Catching Up

I noticed that I’ve neglected to post photo montages for Alfalfa, Nutella, Kiwi and Anise when they left the house.  So, I’ll play a little catch up and post them all.  Here is Alfalfa’s

Life is great when you're an only-child.

Momma's boy.

Alfalfa vs The Streaky Bowl










The Streaky Bowl wins!

Yay, I painted something.

Breakfast and constipation...










Teenager with attitude

Telling Nutella to get a job!

The maid loves a man with an attitude.










This homework's mother is a llama.

Monkey man

Monkey Man

An uncomfortable situation.










Kissing cousins

The situation becomes a problem...

A burnin' down below.










Alfalfa monkey

Damaged goods, even the maid won't have him.

Buying a wife in China.







Good-bye Alfalfa.


When I get back from Haloweening with my babies, I will hopefully be able to post the rest of the photo montages.  Happy Halloween!!!














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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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