Chapter 81: Moving On Up!

Who is tired of pudding and Jell-O?  MEEEEE!!!!  Getting my wisdom tooth pulled wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be.  But I would LOVE to be able to chew something.  Gimme a burger or something!  I feel like such a carnivore.

The Food Family Legacy are now the occupants of a new town.  A new updated version of Late Night.  I have a whole lot less lag, I still have some slight pauses, not sure why, but all in all it’s is so much better.  I wish I had done this earlier.

I also nuked all the old residence in the town and put in the rest of the bloodline along with a few other random people.  Let’s meet them now.  First are the Kehrer family, that is me and my hubby and with the help of story progression Sarah and Rob have three children: Erica, George and the newest addition Chanel.


Rob and Sarah

Next we have the Creepers.  Not The Creepers, I did not ask Scarletsymphony if I could use one of her Creepers in my game.  Instead I took the children Moon Unit had with a random sim (from another game).  They are: Nate, Lars, Samantha and Justine.  I just loaded YA versions of them all into the same house.  I guess they are quadruplets!  I really love the way Justine and Samantha turned out.  I was hoping to one of them married into the legacy, but I guess I can settle for one of their children instead.  I’ve saved them all to the bin, they may show up in another game of mine…


The Creeper siblings

Edamame: Justine is stunning!  I remember when people used to say the same thing about me.

Butter: Really?

Butter, don’t feel the troll!

Edamame:  Whatever.  I used to knock them dead.  You should have see the men I had after me.

Edamame, you had to trap a man into marriage with you.

Edamame: That is a filthy and hurtful lie!

I forgot to get a CAS picture of her, but this is Bunny Sparkle.  Yes, Bunny Sparkle.  She was put in town to entice Budweiser.  I told my husband this who complicated background story for her.  All you need to know is she left her old town and is trying to start over.  She wants to be a star.  But is Being a star worth someone digging into her past?


Bunny Sparkle: She wants to be a star.

Edamame: I’ll bet Budweiser sniffs her out as soon as she sets foot in town.

Let’s hope so.

This is going to be a shorter post because it’s poll time!!!!

When I moved the family to the new town the family lost all of their friendships, but Frittata remained a two-star celebrity.  So when she became friends with Lola again she went to three stars.  Now she can’t go anywhere without being recognized.  She was trying to put the moves on this guy, Thomas Newton, in the library (would love to see what those genetics would like like in this legacy).  Unfortunately his nieces kept asking Frittata to pose for pictures.

Frittata: Are your legs tired?


Frittata: CHEEEEESE!!!

Edamame: People used to ask to take pictures of me.

Butter: Why would they do that?

Edamame: Because, dear, I was gorgeous.  Men wanted me and women wanted to be me.


Frittata has been dreaming about marriage and babies.

So she’s been hitting the clubs at night looking for men.  So far the one with the most promise is Lars Creeper.  Frittata sees him everywhere she goes.

Frittata chatting up Lars Creeper.

Too bad Lars always bring his wife with him.  See that old woman in the background not far from the ladies room?  That’s his old woman (LOL).


Careful Nadine Creeper, don't break a hip!

Edamame:  If she can’t leave the vicinity of a restroom then she needs to wear a diaper.  Old women are so disgusting.

You should know, you were one.

Some birthdays!!!  The berry-sisters are now teens!!!  And I must say, you are all in for a shock when you see them!

First was Raspberry.


Teenage Raspberry

Edamame: Oh NOOOOOO!  What was I thinking when I thought Strawberry was ugly.  Look at this thing.  It looks like she is part Alien!

Butter: Alien!  Where?  I KNEW there were aliens!  I told them it was all a conspiracy but not one ever listens to m-

Edamame: Oh would you just shut the hell up already!  This Legacy just went down the crapper thanks to you and your husband!

Wait, I have to show you Strawberry as a teenager too.  She looks like she walked off the set of Planet of the Apes!  Yay, more monkey DNA!!!


Teenage Strawberry

Edamame: Oh, %&^*#$!  Thanks a lot, Butter.

Butter: What did I do?

* * *

Juice has a girlfriend.  Recognize her?  She’s one of Thomas Newton’s nieces, Bonita Newton.  She was messing up Frittata’s game at the library.  But it looks like Juice has game all his own.  Who knew?  I guess it helps that Bonita is as crazy as he is.



