Chapter 86: The Age of Aquarius

Well, I made a terrible mistake this weekend.  I downloaded the digital version of Outdoor Stuff and now my game is crashing to desktop randomly.  I can’t even save because now I am having code 12 errors again.  I AM SO FRUSTRATED!!!  I know better than to install a new Sims game right when it comes out, but I was excited and planned on rebuilding the house.  Hopefully my issues will be resolved soon with another patch, because I can’t play until they do.  Blahblablablah!  Enough complaining, on with the story.

Butter is dead, say hello to our new head of house, Frittata!!! *roaring applause*

Frittata: Thank you so much; it’s wonderful to be here.  Hello Grandmother, I am so excited to meet you.

Edamame: That’s a heartless introduction.

Yeah, well.  Get over it!

Edamame: And since you’re new I will tell you this once.  Do not EVER call me Grandmother.  You can call me ‘Mame.

Frittata: No.

Edamame: Excuse me?

Frittata: I haven’t called anyone Mommy since I was 12.  I will not call you Mommy.

Edamame: Not mommy, ‘mame; it’s French.

Frittata: What? No it’s not.  How about Grandmere?

Edamame: What?  I am NOT a horse!  How about you refer to me as-

Frittata: How about Bitch, does that work for you?  Works for me.

Edamame: What? Well, I never!  Sarah, this one is going to be a problem.  I can’t work with this kind of attitude.  Listen here, Missy.  You might be some celebrity/movie star/actress/porn star in your town.  But here…here I run the show and I can vote you off at anytime.

Well, now, that’s not exactly true and I actually think this arrangement will work out perfectly.

Frittata: I am NO porn star!

Moving on ladies!

After Butter’s death Frittata and Miller wasted no time getting it on and putting a bun in the oven.  These two have a lot of woohoo, autonomous woohoo.  It’s incredible!


Frittata:  We’re just so in love.

Edamame: Really?  It’s amazing that he can still function with all the drinking he’s doing.

Frittata: Jealous.  He functions just fin, if you know what I mean.

Steak finally made himself useful to me and invented a Time Machine.  He has been traveling to the past trying to find me a gnome.  Between his travels he still works on skill building to complete his LTW.

*sci-fi sounds*

Sending Steak to and from the Past does have it’s downside.  Apparently he ran into some barbarians or something.  They scared the crap out of him.

Steak: Oh no, I just crapped myself.

Frittata: The time machine is so much fun.

Yes, but it is not meant for what you a Miller do in there.

Edamame: Gross!

Speaking of Miller, he’s still a complete jerk to Steak.  Frittata painted steak’s portrait only to have Miller come by and ‘improve’ on it.  Frittata was not happy that she had to paint the portrait over again.

Miller also set up a little surprise on Steak’s inventing table.

Miller: 'ssssgunna be great.

It went off with a bang.  Steak was not impressed.


Here he is dropping all the laundry he collected onto Steak’s bedroom floor.

Miller: 'ssslaundry day. There you go, Pppork Ssshop. Enjoy that.

Frittata: Miller is so funny.

Edamame: Maybe to the daughter of Death.

Frittata: Remember that old lady.

Edamame: What can he do to me?  I’m already dead, idiot.

Frittata: I can make your death miserable.

Edamame: Bring it on.

Frittata you’re not on speaking terms with your father.  Let’s not make promises we can’t keep.

Steak had finally had enough of Miller’s abuse and decided to get his payback.  While everyone was out for the day working.  Steak went into Miller and Frittata’s room and pee’d on Miller side of the bed.

Steak: Take that you jerk! I pee'd on your side of the bed!!!!

Edamame: Will Wright’s armpitt hair!  That is disgusting!  What is he a dog?

Frittata: I was so foul.  I swear he must not have had any fluids for days it was so concentrated.

*sigh* This has happened on more than one occasion. Miller comes home drunk and can’t make it into the house.

Miller: *passes out*

Edamame: Yeah, he’s working on it alright.

Frittata: I have to move him to the couch.  There is no way I can get him up the stairs.

Miller: Zzzzzz...

Have no fear, Miller was awake in time for Strawberry’s party.  I’m sure you’re wondering why Strawberry was having a party.  She was celebrating her first successful vaccine clinic.  Notice she is only ‘vaccinating’ the women.  I’m pretty sure it was more of an experimental drug than a vaccine.

Strawberry: You'll feel a pinch. Bonita: AAAAAHHHHHHH!

Edamame: Like a love potion?


Frittata: Well, it must have worked.  At least on one of them.

I think you’re right, Frittata.  Because Strawberry ant Tina snuck into Peach’s bedroom and had a reconciliation of sorts.  (Is it snuck or sneaked?  I remember being taught in school that it was snuck, but now all I see and hear is sneaked.  Using it feels wrong to me, but my spell checker doesn’t recognize it .)

Tina: YES!

Frittata: Good thing it worked on Tina and not Booty-Call Bonita.  Juice would have been PO’d!

Edamame: That would have been pretty funny.

Frittata: You have a sick sense of humor.

Juice and Bonita made good use of their time together.

Juice:Want you to make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world (Only Girl - Rhianna)

Yeah, that’s right.  Booty-Call Bonita is pregnant again.  Look who’s sitting on the couch in the background.

Bonita: Blurb...blub...blub...

Frittata: WWHHAATT!  They did that in front of my daughter!

Edamame: And where were you?

Probably doing the same thing in the time machine.

Frittata: Ahem…

And before I forget this is Juice’s son Gerardo.  He is one ugly son of a gun.

