A Non Chapter: House Tour

Non chapter? Whaaat?  Yeah that’s right; this is not a chapter, but a tour of the new house.  When you’re ready we will proceed.  And please remember no flash photography or video cameras.

Here is the outside of the new house as it is right now.  I plan on making some changes so the family will no longer be bothered by the paparazzi.  After having to rebuild the dumb thing 4-5 time I left the outside alone.  Also, I have no idea why there is a chair outside the house there, I just noticed it.  Please refrain from sitting in it, I don’t know where it’s been.

Please come in.  Ignore the man you see in entry, he’s not really there…

Oh great you’re all here…

Side note:  This tour will be done with the SimSelves that I have in my game.  I’ve recently put a few of you in here!  *sings*

Starla (author of The Creeper Legacy) and her boyfriend Chad Creeper (Creeper founder)

Sabrina (author of The Southern Prettacy) and her boyfriend Leroy Secksie (Southern Prettacy founder)

Andie (author of Rated R for Language) and her boyfriend Thor Jenkins (uglacy founder). Sadly I didn’t have Thor’s hair in the game so he must make do with the unfortunate Fabio hair.

Also Yusun and Wilde are here too.  Ladies, keep your clothes on!

Sabrina you look worried…  STARLA!  Please behave and keep your fangs in your face until after the tour.  You can snack on Sabrina after.

Starla: *evil laugh*

Sabrina: *cringe*

Yusun, please stop trying to scare Andie.

Yusun: *growl*

Andie: Bitchplz!  I will download and murder you!

Oh look there’s Genghis sleeping on the floor.  This is the family’s entry.  As you can see this is the hall of portraits.  This will soon become the hall of heirs.

Sorry about the lack of roofing, The family just wanted to let in all the natural light possible.  Looks as though they also have magical ceiling lights.

The archway to our right leads into the kitchen and dining areas and the archway further down the same wall leads into the living area.  The halls to the left lead to a bathroom and bedrooms as well as the elevator.  The family’s gym is also off the second hall.

If you will please follow me passed the first archway.

And down here to the second…

Excuse me, sir?  Yes, yes, I know it’s interesting, but could you please stay with the group.  We will have a look at the kitchen in a moment.  Thank you.

If you will all follow me to the dining table we will be to see both the living room and the kitchen.

And here we are in the center of the heart of the home.

As you can see the family chose to decorate with a blend of turn of the century furniture and 1920s furniture.  These rooms are also decorated in a soothing blue and cream combination though a few pieces stick out.  Namely that couch there which looks like some one burned to death in it.

Andie!  Thor!  Give it a rest!

Now if you will turn your attention to the kitchen.

And this is the kitchen.  It looks like the family tried to marry some 1920s furnishings with French Country.  That bar in the center throw the whole thing off.  But, Miller has to have his booze…  Speaking of which: Please excuse the smell of alcohol and vomit.

Ma’am, could you please get up off the floor.  No,  I do not know where Miller emptied his stomach.  Yes, I know everyone loves Miller.  Ma’am please, I doubt you will find anything to sell on eBay.  The family employs a maid.

Chad! Get out of the refrigerator!

And we’re walking…  This hall will soon become the Hall of Spares.  It’s ironic because this wing is where Frittata and her family sleep.  The door you see on your right is the bathroom, and just passed that is the door to the garage.

And this is the bathroom.  Not much to see, it’s just a bathroom.


Leroy: It’s the only thing that sooths the burnin’.

Okay, let’s move on.  If you will back out into the hall you will see the entry to the garage.

See, just a boring garage…  Wilde and Yusun.  I’m afraid to ask but what were the two of you doing?

Wilde: Oops I did it again.  I slept with your wife, she’ll be pregnant for life.  Gimme some babies, babies

It’s old now Wilde, and you’re ruining Britney’s song.

If you could exit and go back into the hall.  The archway on the right leading to the laundry which we will see before the bedrooms there.

This is the laundry room…

What?  Really?  Sabrina, what are you doing?

Sabrina: Do you know if Miller has had his underwear washed lately?

No.  Miller has his underwear dry cleaned.  Why do you want his underwear?

Sabrina: No reason.  Sleep with it under my pillow.

Now we will turn around and enter Lox’s room.  Which is a bit of a jungle *snicker*.

(So I took this picture before he grew into a child.)

Okay, let’s move to the next room which belongs to Peach.  Peach is a fan of the color pink, but down’t want to over do it.

And now on to Frittata and Miller’s bedroom.  This is exciting because in this room is where Frittata and Miller keep all of their awards.  You know they are HUGE celebrities.

