Burning Love

I hope you’re ready because it’s time for another installment of the Food Family Legacy!!!

And it’s about time too.  Do you enjoy leaving me in the family inventory?  Have you forgotten how miserable it is in there?  Do you know that I could have DIED in there!

And the Diva returns.  And by the way – YOU. ARE. ALREADY. DEAD!!!!!

Why do you have to be so hurtful.  I have feelings too you know!

Really?  News to me…

Okay, Nutmeg.  Stop tormenting your grandmother.

AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!  Again with that word!

On with the post!

As I mentioned last time, the family went off to France leaving it’s newest member, Juice at home to fend for himself.  Apricot was hoping she and Budweiser would fall in love again.  Their first night there was a very promising start!


Apricot dreaming about being a mother again.

Well, I never expected a reconciliation between them.

It’s not what you think.  All the beds were full and they were forced to use the same one.  Apricot had drank too much of the free in-flight nectar on the way and was too drunk to argue with him.

In the morning when Budweiser tried to… you know…  Apricot was still drunk from the night before and not having it.


Apricot: Doan yew tush me.

Wow, look at that face.  Not pretty.  I guess you wouldn’t call Apricot a happy drunk then.

She has a lot of unresolved issues with Budweiser.  Maybe this trip was the breaking point.

Interesting…What else happened?

We’ll get there, Edamame, but before we do look who else was in France.  Jiang Lu!!!

A younger version of Kung Pao.

Oh no!  He’s Kung Pao’s doppleganger!

Idiot, he’s clearly too young to be his doppleganger.

TIME TRAVELER!!!!  I hope you made sure they never saw each other or touched or anything like that.  Why was he in France?  Was he trying to kill the older version of himself and make off with Butter.  Because you know he had that whole “lost at sea” issue which aged him beyond his years.  And maybe he just wanted a chance to actually achieve his LTW, because you know there is no way he is going to reach it being as old as he is…

Thank you motor mouth.

Nutmeg, do you know nothing about the grandfather paradox!!!!

What does that have anything to do with a younger Kung Pao killing an older Kung Pao?

Well, by killing the older Kung Pao he’s killing himself and will never have existed.  Therefore, Butter will never have met him and Juice will never have been born (not that, that is a bad thing, I mean he has no chin.)

Edamame, go read a book.

Have you ever watched Back to the Future?  This is all in there!  Hah, I’m not an idiot.

No, you’re a moron…

Edamame’s thought process gives me a headache.  Someone else was on France.  Someone you all know.  Sun Young.

Sun Young: Hellooooo Budweiser...

If you remember Sun Young married Alfalfa when he brought her the Pangu’s Axe.  When they returned to Sunset Valley they were removed from the house because

Sun Young would not obied by the house rules.  Shortly after Alfalfa and Sun Young were divorced, maybe because he’s hard to live with or maybe because she’s a tramp.

She now has Fire Crotch., because Alfalfa caught it from his cousin and gave it to her.

Thank you for the history lesson.

The people have aright to know.

The people can’t  forget because you remind them at ever turn.

As yu can see by the picture Apricot was not happy that Sun Young was looking at Budweiser.  She knew Budweiser would not be able to say no to a woman like Sun Young.

What kind on woman is that?

An easy one.  I swear you get stupider every time you open your mouth.

That was just mean.  Are you having hot flashes?

Apricot decided to stake her claim and put an end to this flirtation before it even began.  Sun Young was not pleased and plotted the destruction of Apricot and Budweiser’s marriage.

Apricot staking her claim.

Well, it’s not like that is going to be a hard thing to do at all.

It wasn’t, and it happened rather quickly.  Budweiser had become so advanced at seducing women that all he had to do was give them a look and they were under his spell.  I believe Sun Young may be this advanced also and could snag a man right out from under his wife.


Budweiser giving Sun Young suggestive eyes.

Oh, that is low down and dirty!  What about Gladys, Budweiser, what will this do to Gladys and your children?

Excuse me, Gladys?

Err…uh…Some help here.

Nope, I like watching you struggle.


Sun Young: Smile! I'm putting this in my scrapbook.


What side are you on?

Who ever is winning and right now that is Sun Young.

After snapping a picture of her latest conquests wife Sun Young went to meet Budweiser in one of the unoccupied bedrooms.  And Apricot had a minor meltdown.


Sun Young: Your man is mine...

Nutmeg, how could you just sit there and let all of this happen?

I will not get in the middle of their marriage.  If Apricot asks for my help I will do something then.

Like what?

I don’t know.

Okay, just remember what happened to Escargot…

Gouda found her mother in distress and enjoying what she saw decided to kick things up a notch.

Gouda: Mom, you should totally go up there and catch them in the act!

Does anyone have any popcorn?  This is getting good.

You’re disgusting.

Apricot followed her daughter’s evil advice and ran upstairs to search bedrooms for Budweiser.


Caught in the act.

Thinking she was finally going to gain the upper hand in her marriage, Apricot announced herself.  Bud and Sun Young jumped out of bed.


I’m so proud of my daughter!  She took charge of the situation!

Look at the look Budweiser is giving her!  I hope she sleeps in another room and locks the door.  Better yet, she’s a cop, she better sleep with her gun under her pillow.

Budweiser and Sun young shooed Apricot from the room.  Deflated she left with her head hung low.

Budweiser and Sun Young: GET OUT!!!

I didn’t see that coming.

My poor baby…

When she was gone, Sun Young and Budweiser jumped back into the bed.


Finishing some unfinished business.

