Father Death

Welcome back to another wonderful Food Family Legacy update!!!  I know you missed me, I missed you too – let’s not get emotional…  I was having some code 12 errors and decide to reinstall WA.  and take out a lot of my CC.  Somehow in all of the craziness I forgot to backup my family and I lost Donut’s grave marker!!!  I think I may have it from an earlier backup, but I’m not sure how I would get it back into my game. *sob*  I hope this post was worth the wait.

At the end of my last post I gave you all a couple pictures to ponder.  If you guessed that Kiwi was dreaming of a reunion with the Grim Reaper when her mother dies then you are correct, sir!  Congrats and have a cookie!

Can we get on with this already, I don’t have all day.

Really?  You have somewhere better to be, Edamame?

Anywho, on withe the post:

Kiwi is getting creepier by the second.  Her new hobby is watching people eat waiting for them to choke, thus brining on a visit from her love.

Looks like Alfalfa isn’t cooperating with her.

Alfalfa was creeped out and spent only two days at home before going back to China.  (Being a a country full of strangers is better than being in the Legacy House these days.)

Well, maybe he should stop pussyfooting around and just move out.

My son can stay in my house as long as he likes.

Before departing for China Alfalfa tried romancing the maid with a little Je T’Aime.

Ugh, I hope he washed his hands.

The maid was not that desperate for a promotion.

What was he thinking!  We DO NOT breed with the help!

Whatever, my son is a catch.  He could have his choice of women.

Yeah, well…let’s not forget that he chose his cousin, Kristen, and she gave him Fire Crotch.


He then tried to flirt with one of his mother’s coworkers (she rolled a wish to go back to work), Joanna Carouso.

You couldn't pay me enough!

Big mistake.  According to Story Progression the next day she married Zucchini.

Gross, he tried to sleep with his uncle’s fiancée!

Zucchini is not – oh, I give up!

Alfalfa returned to China, where no one know’s of his Fire Crotch.

Unless Kristen got there first.  Harharharhar…

* * *

As you all know Apricot has been dating Derik Wallas.

I hope you know what I'm thinking, big boy.

Is dating the right word?

Apricot and Derik took their relationship to the next level and a few weeks later they were quietly wed (per Derik’s request).

Now that Derik is part of the family his name has been change via the usual route.  Derik will now be forever referred to as Budweizer Food.

Budweizer (or Bud) has the following traits: Hopeless Romantic, Charismatic, Green Thumb, Ambitious and Friendly.  His favorites are: Pop Music, Peanut Butter and Jelly and Yellow.  His LTW is to be Leader of the Free World.

Apricot promptly became pregnant.

Awww, there's a baby in there.

So promptly that she could have been pregnant before the wedding.

Someone needs to bring in the next generation in this house.

Calm down Nutmeg.  Butter is still a teenager.

After their marriage it became clear why Bud wished for a quiet wedding.  The man has A LOT of lady loves!

I knew it!  You can not trust a politician.  I’ll bet they all fall for that crappy campaign slogan of his “This Bud’s for you.”  Sure it is, you and everyone else.

Budweizer works a lot of late hours.

I'm a politician and I'm looking for some ass-sitance...

Well, that no good son of a b-

It is part of his job to secure votes and raise campaign money.

You know, Nutmeg,one day all of this reverse psychology is going to smack you right in your face!

* * *

Meanwhile Butter is in Egypt trying to escape her heir responsibilities.

One of the first sights to welcome her in Egypt was this woman’s Call of Nature.

When Nature calls, you answer!

What!  Right by the tent!  How disgusting.  Dog’s don’t even go where they sleep!

Maybe there are no facilities near by.

No, there are and they were rather close by.

Another woman chased her clear across the desert.

Woman: Hey!

Woman: Hey! Butter: *incomprehensible panic*

Woman: Hey, Legacy LAAAADDDDYYYY!

Butter finally used her head and sped away on her Kenspa.

Go go go!

In her hast to get away, Butter nearly ran over this man.

Man: Hey, watch it! Women drivers...

Sadly the Egyptian government asked her to leave after this unfortunate incident.

Yeah, it’s okay for a crazy woman to chase tourists across the desert, but…

But what?

Nothing, she nearly killed someone.

When she returned home she found things unchanged.  She was still heiress and her life still sucked.  She tried offering Anise money to be heiress.

Anise: What money, Butter? You don't have any money. It's all Mom's.

Everyone sat down to a nice meal together before Anise and Butter headed off to France for a school project.

Nutella: Do I have to sit next to this freak?

I can smell that and my olfactory glands don’t work anymore.

Kiwi gave up showering in the hope that she could die by flies.  Instead her family started regurgitating when she was near.  Kiwi then decided to try death by woohoo.

