Chapter 88: Daddy’s Little Girl

I should really put the family’s valuables in a chest, but I like to torment Amenhotep.

Amenhotep: Can…almost..reeeeeeeach…

Welcome back for another Food Legacy update!  Let’s get started.

Peach has become Daddy’s little girl.  She’s constantly rolling wishes to talk to Miller or something else.  So she’s been learning the Mixology skill.

Miller: Heyyy shweety, you makin Daddy break-hic, break-hic, break-hic-fast?

Edamame: Oh yeah, there’s a way to stay on Miller’s good side.

Of course she is still learning.

Miller: UHGU-plumbbob! Whass in thisss? It tastes like pi-hic-sss. Peach: Sorry Daddy, you want another?

But than again maybe it was something Steak did…

Miller: Hmm. Steak: *sinister laugh*

Frittata: Oh no!  Steak pee’d in the shaker!

Edamame: Are they still fighting!

Miller: Yeahshure, I'lllll hav'vanuther. Steak: *whipsers* Drink it up...

Steak has been hard at work with his sculpting and time travels.

Edamame:  Hehehe, Miller has peepee mouth.

Steak: Looking good, Dumbo. Looking good.

Edamame:  The way he is staring at that elephant’s butt is making me uncomfortable.

Frittata: Uncomfortable?!  You should have heard him crying over all the splinter he had!

Edamame: Dare I ask where?

Frittata: I don’t want to know.

While Steak zips off to the Past or Future looking for my gnome; Miller enjoys some quality time with Cube.

Miller: Sssso, you n Shlim Jimmm? Whashthat about hic?

Miller: *burp* OH umm....sssorry. Lil' bita puke n my mouth.

Miller *fart* I godda go...juss threw up in my pants...

Miller: Eh, squishy.

Miller: It'sss startin na trickle down...

Miller: Hmmm, ssssmells like cabbage...

Edamame: Doesn’t he know the difference between vomit and diarrhea? 

Frittata: Shut up, it’s cute.

Edamame: So you saw it then?

Frittata: Don’t be disgusting. 

Miller hobbled out of Steaks room as best he could without losing what had pooled in his pants.  But others in the house knew what he had done.

Raspberry: I think Miller pooped his pants. Juice: That's like the perfect poop. (Jackass Number Two)

Edamame: Great.  The two crazies are together.

Frittata: They don’t like each other.

After Crisco died Juice some how became Raspberry’s new boss.  I’ve been trying to get them to make nice with each other but every time I look away they end up with person person minuses.

Raspberry: Gross! Juice: What? I'm getting married! (Mr. and Mrs. Smith)

In his drunk/distracted state Miller forgot the drink he set on Cube.  When Steak returned for his afternoon nap he noticed the vibe in his room felt off.

Steak: Someone's been in here. *whispers* Miller!

Edamame: Have I seen that outfit before?

Frittata:  Do you mean in Tron?

Edamame: Did you know that is a true story?  I knew Flynn, he wanted me to marry him.

Frittata: You are so full of lies.

Edamame:  No I’m not.  In fact, we are stuck in a computer right now.

Edamame, stop trying to scare Frittata.

Edamame: Alright.  But really we’re in the Matrix.  *sigh* Neo.  He wanted a piece of this too.  You know Barley was Neo’s son.  Then he had to go and take that damn red pill…

Ignore her.  She speaks nothing but lies.


Steak decided to confront Miller.  He went about it in the wrong manner.


Miller: Do you know who my mother is? Moon-Unit Creeper!!!

(Miller is Moon-Unit Creeper’s son from a pairing with a random Sim in another game of mine.)

Frittata: Oh, this can’t be good.  No one insults Miller’s mother.

Edamame: What like she’s someone special?

Frittata:  She and my dad have this ‘thing.’  Let’s just say they’re close…

Miller: Think, Meatloaf, think. Unless you want to end up like all the others...