Edamame: That is so gross.  It looks wet.

Probably was.

Butter:  Oh no!  I told him never to do that.  If she has braces he could be stuck to her face forever!!!

Juice and Bonita were getting hot and heavy one day at her house.  When her mother walked in and caught them on her bed.


Bonita's Mom: Girl, Do I need to put my crazy face on?

But that weekend when Frittata had a party.  Bonita and Juice were macking on each other.

They're surrounded by people, but they don't care.

Juice and Bonita ended up in Strawberry’s bedroom.  Something when Strawberry walked in she was not impressed.  The result was an immediate case of the well-known childhood disease: Duck Lips!

Juice: This is where I long to be la isla bonita

Edamame:  It’s not Duck Lips.  Strawberry’s neck is trying to swallow the rest of her face and she’s trying to fight it off.  Fight Strawberry, FIGHT!

Butter: Ducks don’t have lips, you guys.

Edamame: SHUT THE HELL UP!  Don’t you realize the sky is falling!!!

Butter: WHAT?!  Oh, what do I do?  I never prepared for this! WhatdoIdowhatdoIdo?

Edamame: The only thing you can do.  Run, run far away.

You’re not very nice to her.

Edamame: Sue me.

That weekend Juice was babysitting his brother while everyone else was off doing various things outside the house.  He called his girlfriend over and…

Juice: I'm gonna sex you up!

…she made a man out of him.

Bonita made a man out of him

Edamame: Underage woo hoo!  How did that happen?

I installed Twallan’s Woohooer and now teens can get it on too.

Edamame: Maybe I’m used to him now, or maybe he’s just a lot better than the berry-twins.  But Juice doesn’t look too bad anymore.

I’m not going to judge Bonita, but I’ll just say that I don’t think Juice was her first.  When she left she did this (sorry for the craptastic video):

Steak has been dabbling on the invention bench.  Boy better bring me that gnome!

Bang whack bang

Edamame: Wait, Steak is a child now?

Oh yeah, oops!  He had a birthday and here is another one.

Juice: Happy birthday in a warm bath

During the party I got a pop up that this was happening:

Edamame: Wait, what does Steak look like?

Thomas: That better not be my kid.

Edamame: WHOA!!!  Where’s Butter, does she know about this.  And Gerardo???  And what the freak does Steak look like already?

Oh yes. Here is Steak:

Steak: Duuuuuuur...

Next post will be up in a flash.  It’s poll time!!!

In order of appearance Juice’s quotes are from: Madonna, Color Me Badd, The Ting Tings



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14 Responses to Chapter 81: Moving On Up!

  1. DB loves her Mac says:

    HAHAHAHAHA @ the video! Strut much, Bonita?

  2. Senny Paine says:

    Pudding and Jello are the only things I can eat and feel good that I’m not going to vomit them back up…. >____>
    And apple sauce.

    • skehrer says:

      Sorry to hear you’e unwell. Hope you feel better soon!

      • Senny Paine says:

        =3 just touch of morning sickness. It should go away soon >_> 12th week atm. But thanks! Good luck with the teeth-pulled situation. @_@ My genetics say I could end up like my mom with 5 wisdom teeth having to be pulled.

      • skehrer says:

        Congrats on the baby news!!! First trimester is a tough one. I’m sure you’re getting all sorts of advice on how curb the nausea, everyone is different. All of my pregnancies were different from each other. I’m so excited for you! Keep me posted on the baby news!

  3. kayla says:

    I hope Juice marries Bonita and takes her last name.
    Juice Newton harharhar

  4. Madcapp says:

    Bonita’s Mom: Girl, Do I need to put my crazy face on?


    And wow the Berry twins are umm… unique looking.

    Holy shit Strawberry’s duck lips look like she sucking a lemon!

    At least Juice is nice looking. And I hate that stupid strut they added in Late Night. It takes them forever to get anywhere because of it.

    • skehrer says:

      I loved Bonita’s mom. I gave her every bad trait I could. She was constantly fighting with someone.
      OMG, Kung Pao and his genetics!!! Thanks for nothing!
      I hate that strut! I really started to hate it when I started my Family Man Challenge.

  5. Amanda Dorn says:

    The berry twins were definitely hit with the ugly stick!

  6. Kawaii :3 says:

    Wait, with your woohooer, teens can have babies? Mine can’t 😦

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