OH MY GOD!  What are the two of you doing!  Never mind, I already know.  Just stop.  Stop it now.

Sabrina: What, he said I could pretend he was Miller.

Oh my, oh my.  Just avert your eye and quickly walk this way to the bathroom.  As you can see the bathroom is a little extravagant for an eco friendly sim like Frittata.

And if Wilde and Sabrina are gone we can continue with our tour.

And we will continue back out into the hall and through the living area.  Andie, Thor, glad you’re enjoying the house tour.

Andie and Thor: *wet kissing sounds*

From here we will go right through the hall to the gym.

*SIGH*  Does this guy have ADD?  Chad, please stop or I’ll put you in the corner.

Chad: Hai-YAH!

This is the gym.  The family has all modern equipment.  Please don’t break anything…CHAD!

If you will all follow me down the hall we will take a peak into Steak’s room at the end of the hall.

This is Steak’s room as you can see it is filled with things from his time travels including Cube.

Stepping back out into the hall we can see where Jasmine Rice sleeps.  And it looks like Papa Bear and Napoleon are playing Hide and Seek again.  Down the hall we will enter the door on the right, Strawberry’s Room.  Please do not interact with Chad, he’s having a time-out.

Chad, do not move from that corner!

Chad: *pouts*

And this is Strawberry’s room.  As you can see it is surpr-*GASP*

*grumbles* that’s enough of Strawberry’s room.  Let’s move on to Raspberry’s and hope there are no surprises.

This is Raspberries room, complete with Crisco.   Raspberry keeps her room dark, she prefers the glow of her candles.

Now if you will follow me out into hall hall again and down to Juice’s bedroom…  Oh no…  Let’s pretend we don’t see her.

Napoleon: …15, 16, 17, 18…

Poor Napoleon…

Just walk around the evil Starla and through the door on the right.  No don’t touch her, she may bite.

And here we have Juice’s room.  All this loot has been stolen at some point in his career.  The bed is a actual car which he converted to a bed.  I doubt CARFAX has that info.

Now if you will all meet me at the elevator we will continue our tour in the basement.

HOLY PLUMBBOB IN THE SKY!!!  How long were we in Juice’s room?  I can’t believe this.  That’s the last time I invite Wilde anywhere.

Straighten your clothes!  Let’s have a looks at the bathroom down the hall and give Wilde and Starla a minute.

Here is the bathroom.  It’s a bathroom, people do things in here that aren’t talked about.  Much like the elevator…

Okay, back to the elevator.  *Kenny G music*

Elevator: BING!

Here is the basement.  This is where the family stores all the junk that doesn’t have a place.  That’s Amenhotep, he thinks the metals and gems are his for the afterlife.

We will enter the door on our right.  This is Steaks’s inventing/Sculpting/Time Travel Room.  It’s a triple threat, all other rooms in the house are vastly jealous.

Exiting the room we will turn left.  This is the other side of the basement.  Awe invoking isn’t it?

Through the archway to the left is the family’s nectar room.  With an alcoholic like Miller in the house it only make sense to start bottling your own.

And now if you all will follow me back up to the first floor and out the front door.  You know how you got here, you can leave the same way.

Thank you for leaving visiting.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have sheets to was, underwear to count and an elevator to sterilize.

Alright.  That was the tour.  I hope you all enjoyed yourself, I know the SimSelves did.  Hopefully I can have the next chapter up soon.

I’ll leave one last picture with you because I think it’s funny.


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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12 Responses to A Non Chapter: House Tour

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  2. Senny Paine says:

    I love it! Also, happy mother’s day!

  3. skehrer says:

    Thank you. Happy Mother’s Day to you as well!

  4. mamatollamas says:

    That was great! The house is really nice 😀 Have a great Mother’s Day!!

  5. missmiserie says:

    Love the house! I wish I could make a house like that ._.

    Oh my, my simself is so rude! But if Leroy’s my boyfriend, I don’t blame her <__>

    • missmiserie says:

      OH, and happy mother’s day, even though it’s 12:02 May 9th here right now 😛

    • skehrer says:

      Thanks for the Mother’s Day wishes, it’s only 9:15 here so you ok on time 🙂

      Thanks for the house compliment! I look at house plans for inspiration when I set out to build.

      My husband thought I was nuts with all the cackling I was doing. And then when he saw Leroy. Oh his face!!! “What is THAT?!” LOL!!!

  6. bamitsabbey says:

    I love it (:
    I wish I was as good as you. I’m pretty bad when It comes to making houses. 😛

  7. Madcapp says:

    I really like how you decorate!

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