Chapter 87: Just Push Play

*cheesey DJ voice* And we’re back!

After far too long of a break I finally have my Legacy Family back.  It took me a bit of adjustment to get the feel of them again.  I’ve played Wilde Oates far too long and had a tremendous urge to impregnate the town.  Don’t worry, I fought the urge.

Before I get started.  Who is excited for Generations?  *pointing to self*  This guy girl.  Oh yeah! Flaming bag of poo, stink bombs that make Sims vomit, romance with an imaginary girlfriend, woohoo in the shower, strippers, and bachelor party blackmail.  Now I know what my Legacy has been missing!  Thank you EAxis, please take more of my money.

While my sister in-law was visiting she left her Sims in my care *maniacal laugh.*  We will be seeing them in future generations…

Last time Fritty had a new baby, Lox.  And Miller was drunk and drinking.  Strawberry became engaged to Tina Newton, Booty-Call Bonita’s sister.  Juice and Bonita became pregnant again.  And Raspberry drugged Crisco and hog tied him to her bed.  Just kidding, Crisco passed out and spent the night in Raspberry’s bed where she watched him all night long.  In the morning Crisco freaked when he saw Raspberry’s Crisco Shrine, she hasn’t heard from him since.  And I rebuilt the house to be a single level with a basement.

Edamame: Well hello to you too!

Oh sorry, ladies.  Hello.

Edamame: And just where have you been this entire time?  You know you left me here with Frittata and she hasn’t shut up about her brats the entire time!!!

Frittata: Is it so bad to love and be proud of your children?

Edamame: You’re getting love confused with obsession!

Speaking of obsession.  Crisco died and broke Raspberry’s heart.

Raspberry: *sobbing, snorting, wailing and gasping*

Edamame: Ugh, that looks disgusting.

Frittata: It sounded disgusting too.  Wet, very wet.

Before Crisco passed on I took pity on Raspberry and allowed her something which has been in her wants FOREVER.

Ummm... I have no words.

And I never intended for it to be part of the story, but this other thing happened…

Damn you Risky Whoohoo!  HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN!  I have a full house!  I have eight Sims in my Legacy House.  How did she get pregnant!

Edamame: WHAT! Oh my freaking llama crap!  How could you let this happen!  They are first cousins!

Frittata: First cousins once removed.

Edamame: Shut- Wha-  Who’s side are you on?  It doesn’t matter.  Now this family has an incest baby in the house.  OH THE SHAME!  I AM TURNING IN MY GRAVE!!!

Oh wow, I thought Frittata was the actress here.

Frittata: I know, right?  Must be in the blood.


Okay, you have your pity party and I will move on with the story.

Raspberry can’t get over her impending single-motherhood.

Raspberry: We were going to get married. Strawberry: I dont think tha- Raspberry: We were GOING TO GET MARRIED! Strawberry: Oh Okay. Leaving now.

And just because I really like this picture.

Raspberry pouting

She’s desperate to give her unborn child a father.  After a brief conversation with the town drunk, Raspberry became more desperate than ever.

Miller: *wipes mouth* Snurrrrlah. Guh, mussah been sssomsin I ate... hic... Raspberry: Miller, Im pregnant.

Miller: Awww. Sa lil baby in, in, in...hic... in...

Raspberry: Youre going to make a great father. Miller: Shay waaaaa... hic...aaat?

Miller: Who have you told this to? Do you know who my wifes father is? Speak of this to NO ONE!

Edamame: Oh my, he actually thinks he could be the father.

Frittata: No. He’s just…no.  Right?

Frittata, when does he have time to get another woman pregnant?  He’s either at work or the two of you are in the time machine, hot tub, bedroom or elevator.

Edamame: How would he know?  He’s constantly drunk.  Fact: Alcohol causes pregnancy.

Um, no.  That’s not the way it works.

Edamame: Whatever, Donut was drunk when I got pregnant.  

You mean when you lied about being pregnant.

Edamame: I’m trying to prove a point here.  Frittata was drunk when she got pregnant with Peach.  See.

I’m not explaining this to a dead woman.

Edamame: This happened because you let Kit Kat marry her brother.  Now everyone thinks they can have their cousin’s baby.

Failing Raspberry attempted to take her mind off her pain.

Raspberry: You two having fun? Juice and Bonita: *wet sounds*

Raspberry: Dont mind me, Ill just watch.

Frittata: Yuck.  That’s creepy.

Edamame: Makes you wonder what she’s doing when you and Miller are… you know…

Frittata: No!  Not until now.  Thank you!

Edamame: You know her father was freaky like that too.  He liked to watch Apricot and Steven make out.  

After a good 15 minutes of watching Juice and Bonita mack on each other Raspberry drove to the cemetery where she looked for her beloved.  As she does everyday now.

Meanwhile, Steak is off in his bedroom with his new best friend, Cube.  He brought  cube back from one of his visits to the future.  He and Cube had a very strange relationship.

Steak: Ah, Cube, you are so insightful.

