Welcome back to another Food Family Legacy post!!!!  This post if going to jump around a bit.  I don’t have many pictures because of the lag and code 12/replay issues I was having.  I know, I should have more pictures, but frustration got the best of me.  So I have filled the post with some older pictures.

Butter: I love you too, Sweetie.

Frittata has given Butter a reason to embrace her role as Legacy Heiress.  And even though Frittata was enough for Butter, Butter wasn’t enough for Frittata.  She needed to find her a father, but not just any man would do.  Butter wanted to be sure that the man she brought into Frittata’s life would be a good father.  And she didn’t want to marry one of the men in Sunset Valley, not someone that Budweiser could buy.  Butter set off for China.

While Butter was off in China Apricot and Nutmeg taught Gouda all about the Legacy.

Apricot: Maybe one day you will have more siblings named Chips and Salsa.

Nutmeg: Soda... Gouda, are you listening?

Amenhotep claimed the garden for his own.



Gladys and Budweiser learned they were expecting again.  That’s Joyce by the stairs, Gladys is a great mother.

Baby gate? We don't need no sticking baby gate.

Oh no!  That poor child ins going to fall down the stairs!

I guess, Budweiser will be minus one child then.

You are sick in the head!

Why is Gladys leaving her child there anyway?

Because Budweiser is waiting for her in the bedroom.


Kiwi started visiting the house.  Now that the adoption was finalized she felt she could see her family and they wouldn’t try to make her take Frittata.  Apricot took the opportunity to train her.

Apricot: Go! Go! Run away from your baby, GO!!!!

Pay no attention to Apricot’s maternity clothing, she is not pregnant.  Wearing her old maternity clothing is wishful thinking for Apricot, she desperately wishes for another child, but her husband won’t sleep with her so she can’t get pregnant.  In fact, Budweiser has taken to sleeping in a separate room from Apricot.  That is when he sleeps at home…

Ugh, Apricot is going to have a breakdown or something over this no baby/my husband doesn’t come home business.

Budweiser's new bedroom

Meanwhile in China: Butter was hard at work trying to find a father for Frittata.  Meet Liang, Butter was really interested in Liang.  And so was I, Liang made some really attractive sims in The Creeper Legacy.

A little flirtation.

Oh, he is adorable.  If I still had flesh I’d totally think about pulling a Ginger with him.

If you still had flesh you would look like the crypt keeper and that poor man would run for the hills.

That’s okay, we could be alone in the hills.

Butter was really interested in Liang until he wet his pants.

Liang: Oops, did anyone see that?

Butter saw it and decided that he wasn’t great father material.  after all she just finished potty-training Frittata.  She did not want to potty-train a grown man too.

Still interested in Liang, Grandmother?

Would you shut up with the Grandmother crap?  If I could deal with Donut’s lack of bowel control, I’m sure I could get used to Liang wetting his pants.

Then Butter met this man, Jiang.

Hey there, Tiger.

Wait.  Liang Jiang?


Weird.  Perhaps she should have just married Liang…  Instead of finding someone with a name that rhymed and all.

Drop it.  Liang blew it, and she found another.  You won’t be able to haunt him.

Well, there is no reason for you do be so hurtful about it.

Jiang was married with two children.  Butter was having trouble finding a suitable man so she chose someone else’s man.  The fact that he was already a father was a bonus.  He resisted at first, but she found a way to convince him.

Digging up dirt of Jiang.

Oh, Butter.  I’m starting to like you more and more…

*groan*  Butter what have you done?

She did what she thought she had to do. She’d seen Jiang with his family and knew he was a great husband and father.  Now he would be hers.

Butter knew his family desperately needed money.  So she made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.  If he left his family and China for, he would be able to send his family all the money they would ever need.  His children would be well taken care of and so would his wife, well, ex-wife.

Jiang: You will give my family money if I marry you?

That’s a very indecent proposal.


Oh, Nutmeg, have a tissue and go clean yourself up.

This wasn’t the only way…

Butter felt this was her only option.  Jiang said yes and they were wed in the base camp kitchen.

Jiang: Oh my! What riches!!!

Kitchen?  It all comes full circle doesn’t, Nutmeg?  Nutmeg?

I think she left.

You mean for good?

I don’t know, maybe.

Now that Jiang has become a member of the family I rolled the Scatagories die to see what letter I would be given.  K.  For now on Jiang will be known as Kung Pao Food.  Kung Pao’s traits are: Good Sense of Humor, Bookworm, Family-Oriented, Frugal and Angler.  He also has the hidden Chinese Culture trait.  His LTW is Surrounded by Family.  For more information on Kung Pao please refer to his profile on the left.

Butter and Kung Pao wasted no time getting it on.  It’s a loveless marriage but Butter decided Frittata needed a few siblings.  Not to mention that I have Kung Pao’s LTW to consider.

I hear a lullaby

Hmm…  It’s not the same without Nutmeg’s tsks and whimpers.  I think I miss her.

That’s funny.  I didn’t think you could miss anything but your own reflection.

Ohhhhhhhh…  Do you know how long it has been since I’ve been able to see my beautiful reflection…sigh…

Ahem, moving on.  Butter and Kung Pao returned to Sunset Valley after their wedding night.  That is Butter returned home to Sunset Valley.  We don’t know how exactly it happened but Kung Pao was lost at sea for two days.  When they finally found him the trauma he had suffered at sea caused him to age.  He hasn’t spoken since.

Kung Pao after his ordeal.

I’ve never seen anyone traumatized like that.

Uh, yes you have.  Did you forget the time Barley walked in on your while you were admiring yourself naked?

Oh, he was faking it.  I looked good!

Maybe that is why he married Icee.  He didn’t want to be reminded of you.

Nutmeg Food!  You shut your lying mouth!

Welcome back, Nutmeg.  Edamame missed you while you were gone.

Thank you.  I needed to take a time-out.  I feel better now.

I did not.

Butter and Kung Pao brought another family member with them from China.  Meet Genghis.  If you haven’t already guessed I am naming my gnomes after famous people of their origin.


It wasn’t long before Butter was burying her face in the toilet and she realized she was pregnant.

It's going to be a long first trimester.

Anise was also pregnant.  This is the Picture to Ponder from the last post.  I hope you all noticed that Anise had a change of clothing!

Nutmeg: Is August going to marry you? Anise: Who said August is the father?

Her boyfriend isn’t the father?  Interesting…

Where’s my antacid?

So……It would seem that what happens in Egypt doesn’t always stay in Egypt.

Especially when you don’t take the proper precautions.

Tell us, does Budweiser have The Fire Crotch yet?

I don’t think so.  Maybe he is pickier than I thought.


Here is where I am going to end this post.  Join us next time when Gouda and Frittata age into children and the women have their babies.

Food for Thought

1. Will Kung Pao start to speak again?

2. Will Apricot discover Anise’s secret?

3. Will I remember to post Gouda and Frittata’s traits?





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5 Responses to Responsibility

  1. Amanda says:

    I have two favorite quotes from this one, sis:

    Run from your baby & Shut your lying mouth

  2. Madcapp says:

    Ugh I just feel bad for Kung Pao and his family now. I guess at least his kids will have material things to.. make up for a father. I have yet to marry any of the China sims in but they are all pretty good looking 😀 To me anyway. I bet you get some nice babies at least.
    Also Genghis is Mongolian, not Chinese, just fyi.

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