Gerardo the Ugly

Edamame: I blame Juice, because Bonita should be able to make pretty babies.  She’s a tramp, but she’s pretty.

Gerardo thinks Strawberry looks like an ape too.

Gerardo: This place is a zoo.

Raspberry used her mother’s death to further her ‘relationship’ with Crisco.  Crisco being the sucker that he is agreed to a little later so Raspberry wouldn’t feel alone in a house FULL OF SIMS!

Raspberry: She's gone. Boo hoohoo. i don't want to be alone tonight. Boohoohoo.

Frittata: This whole thing is just sick.

Raspberry decided to make drinks to help her relax.  She made Crisco’s drink extra special with the pills she found on the bar.

Raspberry: He'll never know.

Edamame: *GASP*  Who’s are those?

Could be Miller’s, could be Strawberry’s.  I don’t now.

Frittata: Miller doesn’t do drugs.  They must be Strawberry’s prescription.  She had anger issues.

Edamame: *snort* right.

It doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that under the influence of the drug and alcohol Raspberry gave him Crisco made some very bad choices.

Cousin lovin'

Edamame: *vomits*

Frittata: This is so unnatural.  She knows we’re related and still she is obsessed with him.

Crisco stared to feel unwell so it was decided that he should stay the night.


Raspberry: You shouldn't bike home in your condition. You could hit someone.

Edamame: I smell danger.  She’s going to trap him and reenact that movie Misery.

Crisco made his way up the stairs into Raspberry’s bed and passed out.  Raspberry pulled up a chair and watched him sleep all night long.

Raspberry: *creepy whisper* criscooooooo...

That night Frittata went into labor and had to drive herself to the hospital.  Miller was too drunk/passed out somewhere.  Crisco was drugged.  Strawberry and Tina were celebrating their engagement.  Juice was at work and Raspberry was busy watching Crisco sleep.

Frittata: Here I go, in labor, driving myself to the hospital...

Edamame: I bet you want to hop in that Time Machine and relive that.

Frittata: You’re not funny.

Crisco woke very early the next morning and saw Raspberry watching him.  He also saw the secret Raspberry had been keeping in her room.


Crisco Shrine


Crisco: I'm outta here. Don't call me again. Raspberry: But it's a tribute of my love for you!

Frittata: That’s what she’s been hiding in there.  No wonder we’re not allowed in there, not even the maid can go in there.

Edamame: I have to say.  Raspberry does creepy so much better that Sundae ever did.  Bravo Raspberry, you have brought this family to a new low!

Just after Crisco rode his Schwinn home Frittata returned home with her new son, Lox.  I can’t remember his traits so I’ll have to do that next time.

Baby Lox

Soon after the baby’s cry woke the rest of the house.

Miller: Can you shut that kid up. My head is killing me.

And it was discovered that Tina is pregnant again.  No I don’t use the same sex pregnancy mod.  This happened before her injection!

Tina: Awwww, bb.

Strawberry was not happy.  She’d not thought that her woman would be pregnant with some man’s baby.

Strawberry: *growling* You're pregnant?!

Edamame: %@&% RUN!  That is one scary Strawberry.

Frittata: Maybe Tina will try to pass the baby off as hers.  Strawberry isn’t the brightest crayon in the box.

She’s a doctor.  I don’t think that will work.  Tina didn’t appreciate Strawberry suggesting they name the baby for the legacy.

Tina: I will not name my baby after food!

This is where I will leave this today.  I hope you all enjoyed it.  Next time hopefully the Food Family will have a new house because I am sick of having a two story legacy house.  That is if I can play again!!!!



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12 Responses to Chapter 86: The Age of Aquarius

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  2. spongeb0ber says:

    Nice job. :] It was really funny xD. That strine is so epic haha. Poor Crisco, getting drugged.

    Hope your game gets up to par soon. :]

    • Skehrer says:

      Thanks! I had to uninstall the stuff pack. Now I can play again, yay!

      • spongeb0ber says:

        Yay 😀 More Foods! Lol. Oh btw I added you to my favorite stories. Sorry I never speak much, but I’ve been reading your legacy for about 3 months >.< I should talk more. I really love your legacy. Lol. I promise to post more comments and not be a silent reader anymore haha.

  3. skehrer says:

    Thank you so much! I don’t comment on legacies much either. When I get a chance to read them it’s on my ipod and using that to comment is a pain. If I can remember I try to comment when I can get back to my computer. Anyway, I’m very happy to have my game functioning again, I just wish I could actually use the stuff pack I paid money for. 😦

    • spongeb0ber says:

      Oh. Yea sometimes I just like reading and liking. I don’t know why. Yea, that sucks! I really wish you could too! :/ I never buy new stuff/expansion packs when they first come out. EA….. sometimes… erm I mean ALL the time… they suck… Sims 3 still has glitches…. will they ever release a game that is completely fixed? I doubt it… Lol

  4. Amy6 says:

    Just read through your legacy and I’m lovin’ it! I will go add you to my blogrollb`

  5. Madcapp says:

    Wow Strawberry’s faces are… something special. LoL

  6. Amanda Dorn says:

    I love the expressions on Miller and Strawberry’s faces. You always catch them just right ~ and the Crisco Shrine? I literally lol-ed!

    • skehrer says:

      OMGOMGOMG, The Crisco Shrine is my faaaaaavorite! I scoured the internets for those candles! I came upon the roses on accident and nearly wet myself with excitement!!! Okay, I did, a little…maybe…
      And I love drunk Miller. I’m really going to miss him when he’s gone.

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