Steak backed off (for now) and Miller abruptly ran out to the trampoline to have a little drunk fun.

Miller: 3...2...1...

Miller: BLASHT OFF!!!

Miller: I can a bird!

Edamame: What a moron!

When Miller came out of orbit he decided to play a game of catch with his son, Lox.

Lox: Daddy, catch!

Edamame: Maybe he should start a career in dance instead of sports.  Look at that arabesque!  

Frittata: My son can do anything he wants to do.  He’s perfect.

Edamame: Right…

Lox: *girly scream*

Edamame: *snorting*

Frittata: Miller doesn’t understand his own strength. Lox is just a boy.

Miller’s boss Brennan Britt (Crisco’s son with Jill Britt) stopped by for an unexpected visit.

Brennan: Work stuff. Miller: Yeah, work stuff.

When Raspberry saw him she was dumbstruck.

Raspberry: Uhhhhhh... Frittata: Razz, are you alright? Raspberry: crisco...

Frittata: She thought Brennan was a younger version of Crisco visiting from the past.  She thought he was here to take her and their son to live with him.

Edamame: Son?  You mean daughter, Jasmine, right?

Frittata: Yeah…

Oh yes Jasmine, the fatherless baby.  She had a birthday.

Miller: Wooo a party YEAH!!!

Then Raspberry placed Jasmine on the floor for her sparkles and look at what we have here!

Lox: Aunt Raspberry you have a man's face on your butt!

Edamame: NO WAY!  

Frittata: It was a shock to everyone.

Here’s Jasmine.  Take a good look, she doesn’t look this way for long.

Jasmine: Sparklies!

Here she is after he makeover.  Raspberry has taken to calling her Junior.

Jasmine, I mean Junior.

Frittata: Poor child.

Edamame: Well, what do you expect of a woman who had her cousin’s baby and is obsessed with a dead man?

Pretty much the whole family looked like Steak here when they saw her, him, HER! (Steak shirt is my favorite shirt in the game!)

Steak: Ohmy. Peach: FFFFFTTTT!

Because it’s not a party unless someone get’s falling down drunk, Miller started to toss them back.

Miller: GULP

Edamame: Oh, but Miller doesn’t have a problem.

Frittata: He just likes to have fun.

And a drunk Miller is a randy Miller.

Miller: Mmmm hmmm...

One thing led to another and Miller and Frittata ended up in the elevator.  (I have no idea why they put their clothes on just to take them off again.)

Love in an elevator

Edamame: Well, I guess being drunk wouldn’t be a problem then…

A little experimenting and I heard a lullaby.  Now that I have the portrait mod from Twallan (AWESOME) I’m just embarrassing it.

This elevator get’s quite a workout.  Everyone and their brother woohoos in there.

Bonita: You better not get me pregnant.

Edamame: Who’s woohooing with their brother?  Raspberry?  Peach???  It’s disgusting what you’ve done to this family!

No, Edamame!  Not with their brother, and their brother.

Edamame: Is that one of those orgies?  Are they having those in the elevator and why wasn’t I invited?!

Frittata: Gross, go back to your urn.

Yuck, I agree completely.

Juice has been getting arrested again.  He’s one level away from the top of his career and his LTW.  Why is he getting arrested?  He’s becoming a hardened criminal!

Juice: ...prison is no fairy-tale world. (The Shawshank Redemption)

Edamame: That is a scary face.  I wouldn’t want to meet him in an alley.

Frittata: What would you be doing hanging out in an alley anyway?

Edamame: What? *huffs* Well, for your information, dear, I was a journalist.  I brought the news to the people and was known getting right to the heart of the matter.

Frittata: That sounds like Grandma Nutmeg…  Aren’t you known for being the antagonist in that book My Baby’s Mama Drama?

Edamame: What!  What!  WHAT!!!  

Frittata: *smirks* Works every time.

Side note: Bonita gave Juice a daughter, Nakia:

Back to the point.  Someone did get their LTW: Frittata and Strawberry!