Nothing happened of course.  Well, except the obvious.

In desperation Kiwi started to frequent the graveyard where she would stare at this statue for hours.


How does it feel to know you are the mother of that girl?

* * *

Nutella is still finding it hard to make friends.

What did you eat for dinner, the back end of a skunk?

That one’s got the Devil in her, I can see it!

My poor Nutella, nothing makes her happy.

Anise and Butter went to France to study abroad.  Nutella chose to stay home.  Which was fine with the two of them, they were hoping to meet some French boys and Nutella would just ruin the whole thing anyway.

Butter: Hurry before she changes her mind!

They did meet some men there, though they were not of the French variety.

Ni Hao, Hello.

Will Wright!  Is that man sneezing on her!  OH NO!  Now Butter is going to get some kind of tropical virus.  The Legacy is doomed!

Calm yourself down.  How is she going to get a tropical virus in France!

On the French Riviera, don’t be a moron, Nutmeg.  At least Apricot is pregnant.

While in France Butter got lost while tomb raiding and thought/hoped she was going to die there.  (She really doesn’t want to be heir.)

If I die here, I don't have to be heiress anymore.

Poor girl, I know how she feels.

Of course you do…

Don’t you mock me.  Butter and I are kindred spirits.

Of course you are…

On a side note.  I really wish there had been mimes in France.  How could they not put mimes in?  It would have been awesome if one of my girls had been stalked by some depressed mime.  *sigh*

Anise did nearly die when this woman passed gas in front of her!

Jeez, lady what did you eat? A whole head of boiled cabbage?

That woman looks like she’s concerned it maybe more than just gas.  That reminds me of Donut…

While the girls were away in France three things happened.  1. Apricot went into labor and had her baby.


The baby was born with mummy wrappings on part of her body.

Mommy and Mummy?

This Legacy is cursed!

Here is a better picture of Gouda.

Traits: Evil and Genius

This corrected after my reinstall of WA.  2. The father Budweizer was “working late” and couldn’t be there for his daughter’s birth.

Ignore it. It's probably just my wife.

And 3. Kiwi discovered that she was pregnant.

Huuuuuuurrrrrrrlllll... OMG, how can I be so hungry right now.

I’ll bet it’s her uncle’s baby!

Shortly after this the girls returned home and the triplets had their birthday.

Happy Birthday x3

Who ordered the hooker!

What!  There was no prostitute in my house!

Look by the door.

That is Anise!

This is why you should have and emergency spa fund.  Anise looks like a two-dollar hooker, Nutella looks matronly, and I don’t even know what to say for Butter.

Makeover time!

A new Nutella

She still looks like a schoolmarm.



After Nutella’s portrait was painted she moved out.

I am SO out of here!

It was the first time I’ve seen her smile…

And at the right time too.  Because after she moved out Kiwi gave birth at home.

Introducing Frittata Food

Food For Thought

1. Will Alfalfa finally find himself a woman in China?

2. Will Butter ever except that she is heiress?

3. Who is Frittata’s father?


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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11 Responses to Father Death

  1. geritwag says:

    Frittata? What the heck is a fritatta? A frito and a tator tot? 😛 I bet that her father is… either Michael Jackson or death. *Scary music that drowns out any excess noise*

    P.S. I got a new copy of my the Sims 3 today, more blogs are coming. 😀

  2. DB loves her Mac says:

    What kind of lullaby would Grimmy sing to his baby?

  3. Madcapp says:

    I do love Kiwi. Her disappointment that he did not choke to death was AWESOME!

    Can you really have a legitimate kid with Grimmy in this one? I mean without cheating?

    He then tried to flirt with one of his mother’s coworkers (she rolled a wish to go back to work), Joanna Carouso.

    • skehrer says:

      you used to be able to have a Death baby in the game, but that was long changed with one of the first patches that came out. I downloaded a Grim Reaper off the Exchanged and used him for my story.
      Poor Alfalfa was so desperate for love…

      • Madcapp says:

        Awww, well I’ll have to look for a grimmy then. I’m kind of scared of downloading from the exchange after the crap CC that got into my game and can’t be removed. >,< I wanted all the ghost colors as well, in younger male sims so I could more easily er.. breed me some ghost babies, but couldn't find any on there and was again frightened to try it for what I did find.

  4. She did it! Congrats, Kiwi!

  5. crissytina says:

    I just found your blog and LOVE it! I should not be reading this at work, too much giggling coming from my cubicle!

    In the picture of Nutella having a hard time making friends with the caption “What did you eat for dinner, the back end of a skunk?”, to me she totally looks like Khloe Kardashian with that face LOL

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