Frittata: He talks to it in the middle of the night.  It’s very strange.  I think he could be crazy.

Edamame: Are you afraid for your life in the middle of the night?  Do you have nightmares that he could do you some bodily harm?  Are you scared of your own son?

Frittata: Err… no…  He’s my brother.

Edamame this is not about you.

Speaking of sons.  Frittata taught Lox to walk out in the garden.  And I think it’s obvious who he get’s his hair from; that’s not a giant tomato!

Edamame: With the sprinklers going?

Frittata: It provides incentive.  I read it in a parenting magazine.

Edamame: Oh, I used hunger for that. 

Lox is also fully potty trained now.  That makes one of the men in the house.

Miller: ssslong as no one saw, I can blame it on ssah baby.

Frittata: That was Miller!  I thought Lox was playing with his potty again!

This doesn’t look dangerous at all!  Parenting fail.

Frittata: Oh my baby!

Edamame: Well, if he survived the sprinklers then what harm can a pool full of water cause him?

On a side note: The backyard will be changed.  I was just tried of doing everything over and over 14,000 times.

Raspberry came home late from the cemetery and brought with her a familiar friend.  Say hello to Crisco sans his skin.  I guess love really is blind.

Edamame: Oh, so now the house has a necrophiliac and two nymphomaniacs, nice…

Frittata: She can’t leave the house soon enough.  I don’t want her influencing my children.

Edamame: Their grandfather is Death.  I’m sure they have other things to worry about.

Other things like catching their parents in the act.  Nymphomaniac is right!  These two do it anywhere and everywhere.

The hot tub.

Miller: This is the last time! I really need to go to bed. Frittata: Oh, well go to bed alright.

The laundry room. (Not really.)

Miller: Did I just hear the spin cycle?

And of course their bedroom.  Poor Napoleon…

Napoleon: Make it stop. MAKE IT STOP!!!

Miller is so exhausted from all the woohoo that he took a nap in Elvira Slayer’s bed during her party!

Miller: Imma juss lay down fora.......

Of course Elvira asked Miller to leave.  That bed is there for her blood donors use.

Elvira: Its time to go, Miller. Miller: Waa? Isssjusssa lil nap before I get mparty on.

Edamame: Your husband is a tragedy.  

And my Sim Self had a party and invited Strawberry to it.  LOL, she lives in a trailer and has a pool party without a pool!  Chanel, my Sim Self’s daughter is not impressed.

Chanel: *yawn* Mom, your friend and party are L-A-M-E! Sarah: Shouldnt you be in bed, Chanel?

Edamame: Llama farts!  You live in a TRAILER!  Harharharhar.

We all have to start somewhere.  You started on a lawn without a house.

Frittata: Oooo, burnnnnn…

Edamame: Whatever, I built an empire.

More like a troop of monkeys.

Frittata: *giggles*

Edamame: Laugh while you can, wait until everyone is able to see your descendants make monkey faces.  Probably your grandchildren?  You won’t be laughing then.

And speaking of Frittata’s descendants, Frittata and Lox both had birthdays.

Frittata after a makeover.

Frittata: Isn’t she the cutest!

Edamame: How can you tell?  She kind of blends in with the wallpaper.  And her hair is in her face!  Is she ashamed of herself?

Frittata: She doesn’t look like you so I doubt it.

Edamame: Oh, har-har-har, look who tried to pull one over on me.  You can’t fool the master, sweetie.

Before you start drawing blood let’s move on to Lox’s birthday.


Frittata: Don’t you just want to eat him up?

Edamame: What?  Like on a bagel?  Don’t be an idiot.  We are named after food, we are not really food.

Peach and Lox already have a great relationship.  Peach helps Lox with his homework everyday.

Frittata: So if Crisco and Raspberry share a common ancestor and that ancestor is Ginger...

Frittata: Uh.  They are too cute.  I just want to hug them and squeeze them and kiss them…

Edamame: Bile. rising…

Raspberry you say?  She had her baby; meet Jasmine Rice.  I’ll call her Jasmine from now on.  She’s clumsy and loves the outdoors.

Edamame: Look at her face.  That’s from her parents being related.  You better check to see if her fingers and toes are webbed.

And with the addition to Jasmine in the house Frittata’s icon disappeared from the sidebar.  If anyone knows how I can fix this please PLEASE let me know!

She’s still part of the house, she just doesn’t have a clickable icon anymore!  Damn you Risky Woohoo!

Okay, I’m going to end this here rather abruptly.  That’s all the pictures I have, I will try to get more next time.  I really wanted to get this post out since it has been so long.

I also have pictures to give a house tour if anyone is interested.


About skehrer

I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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37 Responses to Chapter 87: Just Push Play

  1. spongeb0berz says:

    The panel thing… yea can’t be fixed I don’t think. To get to her panel though, just click the top sim, then hit spacebar and you’ll be on her panel. :]

    Great update! Well worth the wait, so funny XD Poor Crisco… or should I say yay for Crisco? No more being pestered xD. Can’t wait to see what Jasmine looks like ^_^. And Fritts kids are so shiny XD


  2. missmiserie says:

    Have you tried turning on testingcheats and adding her to the house?

