Chapter 75

Sorry no title pic for this post.  I’m typing this one on the new laptop and I don’t have all of those fun programs on here just yet.

Nice to finally here from you again.  How long has it been…A MILLION YEARS!?!?!

Nice to see you again too, Edamame.  Let’s get on with the post.

Apricot was trying hard to maintain her girlish figure.

Apricot on a diet.

Oh no!  Apricot is headed into the bathroom with a book, you know what that means!

She’s been drinking that Chinese Diet Tea.  Kung Pao found her some and the whole family has been suffering.

And I thought the family inventory stunk…

But you’re dead and can’t smell.  Apparently you are also a compulsive liar.

I can’t believe how hurtful you can be!  I am a delicate FLOWER!

Yeah, like a Venus Fly Trap!

Butter finally had her baby; a boy named Juice.  Juice’s traits are Clumsy and Insane, his favorites are Chinese, Cheesesteak and Yellow.

Oh no, not another one.

I used Twallan’s Master Computer to see if he has the hidden Chinese Culture  Trait and he does not.  Looks like they will need to try for another child.  Hopefully Kung Pao will live long enough.

If he doesn’t Butter is young enough to go out an find herself a new stud.  She got a bad deal by marrying Kung Pao if you ask me.

A new addition.

Finally a male heir!

Not so fast, Edamame.  We’re going to have a vote and it will be between Frittata and Juice.  Besides, Kung Pao and Butter may have more children.

Right, have you looked at Kung Pao?  He’s like the Crypt Keeper!  I don’t think he has any baby juice left!

No, that would be you, GRANDMOTHER!

%*@#!  What did you say?

Let’s move on before Edamame starts trying to cry.

Anise also had her baby, or babies.  Anise had fraternal twins Edwardo and Tamra.


Anise and her twins.

Oh, look at that, this town has another great mother!  Bravo, Anise!!!

Here is Juice as a toddler.


Oh…ummm….  Maybe having a vote will be a good thing after all.

What do you mean by that?

Well…look at him…


He has NO chin!  Where is it?  Could it still be in Butter’s uterus?  Someone needs to go in there and retrieve it because this boy needs a chin!!!

You really are-

Nutmeg!  He will forever need to wear a bib!  How is he going to keep food in his mouth with a receding jaw!!!!

Do you hear that…  What is that sound?  it sounds like…

It sound like a Rhino in heat?  Edamame is trying to cry.  Let’s move on.

Apricot was still questioning all the pregnant women she saw.

And who did you say the father of your child is?

She still wasn’t sure she wanted to divorce Budweiser.  He could one day be the Leader of the Free World and she would be the woman beside him.  (And Gladys would be the woman on the other side, slightly behind him.)

But she is also taking up valuable space in the house.  Maybe she should just divorce him and get it over with.  Or maybe they should move out and they can all live with Gladys and be unhappy together.  Yeah, that’s what they should do.

Because that’s a great environment for a child to be raised in.

Well, it’s up to Apricot.  Only she can decide what is best for her.  On a happier not the family took a trip to France.  They decided to leave juice at home, he would only be a hindrance anyway.

Now that is my kind of vacation!  I wish I could have taken a French vacation, but back in my day maternity leave was your vacation.

Maternity leave is time for taking care of your baby.

Whatever, I wasn’t going to let some brat spoil my time off.

Gladys was beside herself because she wouldn’t have Budweiser at her beck and call.

What will I do? I will be pregnant and alone taking care of two kids!!!

Did she think Budweiser would ask her to join them?

Good-bye kisses were never so wet.

I think she was hoping Bud would stay home and they could spend time in the Legacy House together like a real family.  Bud almost backed out of the vacation using work as an excuse.  He mentioned it to Apricot and she very nearly reenacted a scene from The Exorcist.  Needless to say he changed his mind.

Rage... taking... over....

I think I would have changed my mind about living in a house with her after a display like that!

She was completely justified.

Apricot thought this was her chance to finally win her husband back.  The two of them in France together.  In her mind it was so romantic that she was sure to win him back.  And she needed him back for Gouda.


Are Mom and Dad fighting again?

I’m not sure Gouda would like their relationship repaired.  She seems to enjoy their constant bickering.

That’s right, Gouda is Evil.  How could I forget!  Good thing she can’t be heir or this legacy would go down in flames!  No, wait.  It would have gone down in flames is Alfalfa was heir.  Harharhar.  Get it Nutmeg?  In flame because he has Fire Crotch.

Oh I got it.  And you still have no class.

Before the family left for their destination they celebrated Gouda’s birthday.  Frittata made her a very special cake.


Gouda is going to love this cake I made just for her.

She is such a sweetheart.

Llama bones!  Where is she?  All I can see is a dress and hair!

Remind me to have Juice become a Ghost Hunter/Buster.  Edamame needs a reality check.

Maybe it should be Frittata.  If she does most of her work at night she would have perfect camouflage.

One day you will eat those words…

Gouda rolled Savvy Sculptor and she immediately rolled Perfect Mind, Perfect Body as her LTW.  That should be very easy to archive and she’ll be out of the house on her young adult birthday.


Happy Birthday Gouda!!!

She is my granddaughter and I love her.  I do.  I really do.

Who are you trying to convince us or yourself?

It’s just that she looks so much like her father, sometimes I find it a bit difficult to…

*sigh* …Nutmeg…  You have finally failed your family.

Shut up you &*^$%##%%^&!!!!  *sobbing*

Well, I have never heard such language!

Keep pushing her, I’m sure you’ll hear more.

Here is Gouda’s makeover shot.


Gouda's big makeover.

Not great, but better.

Well, this is where I will leave this post.  Join us next time as the family travels to France.

Food For Thought

1. Will Budweiser learn to love his wife again?  Or will he learn to love a random French Woman?

2. Will Butter and Kung Pao have another child before he kicks the bucket?

3. Will Juice spontaneously grow a chin when he ages into a child?




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8 Responses to Chapter 75

  1. DB loves her Mac says:

    Yay! Glad you’re back.

    The idea of “butter” giving birth to “juice” is funny…

    • skehrer says:

      LOL, I hadn’t thought of it like that. Too funny!

      I am back! I missed being able to blog. I still haven’t been able to play. Hopefully now that Halloween is over I will have more time for my sims!

  2. E says:

    Yay! This legacy is so funny…!

  3. Pingback: Burning Love « Food Family Legacy

  4. Amanda says:

    Loved it. Especially the chin comment.

  5. Madcapp says:

    I feel like such a noob with this game but, what is the Chinese culture trait?

    ROFL at Apricot’s exorcist face!

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