Chapter 89: Such is Mango

Looks like Papa Bear has been huffing the newspaper again.

Papa Bear: *is passed out*

Is it a surprise to anyone out there that Miller is drunk?  No?  I didn’t think so.

Peach: Dad?

Peach: Dad, are you alright?

Peach: Should I go get Mom? Miller: Nnnnn nu-uh...

Miller: Daddyz godda go-tah work. You make me a drrrrrin?

Peach has met herself a man!  His name is Paul Kearns they are head over heals for each other.  It’s too bad he’s too old for her.

Paul: Your eyes are so blue, like a Caribbean sea.

Edamame: Gross, did he really use that line on her?

Peach: I love your look, Paul. You're so alternative.

Frittata: Aren’t they just so cute together!

Edamame: You say that now.  Wait until he get’s her pregnant.

As Peach tries to explain about her family and their careers all Paul can think about is getting her into bed.

Miller: Cute, Peash hasaaa lil' ffrien over from shchool. Tush her and l'loose boaf hans.

They moved their conversation to the table, but Paul just could’t keep his thoughts from wandering.

Paul: (thinking) Hmmm, I would really like to kiss you...

Edamame: That man is going to get your girl in trouble!

Finally he had to tell Peach it like it was.

Paul: Peach, I really like you. But I don't think I should be around you until you're out of high school.

Frittata: Paul is a good boy.  He knows what a good girl Peach is and he doesn’t want to do anything to soil her reputation.  Besides, Miller would murder him.

Peach was heart broken, but understood.

Miller: *off camera* Han sheck! Paul: Right here, sir. Right here.

So Paul left and Peach continued to work on her mixology skill.  Miller decided to sit down and have a slice of stale cake.

Peach: Oops,sorry! Miller: Wassa the ezspensive boddle?

Edamame: I hope it was one of his favorite bottles.

Conveniently the next morning I was notified that Peach would become a young adult in two days.  In stead of waiting the two days I decided to cake her and invite Paul over.

Juice: CAKE! Everybody loves cakes! Cakes have layers. (Shrek)

Edamame: Maybe you should think about allowing Juice a little less sugar during the day.

Frittata: Juice is a grown man.  I’m not telling him what to do.

Edamame: Chicken.

Lox bored me.  I paid absolutely no attention to him during his child stage.  I’m a bad simmer…  He looks so sad in this picture.

Lox: Don't forget about me. Today is my birthday too...

Edamame: Ugh, what a whiny little brat.  I’d forget on purpose.

Frittata: My sweet boy is so quiet no one ever knows he’s around.

Here is the new Peach!!!

Peach: They're kissing again aren't they?

Edamame: Do you even wear clothes anymore?

Frittata: What?  There is nothing wrong with the female body.

Edamame: Not with mine.  But your’s is swollen with your next brat and you need to keep that covered.

Lox: They all forgot about my birthday.

Frittata: Poor, Lox!

Edamame: BWAHAHAH!  Can’t say I ever forgot about one of my kid’s birthdays, I just didn’t care.

Peach remembered and gave Lox a big birthday hug.

Peach: I love you, Lox!

Edamame: Because a hug can make up for your entire family forgetting the day you were born.  You’re a terrible mother.

Frittata: I.Will.Cut.You!

Edamame: Oh give me a break.  I was only kiding kinda.  I wasn’t serious like a heart attack.

And then Miller had to run off to work where he ended up taking a sick day because he partied a little too hard at home.

Miller: Oh, I donnfeel sogoo...

Edamame: Here it comes, Frittata.  Miller is going…

Miller: ...ohno...

Edamame: Going…

Miller: ...

Edamame: Gone!

Frittata: You’re such a bitch.

When he came to Miller headed home to shower the concrete off his face.

Miller: Rub a dub, dub.

Frittata: *drools*

After receiving a phone call from Peach about her birthday, Paul ran over the the Legacy House.

Paul: *panting* Must get to Peach before Story Progression gets me...