    Nice, incest babies <_< good luck with those!

    • skehrer says:

      She’s still a member of the house. Her icon just isn’t on the panel anymore. I’m going to have a look at Twallan’s mods; he has something for everything.
      I’m looking forward to seeing what she looks like too. Raspberry and Crisco, I shudder at the thought.

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  4. watchung123 says:

    I think that you have to move one of the sims out. That happened to me once.

  5. Amy6 says:

    I don’t know how to fix that but maybe if you move someone out who is not needed in the house ( *Cough* Rasberry *Cough*) Then her icon will reappear!?

    • skehrer says:

      I wasn’t planning to move anyone out just yet. I’m greedy and want the points for their LTWs! Raspberry, Strawberry and Juice are almost at the top of their careers. Once that happens they will all be moved out. Strawberry and Juice will be married first, of course. (Not to each other.)

  6. Senny Paine says:

    YAY!!! I’ve missed the Foods! I really want to see the House! And yes, I am veeeery excited about Generations!!

  7. secretsimmer says:

    Haha, I LOVE your legacy! So much better than mine ;P
    {That’s why I’ve been putting off playing with them, but don’t tell them!}

    Well, about the sidebar thing, I know that AwesomeMod has an option to let you set how many Sims can be in your household, but that’s a core mod, sticky stuff, and besides Twallan is so much better ;]
    You could also check on the official website’s forum for anyone who’s had this problem, they could have advice on how to fix it. ^.^


    • skehrer says:

      Thank you so much!
      I’m terrified of using any core mods in my game. Maybe I’m a commitment-phobe. I’ve had so many struggles with my computer, I just don’t want to chance anything with this new one.
      Oh, I’m sure your legacy is great. Share the link with me and I’ll try to read it when I have some quiet time.

  8. Maldric says:

    Yaaay! I’m all caught up on your legacy! I love it! ^-^ I simply can’t get enough of Edamame’s banter and now with Frittata, hahaha! I find myself laughing out loud so hard my fiance thinks I have screw loose. Keep it up!! I can’t wait till the next chapter! ^-^

    • skehrer says:

      I love hearing that! I cackle through writing my posts, my husband thinks I am crazy too! He doesn’t read it so he doesn’t understand.
      Thanks for reading, I’m hoping to get a post up this weekend, but with Easter here it may fall through. I will try!

      • Maldric says:

        Just focus on enjoying your Easter and Easter break! I know I will. ^-^ Although, I wait eagerly for the next chapter…I check back here almost daily. XD

        Also, I have to know…where do you get your clothing and special patch downloads?? I just love them. ^-^

      • skehrer says:

        I use Mods from Twallan. I have Story Progression, Master Computer, The Woohooer and Overwatch. (I think that’s all of them.)
        As far as CC which clothes are you interested in? I get my CC from a few places, if I know what one you are interested in I can send you to the right place.

  9. Jenny says:

    I started reading your blog a few days ago, just haven’t been commenting… your sims are HILARIOUS!! i have tried and failed many times to do a legacy and i always succumb to cheats… what’s your secret for keeping this up for so long?? Great legacy and I love hearing about your babies (I’m a married mother of three)!! keep it coming, i’ll keep checking!!

  10. skehrer says:

    Thank you so much for the comment!!! 🙂

    I’ve tried Legacies with The Sims 2 and could never get one to work for me. But when the Sims 3 came out and Pinstar had his new streamlined set of rules I knew I was going to try blogging it. I love reading other’s stories and I thought maybe someone would also like mine. Turns out writing this blog is the best way to keep me going. All of the feedback I get pushes me to work on my next post.
    I barley have time to play with my two girls, maybe that’s why I haven’t gotten bored with it. I can’t imagine having three kids and finding time to play, how do you do it!

  11. Devon (Mother_Of_Llamas) says:

    That was great! (:

    Could you post pictures of the house, or give a tour? I would love to see what you did to it! 😀

  12. Monique(: says:

    Hello. (:

    I just wanted to tell you how much I love your legacy!

    It’s really, really, great!

    You have inspired me to start a legacy will I will hopefully put up in a few days time. :]

  13. bamitsabbey says:

    I’ve read your whole blog and this has to be my favorite I’ve read so far. Usually I get bored and stop half way through, but I really love this. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next chapter and I do think you should do the house tour.

  14. CerealMonster says:

    You called Peach “Fritatta” about 3-4 times, it was getting confusing D:
    I love Edamame’s jabs at everything xD

  15. EDI'scake says:

    You could say Steak’s cube is a… Companion cube 😀

    • skehrer says:

      LOL! I LOVE that! I’ve also noticed in one of the expansion or stuff packs there is a small lamp that looks similar. I don’t want to spoil any possible story lines, but it could be Companion Cube’s baby!

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