Strawberry: Cheeeeese!

Edamame: Umm, that’s two someones…

Shut up!

After Strawberry invited her boss over for a chat and donating blood she had everything she needed for a promotion.

Elvira: ...and so if you donate blood to my...experiment. I will make sure you get your promotion.

Edamame: Maybe I’m getting used to her, but Strawberry doesn’t look as hideous as she used to.

Reaching her LTW meant that Strawberry could finally move out of the house.  Good news for her because she was tired of hearing Juice and Raspberry bicker. (Seriously, all. the. time.)

Strawberry: Calgon, take me away!

And she was incredibly tired of sharing the house with Raspberry’s beloved.

Strawberry: This place smells like Crisco.

Frittata: Raspberry’s bedroom smells horrendous.

Strawberry: Hey, baby, I just got my promotion. Tonight's the night.

Edamame: Look at that.  Maybe I misjudged her.  She’s kinda pretty there.

Tina Newton came to the house in a nanosecond.  She was more than ready to get out of her situation back home.  Living with Bonita and her three children was not ideal.

But first it was birthday time. I completely forgot about Strawberry and Raspberry’s birthday so there was no cake.  it completely interrupted my lazy attempt at an entryway wedding. Rude!

Raspberry: Grow up already! Strawberry: Weeee!

Edamame: Is Raspberry trying out some new greasy hair style? 

Edamame: My mistake!  Oh, that she is not pretty.  NOT PRETTY!

Frittata: She really needs a makeover.

Edamame: Or a plastic surgeon.  She just needs a whole new face!

And once they were married I kicked them both out to find their own way in Story Progression. Buh-bye!

Okay, this chapter is long enough.  I have more pictures so hopefully the next one will be out sooner rather than later.

Here’s the news on the street:

Mi Simself’s son George and Samantha (Creeper) Food had a baby.  They were soon married.  I am so proud.

Sabrina and Leroy split up.

Sabrina moved into a waterfront house.  Same address Wilde Oates has.  I wonder if something is up with that…

But maybe not because she is stalking Leroy.

Who is now the town gigalo.

And that’s it!  I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading!


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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8 Responses to Chapter 88: Daddy’s Little Girl

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  3. Emchic says:

    I love this legacy! Edamame rocks. In fact, I’ve been reading legacy after legacy for months now, but it was yours that finally inspired me to start my own legacy blog. If you’re so inclined and you’ve got the time to read it, here’s the link:

    Keep up the good work!

  4. spongeb0berz says:

    Lmbo! Leroy is the town Gigalo XD That was funny. I thought that Sabrina would be the one getting stalked, not the other way around XD. I really love Steak he is just full of awesome. And that was so funny with her thinking he was Crisco coming back for her, and lol at making poor little “JR” look like a boy. Poor girl ❤ I didn't know Miller was Moon Units son in your game! I can see the resemblance =) Ahhh Moon unit XD ❤ I love her.

    • skehrer says:

      Well, you know what they say about big noses and Leroy has the bigest nose in town!!! Yeah Jasmine Rice = JR = Junior (Jr). My husband is totally uninterested in The Sims (except helping me with names), when I told him my plan for JR he chuckled so I knew I had to put it in.
      Raspberry won’t let “Crisco” go this time. We will see more of her tragic love life.
      Those Creeper genetics were too good to pass up!

  5. missmiserie says:

    Oh Miller. Don’t poop your undies, that’s so gross! It’s not like I want them or anything <___<

    Stalk Leroy? That's just a nasty rumor spreading, it has to be! Right?! … RIGHT?!

    Great chapter though, even if Strawberry grew older looking a little funky XD

    • skehrer says:

      LOL! I don’t think you want those undies!
      I haven’t noticed your simself hanging around him, but I’ll be sure to keep a closer eye on her in the future.
      Funny, but so far all the other simselves are really quiet…
      Strawberry is uuuuugly!

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