When Paul reached the house he went where all visitors go: The Barren Garden.  I don’t know why they all go there instead of the front door.  They’ve trampled all over the fruits and vegetables!

Peach: Oh Paul, I'm so glad you came! Paul: You are smokin'!

Edamame: Really? That’s what he had to say. 

Frittata: SHHH!!!  You’re ruining the moment.

And then they kissed.


Then Peach suggested they get engaged to which Paul agreed.  They set the wedding date for that evening.  Paul is a Family Oriented sim and really wants to have children, like yesterday.

Peach and Paul: *sighs and more kissing* Paparazzi: *snapping pictures*

Edamame: I thought you built a security gate already.

Er, um…  Not yet.  I got tired of rebuilding the yard several times.  It will happen someday.

Edamame: You’re a failure.


They went inside to tell everyone the news.

Steak: Hey guys, you make a better door than you do a window. Move it already.

Everyone went to The Cherry Tree Chapel where the wedding was to be held.  (Which has been removed from the exchange?  Have all the wedding chapels been removed?  Pretty dirty of EA to do that.  Not everyone will be buying Generations. *steps off of soapbox*)

Miller: WOO! MY PEACHY IS GETTING MARRIED!!! Peach: Dad, could you tone it down. Miller: Sure, I'll be at the bar.

And then Miller when to the bar where he did what my aunt did at my cousin’s wedding.  He completely forwent the champagne glass and drank it straight from the bottle.

Just when the happy couple were about to get married everyone decided they were hungry and left the chapel for the buffet out back!  Paul and Peach said their vows in private.  Jerks!

*tonsil hockey*

Bonita to Juice: Are you lookin' at her! You're eye should be right here at all times!

Edamame:  Why does he have to carry her?  Did she sprain her ankle in those heels?  

Frittata: He was being romantic.

Edamame: *snort* Like that ever helped anyone’s marriage.

Then my camera zoomed home where someone had forgotten to bring Lox along to the wedding.  Here he is dressed in all of his finery having his birthday…alone.

Lox: It's my birthday and no one cares!

Edamame: I hope you feel good about this, Frittata.

Frittata: I’ll feel good about slapping you.

When I returned to the wedding everyone was mingling behind the chapel with the food.

Paul: Does anyone else feel like their face has been stung by 20 bees? Miller (off camera): I'll have what's he's having.

Edamame: Wow he is messed up!

But suddenly Miller and Frittata ran off to the hospital to give birth to the new baby.  Aaaand that is when my little one found the power button on my computer! 😡  I had to do it all over again (the lazy way), so we will just pretend like this wedding in the living room here didn’t actually happen.  I much prefer the chapel pictures anyway.

Ignore this, it didn't happen.

Edammame: Serves you right for having children. 

And then Peach and Paul who is now named Mango got on with the baby making.

Do Not Disturb!

The next morning Miller decided to serenade the newlyweds with a song.

Miller: * strumming guitar*

Streak: Dude, they're still in bed. Did you sleep in your tux? Your forehead is doing that 'thing' again.

Edamame: Ingrown llama hairs!  Is that a tumor?

Frittata: Overreact much?  Miller transforms when he plays something with feeling.

Edamame: Oh, so he’s a werewolf.

Frittata: *sigh* Nevermind.

Love is blind, Edamame.  Something you wouldn’t understand.

Edamame:  Whatever, you’re both crazy.

Crazy?  Speaking of crazy Raspberry is still dressing her daughter as a boy.

Raspberry: Say Mommy loves Crisco, Junior.

Frittata: That poor, poor child. She needs rescuing.

Edamame: What?  Like she’s some princess locked in a tower?!  I was stranded in a tower.  Sadly, no rescuer came for me and I starved to death…

Frittata: Too bad you’re not still there.

Edamame: Shut up my life was tragic!  They will write stories about me!

Frittata: Fiction, maybe.

She’s also trying her hand at potty-training.

