China Girl

In my last post Alfafla slept with his cousin, albeit a distant cousin; he got an STD; alienated his sisters and ran off to China to lick his wounds.

And that is where we catch up with Alfalfa in this post, China!  Where Alfalfa decided to take up Martial Arts.

Alfalfa found out first hand that it’s not as easy as it looks.  And the dummy fights back!

Is that blood?

Serves him right for smacking it like a pansy.

He had a few sparring matches with this guy.  Alfalfa lost, because The Force is strong with this one.

Lightening quick reflexes

I’ll bet the girls wish they could have witnessed that!

It took some time, but he eventually progressed through a few belts and moved on to breaking boards.


Oh, wow…  It’s so hard to be able to break a Styrofoam board.

I know, it’s so easy for you to break them with your backside.

…Are you calling me fat?

He the set his sights on the womenfolk.  First this French woman, I have forgotten her name.  He got right to the point.

Uh, I gotta be somewhere...washing my hair...having a root canal...somewhere...not here....

Wow, that boy has some stones!

And he struck out.

Well, duh!  He still has those cowboy undies on.  Why is he wearing those?

Deep down he is still my sweet little boy.

I don’t remember it that way.

Not to be deterred he struck up a conversation with this woman from Egypt.  When she went to the bathroom he thought it was an invitation and followed her in.

Any closer and I will scream.

Feeling sorry for himself, Alfalfa decided to go home.

Home is a place for healing.

Would you stop with the Hallmark Card crap!

While Alfalfa was in China the girls back home were busy.  Kiwi was spending quality time with her mother.

Quality time together

She waiting for you stick your spoon in the wall…


Cock up your toes…

Stop it.

Go belly up…  Meet your maker…

Edamame, stop.

She’s also started playing her guitar for tips at the park.  Her songs have taken a turn toward the dark.  She calls them loves songs.

Playing for tips?

But they clear out the park.

Things are happening in this legacy that I don’t think you planned for, Nutmeg.  Maybe you should have Kiwi shipped off somewhere “special.”

I will not put my child in an institution.  She needs love.

*Gagging sounds*

Kiwi once saw and elderly woman having a picnic and decided to join her, in case she chose that moment to die.  When she didn’t Kiwi helped herself to a burger.

Lady: That was my lunch! Kiwi: You're not going to need it where your going.

That is a most unladylike bite.

No kidding, does that girl have a hinge on the back of her jaw?

While she was at the park we saw Sundae.

Oh my gawd! How's your mom?

Llama hair!  Time has not been kind to her.

It’s called karma and she got a big dose of it all over her face!

Wow, you really hold a grudge.

Sundae’s son Crisco was there as well.  Sadly Frito had passed on already.

Lonely Crisco

Ugh!  He needs a makeover, pronto!  Where is the emergence spa money!

There is no emergency spa money.

What?  Why not!

Because it’s a stupid idea.

Anise has herself a new boyfriend, his name is August.


She made it clear to him that her music is her first love…and her garden…I guess that makes him number three.  I hope he’s okay with that.

Of course he is, Anise is quite a catch.

Nutella tried to find love…

nutella: I'm only happy when it rains.

This Guy: But sunshine. Sunshine is off the hook!


Poor Nutella.  What is a grumpy sim to do?

How about get an attitude adjustment?

Nutmeg was making nectar.

stomp, stomp, stomp.

And from the looks of it, bathing in it.

Oh, tell me you didn’t make any bubbles.


No, I wasn’t bathing in it.  It’s just that, sometimes my feet get tired, so I plop down a couple times.

Somehow the thought of you bathing in it is more appealing.

Apricot has herself a man now too.  He’s tall, dark and handsome, his name is Death…



Just kidding!  His name is Derik Wallas and he’s a politician.

Derik Wallas

A politician?  *GROAN*  They are all the same. ALL THE SAME!

He’s a lovely young man.

I wonder if you will be saying that when he starts having girlfriends.

No, Derik isn’t like that.

Famous last words…

But I’ll leave their relationship for another post.

As Alfalfa arrived home these two were at the door waiting.

Waiting for Alfalfa

So they could snub him.

Snubbing Alfalfa

*Clapping*  That is great!  I love those girls.

Don’t be fooled, these two are not friends with each other.  Just moments before they declared each other enemies.


What gives with your children, Nutmeg?


Okay I’m going to leave it here.  And instead of Food For Thought I will leave you with two pictures.


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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14 Responses to China Girl

  1. Elli James says:

    Nutmeg and Edamame are going to be hilarious when they’re both dead and eternally at each other’s throats.

    Yay for seeing Sundae again! Boo for Frito already being dead. Another missed chance to see Death again!

    I think someone needs to have a baby. I want another awesome Food name to enjoy!

    • skehrer says:

      The first baby of Generation Six is coming!!!

      I’ve toying with the idea of retiring Nutmeg after she dies. But maybe I will hold a vote to see what everyone thinks.

  2. GeritWag says:

    Oh no… NUTMEG DIES IN THE NEXT CHAPTER?! Will she still have ‘chats’ with Edamame?

    • skehrer says:

      No, no, Nutmeg doesn’t die yet! Butter isn’t ready to take over just yet (I’m not sure she will ever be ready).

      I’m thinking about retiring Nutmeg when she dies so she can be reunited with her NouNou. I would then bring in Apricot or Butter. I’m thinking of holding a vote.

  3. Rad says:

    I like Nutmeg but if you keep adding heirs to the blogging it might get a bit crowded, so maybe retire her either this gen or next and bring her back for guest appearances? Endemame must stay though!

    Am all caught up now and totally loving your legacy. It’s very funny, and I love the genetics your family has going on.

    • skehrer says:

      Thank you! And thanks for reading, I can’t believe you read the whole thing in one day!

      Thanks for the feedback! I really am leaning toward letting her “live” her death in peace. If I do keep her around then there won’t be another heir/spare added to the commentary.

  4. I love the back and forth comments between Edamame and Nutmeg because they are so different. If you retire Nutmeg, you need to find someone who is also really unlike Edamame, as in really giving and selfless – lol!

    Yay for extended family shots, and hahahahaha at the unladylike bite in the park!

    • skehrer says:

      I think I’ve got a while before Nutmeg goes. She’s 94 now and constantly on the treadmill, I think she will live at least as long as Barley did and he was over 110. When someone does replace her they will most definitely need to give her a hard time.

      I love finding the family around town. I ran into KitKat, Escargot and Brie the other day and need to put their pic up

  5. Madcapp says:

    LoL Nutella and the rain/sunshine convo was great. Also the double snubbing. And then of course Kiwi’s dreams. Good post.

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