Hello all. Sorry for my unpostingness, I’ve been a little depressed since the whole Code 12 thing. I’m still trying to replay through everything I lost. I really need to catch up to where I am in the blog. I nearly cried when I lost my files (I have three and lost them all). I had to keep reminding myself that it was just a game. So anyway, on with the post.

Last time we “talked” Alfalfa was headed to China to escape his death-obsessed sister, Kiwi. He was also on a mission to find a wife.

At least he won’t find anyone he’s related to or about to marry a relative in China!

To begin with Alfalfa did a few quests. When he met this woman, Sun Young Kim, everything changed.

I know we just met, but I love you. marry me!

Wow, he just cut right to the chase didn’t he?

Oh no…

She accepted his proposal but told him she would not marry him until he could bring her Pangu’s Axe.

Hmm, some girls like flowers, some like chocolates… this one like axes… I hope he doesn’t buy life insurance right away.

Would you stop with your Dooms Day predictions!

He set off to prove himself worthy, but not before a little nocturnal activity…

Marvin Gaye: Let's get it on, baby...

Great, now she has the Fire Crotch. I guess now she has no choice but to marry him, unless she has plans to set China on fire.

Jeez Grandmother.

I TOLD YOU NEVER TO CALL ME THAT!!! It makes me feel old.

Under the cover of darkness Alfalfa started to look for clues. And what better place to look for clue than in someone garbage? After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure right?

Uh? Whatsthat...

Correction: One man’s trash is my trash as well.

I hope he’s wearing gloves he could get some sort of disease.

He already has one, maybe he wants to start a collection. Maybe Alfafla wants to be Sunset Valley’s walking petri dish.

*quietly crying*

What is wrong with her.

I think you finally broke her.

Not finding the information he wanted he decided to force this old woman to tell him.

Whoa, hey, time out.

She nearly kick his butt until he kicked her just right and she lost control of her bladder.

Oh, I should have worn a diaper...

Great parenting, Nutmeg. Couldn’t you have taught him better than that?

Humiliated she told him everything she knew. And in no time at all (I forgot to take pictures) he had the axe.

Umph, this thing is heavy.

Alfalfa brought the axe back to Sun Young Kim and they were married.

First kiss of the Mr. and Mrs.

After which she carried him over the threshold.

Errr... Shouldn't this be the other way around?

Now there is a real man.

Your sarcasm is unladylike.

Oh? Who are you Miss Manners? Is that why your son has impeccable manners?

The next morning Alfalfa told Sun Young about the Food Legacy and the dreaded Monkey Gene.

Alfalfa: You could give birth to a monkey. Sun Young: Huh?

It didn’t go well.

Did he tell her about the Fire Crotch yet? I’d like to see that conversation. I hope he tells her where he got it.

You don't want my monkey babies?

Poor Alfalfa, he gets dissed by all the women.

My poor boy. He needs to come home to his mama…

Careful, Nutmeg, your bordering on creepy.

After this they returned home to Sunset Valley. I don’t have pictures of their time in the Legacy House because they were there long enough for Sun Young to use the toilet and then they were kicked out. Sun Young refused to adopt a new name and refused to name any of her children after food. And I will not tolerate that kind of behavior in the Legacy House. If I make an exception for her I’d have to make an exception for everyone.

This is the end of this post. Join me next time when we see how the family gets along without Alfalfa and we get to know the children of Generation 6 better.


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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One Response to China

  1. Amanda says:

    I loved the post. My favorite part is:

    “Great, now she has the Fire Crotch. I guess now she has no choice but to marry him, unless she has plans to set China on fire.

    Jeez Grandmother.

    I TOLD YOU NEVER TO CALL ME THAT!!! It makes me feel old.”

    That was priceless! Oh, and the part where they are talking about monkeys.

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