that Nutmeg’s rebound would be the love of her life…  Hmm, not me.

. . .

I have and absolutely great idea, Nutmeg!

Oh no, what?

You should be the one to marry Theodore!

. . .

Well, this is where I am going to end this post.  I hope you enjoyed it, feel free to leave a comment (because I love them).  And thank you all for reading!

Food For Thought

1. Will Nutmeg be able to carry on without her NouNou?

2. Will Alfalfa and Apricot put their differences aside now that their father is dead?

3. Will Kiwi’s nervous intestine cause Theodore to leave her?


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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5 Responses to Bad News Bears

  1. Elli James says:

    ‘NouNou’. Heh. Heh.

  2. Saz says:

    I’ve never actually seen Reaper like that… scares

  3. Wow Apricot looks a lot more like Nutmeg than I realized. I still prefer Kiwi. She is so pretty. Is she up dor download? I might snag her for my WYD or my legacy. Her traits are so cute too!

    LoL the grim reaper in casual clothes is great! Oh he and Kiwi, what a cute pairing!

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