The Rest of the Story

It’s been a while so let’s have a recap.

The house is currently in Generation 6, though it is still controlled by Generation 4 (Nutmeg).  Not that our Generation 5 heiress has any problem with that, Butter hopes her mother will live forever so she will never have to take control of the house herself.  But at nearly 110 Nutmeg is growing weary and misses Nouget more and more.

Nutella moved out of the house when the triplets turned into young adults.  Which is fine with me because a grumpy sim has no business trying to be popular!

Some people bring home gift shop souvenirs, Alfalfa returned home from China with a wife (Sun Young).  She refused to accept the rules of the house and the couple was forcefully removed from the home.  Alfalfa was more than okay with moving from the Legacy House and his creepy sister, Kiwi’s ever watchful eye…

Apricot and Budweiser had their first child, a girl named Gouda.  The first child of many, at least for Budweiser…

Kiwi also had a daughter, Fritatta.  Fritatta is the daughter of Death as everyone was able to correctly guess.  Don’t be fooled by the title picture, Kiwi is not a wonderful mother.

Anise has been doing her best to reach her LTW so she also can move from the Legacy house.  Anise as we will all learn, has a secret, but can she keep it a secret for very long?

Okay, so there you go.  Al little recap and a little glimpse of what is to come!

So what is “The Rest of the Story” anyway?

It’s the continuing story.

Well why didn’t you name it that?  Naming it The Rest of the Story implys that this is the end of the legacy.

Because I wanted to.  Now drop it before I drop your commentary from this post.

After Kiwi gave birth to Grim’s child he showed up at the house.

Budweiser: It's not my time! Please don't take me!!!

As it turned out Grim was only there for a booty call.

Oh for shame!

Men are all the same.

Things fell apart when Kiwi told Death that he was a father.  He refused to accept his child, he even refused to see her.

Reaper: I will not be responsible for your brat.

Because if he had seen her he wouldn’t have been able to deny that she was his daughter!

Well, what did she expect him to do?  Marry her and help her raise Fritatta?  He is Death!

Whatever Kiwi thought or didn’t think their affair was over.

Nutmeg stares disapprovingly at Kiwi.

I still can’t believe she did this to poor Theodore.  He is such a nice young man.

That young man only wants to be a part of the Legacy House.  Maybe you should reevaluate your opinion of him.

Kiwi’s having Death’s baby was the final straw for most of the family.  Nutmeg started to have Migraines.

Kiwi: Come see your grandchild, Mother.

What?  You couldn’t even look at your granddaughter?

Of course I did.  Just not at that moment.

Kiwi had changed after Death’s rejection.  She became bitter and blamed her infant daughter.  As a result Kiwi rarely held Fritatta or attended to her needs.  That task was left to the others in the house.  Kiwi was too busy trying to salvage her relationship with Theodore.  Now that Death would not have her, she hoped Theodore would.

Getting back together with Theodore.

And he probably will because she is still living in the Legacy House.

He did.  They were married in secret and Kiwi ran off leaving her daughter, Fritatta behind.

Nutmeg, what is wrong with your children?

Poor little Fritatta, abandoned by her mother… *crying*

* * *

Why is Budweiser waiting at the window?  Could he be waiting for his wife to return home from work?


No, Bud was waiting for a scheduled visit from his mistress, Gladys Food.  That’s right, Gladys FOOD.  Gladys is Brie’s daughter, Kit Kat and Escargot’s granddaughter.

The famous brother and sister married couple.

Budweiser met Gladys when she was spending time with her grandfather Escargot.  Luckily enough, Escargot just happened to be the Mayor!  Budweiser wasted not time trying to schmooze with him.  Talking about babies always worked.  It sure helped warm Gladys up to him…

Budweiser rubbing elbows with the Mayor.

Gross, Gladys is a predator.

One thing lead to another and Escargot asked Budweiser to join him and his granddaughter for a movie.  Shortly after the show started Bud and Gladys left to “use the restroom.”

At the same time?

Oh please!  How can you be so naive!


Nothing, continue living in your bubble.

They apparently forgot to return to the film and the jig was up.  Escargot was not pleased.

Escargot: Grumble...

Oops.  That’s not a good career move.  Can you continue to deny what is going on now, Nutmeg?

What?  They used the toilet and started talking?

ARRRRGH!!!  You are stupid!

Not long after Gladys showed up at the Legacy House with news.  Budweiser was going to be a father (again).  News that Anise just happened to hear.

Anise: Uhhh... Uhhh... Did the doorbell just ring?

The news of his unborn child didn’t phase Budweiser.  He invited Gladys upstairs and she became is “official” mistress.

Since you're already pregnant...

Is that Apricot’s bed?

What is going on here!

Nutmeg, welcome to reality!

How could he do this to our family?

This isn’t the worst of it.  There’s more, as you will see…  I’m going to end this post right here, join us next time when the family take a vacation in Egypt.

You can not do this to us!

How does this get worse?  How CAN this get worse?

I just did.

Food For Thought

1. Will Apricot discover where Budweiser is spending all his time?

2. Will Fritatta “grow up well” after being abandoned by her mother and father?

3. How can it get worse?


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7 Responses to The Rest of the Story

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  2. Gerit says:

    Egypt should be interesting. I can just see Nutmeg getting lost in a tomb and never finding her way out. >:)

  3. kol says:

    when next ubdate? BTW I Loled infront of everyone while reading all the chapters. 😀

    • skehrer says:

      Thanks for the comment, I love hearing that people are enjoying my blog. Even better that I made you LOL!!! I try to update every weekend. Now that I have my family back I will try for the same schedule. But I have two small children so sometimes life gets in the way and I can’t update on time.

  4. Amanda says:

    I finally read this one! I liked it. I especially liked the expression on Anise’s face when Budweiser found out about his future baby mama. That picture was absolutely perfect! I’ll read the rest later, sis, I promise!

    • skehrer says:

      Awesome! It will only take you another two months to get around to reading the next one. Once all these appointments for the baby are done and I get these costumes finished expect more harassment…

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