They make me sick.

Me too, but Llama Snot, this is entertaining…

The next morning Budweiser had it out with his wife.


Budweiser: Don't you ever do something like that again!

Butter played with fire and got burned.

Isn’t that Budweiser?  Har har har!!!

Butter approached the younger version of Kung Pao in her underwear and tried coming on to him.  (By the way, they showed as being married in his family tree.)  The older Kung Pao was not happy about it and Nutmeg really had no idea what to do.

Nutmeg: Technically, Kung Pao, she is not cheating.

Did you see that movie The Time Traveller’s Wife?  It’s like deja vu.

Except, it’s not.

Butter begged forgiveness for her laps into insanity.

Butter: I don't know what came over me. Please forgive me.

And right in front of her daughter too!  For shame!

Forgiven the family went on as usual.


Frittata: You're such a great chef, Mommy.

Butter found her passion for food in France and decided to cook every meal while they were on vacation.



How boring.  Let’s hear more about Budweiser.

Apricot and Sun Young kept running into each other.

Apricot: I should beat you with this book.

I would pay to see a throw-down between those two!

Then there was a confrontation over dinner one night.


Budweiser looks very uncomfortable.

Oh, will you look at Gouda pretending to read.  You know she was listening to every word.

Like you would have been?


So, I guess you could say she is just like you?

Err, what?  No!

The whole situation made Kung Pao gassy.

Butter: What smells like egg rolls?

Ugh!  It smelled like egg rolls?  Barf!!!

When Kung Pao has gas everyone knows it.

I think you all know what is happening in this picture.  Apricot is calling Sun young out on her Fire Crotch.

Apricot: Get you and your Fire Crotch out of my face!

And that’s when Nutmeg decided that was enough vacation and they all returned home.

This is where I will leave this post.  Join us next time for birthdays!

Food For Thought

1. Will Frittata age up well or will she disappoint Edamame?

2. Will Juice grow a chin when he grows into a child?

4. Are Budweiser and Apricot finally over?


Chapter 75: Chapter 75

Chapter 77: Even Steven





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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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13 Responses to Burning Love

  1. Senny Paine says:

    1. Will Frittata age up well or will she disappoint Edamame?
    Edamame is so hard to please, so there is always disappointment. >_> is cos Frittata is BLACK like black black. Edamame should be ashamed of herself, tha racist!!
    (juuuuust kidding, a little bit)

    2. Will Juice grow a chin when he grows into a child?
    <_________________< magic eight ball says ask again later

    4. Are Budweiser and Apricot finally over?

  2. Rad says:

    Hee, Budweiser’s many adventures entertain me.

    • skehrer says:

      Budweiser’s “hobbies” make for very interesting posts. And now that he has Fire Crotch one can only imagine how it will spread. Like WILDFIRE hahahaha!!!

  3. skehrer says:

    1. Edamame would tell you she has no flaws. She is not racist and how dare you for imagining it, that’s is a hurtful lie. But on the other hand, I cringe when I type some of her dialogue.

    2. Even the all knowing Magic 8 Ball can’t figure that one out.

    3. Remember, Apricot is the wife of a politician and they don’t typically leave their husbands. We will have to see what happens…

  4. E says:

    APRICOT MUST LEAVE HIM! I bet Sun Young will be up and preggers by the time they’re back home. and is it my imagination or has she (Apricot) gained a little…chunkiness…Are you getting late night?

    • skehrer says:

      Yes, Apricot had been having a bit of a struggle with her weight. Shhhhhh! Edamame hasn’t noticed it yet. I am hoping to get Late Night for my birthday or Christmas this year. do you have it? I’ve been trying to find information on the game play. Are there any new gnomes? I kinda have a gnome obsession right now, must have one of each!!!

  5. geritwag says:

    1. Will Frittata age up well or will she disappoint Edamame?- Of course she’ll disappoint Edamame- Everything does.

    2. Will Juice grow a chin when he grows into a child?- No, she’ll be known as: ‘Juice, the Chinless Wonder!’

    4. Are Budweiser and Apricot finally over? – Let’s hope so, I want ‘Butter-ful’ babies! Haha…ha… *Cough cough*… *Cries*

    Also… Edamame is now a legacy spouse. :D… But I don’t think she’s too happy about it. Check out this picture.

    • skehrer says:

      Awesome picture of E!!! I just caught up with your blog and made sure to comment on the last few entries. *claps for myself*

      Edamame is hard to please. Only because she is/was perfect. When you’re perfect no one else can compare. It’a a lonely life really.

      Poor Juice. Edamame is going to mock him at every turn. I wonder who she’s find a better fit, Juice or Frittata? Time will tell I guess.

      Budweiser and Apricot… I don’t think their relationship is repairable now that he has The Fire! Gouda has never been happier basking in her family’s misery as only and evil sim can.

  6. Amanda says:

    I think that this post is my favorite one ever. The dialogue between Edamame & Nutmeg are perfect. Oh, and as to who Edamame will like better, Juice or Frittata, if she is anything like the two people she was accidentally made to be like, she will switch allegiances based on what that child can do for her. Now get to writing!

    • skehrer says:

      Yay, you’re all caught up!!! Now I don’t have to leave you threatening phone calls anymore. That is until I update again… I need to play a bit before I can post more, I have some plans in the works… I’m cookin’ up a surprise.

  7. Pingback: Chapter 77: Even Steven « Food Family Legacy

  8. Madcapp says:

    Wow. Apricot needs to just go ahead and stomp Bud in the nuts and be done with it.

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