Raspberry: Did Mommy's little guy make a potty? Jasmine/Junior: No, please don't smell.

Edamame: She didn’t.

Frittata: She does.

Raspberry: *crazy baby voice* Should we got try the potty? Should we? SHOULD WE???

Jasmine/Junior: I hate my life.

Raspberry has been spending her time in other places..

Raspberry: *creepy whisper* Crisco...

Frittata: She makes my skin crawl!

Raspberry: You're looking healthy this morning... Brennan: Hello, Do I know you.

Brennan: Your clothes are crumpled and filthy. Did you sleep outside? Raspberry: Let's go inside and I'll explain everything.

Oh no, Raspberry, what have you done?

Raspberry: Together forever...

Edamame: She is crazier than Juice!

Juice has been helping Frittata work the baby weight.

Frittata: Juice, stop making that face. You're making me cry!

Edamame: Hah!  Juice made you cry!

Frittata: At least I’m not scared of my own children!

I added a child’s area to the park.  I felt inspired by the upcoming expansion pack, Generations.

Children's play area.

While I was upgrading I noticed someone hanging out in front of the school.

Andie not waiting for school to get out so she can oogle all the teenage boys.

Frittata: Where is the picture of my little Bon Bon?

Uhhh… You don’t think I forgot and had to go back into my game to get one?  P’shaw!

Edamame: That’s exactly what I think happened.

Well, you’re right wrong!

This is Bon Bon.  As of yet I am undecided if she will be in the running for heir.  I’m not sure I really want to wait that long to do a poll.  I plan on caking her as soon as I get the notices for her birthday.  Maybe she will be a teen soon after Lox becomes a young adult.

Bon Bon

I forgot to add a picture of Lox!  For some reason he reminds me of Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  I may take inspiration from that.  He may have a girlfriend in Canada.  We’ll see…

Carlton Lox

And now for the word on the street:

Sabrina is dating a new man:

Now that she has another man Leroy is rethinking their break up:

Desperate for love Leroy has been turning to other women:

And this will more than likely be the last update before Generations is released.  I’ve had to move my Family Man Challenge to my main computer.  I really need to finish that up before I can install the next E.P., I really don’t want those reputations to mess things up for Wilde.  Seeing as Wilde is now an elder maybe he will pass soon, but you never know…

Anyway, thanks for reading and happy simming!!!!


About skehrer

I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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19 Responses to Chapter 89: Such is Mango

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  2. missmiserie says:

    Ah, I love Paul, he’s so cute 😀

    Hah! Your kid. My dog does the same thing, she’ll hope up on my computer and hit the power key, sometimes I think she does it on purpose too.

    Oh, poor Brennan, I’m a little worried for him D:

    And finally, I’m glad I finally have a new man, I still can’t get over how Leroy is your town Casanova. Ew!

    Great update though! 😀

    • skehrer says:

      Paul is up as one of my favorites so far. And to think he’s from story progression!

      Leroy is going to end up with Fire Crotch, I just know it! I’ll have to invite him over for a party some time. 😉

  3. Senny Paine says:

    Peach and Mango… I prefer pears… I wonder if we’ll ever see a yogurt or a nutter butter…. maybe even a butterfinger.
    Sorry I have that stupid glucose test friday, so I quit sugar cold turkey.

    • skehrer says:

      OMG the glucose test BLECH!!! I hate that stuff!

      I craved sugar when I couldn’t eat it too.

      • Senny Paine says:

        Ugh, it was wretched. It was the 3hr one too and my arm is STILL bruised and the results have not been told to me (I was promised them Monday!!)
        I was told to go on a diabetic diet, so no carbs or sugars, meaning no bread and basically box tasting stuff. All I wanted was pizza and tons and tons of bread (I… I love bread so much… I think its because my skin is basically the shade of wonder-bread, seriously, that or milk… or I guess white out). I found out the night before I had to take it that it was optional. -_- and the next day during the middle of it my dr was like “I don’t think you have GD, blahblahblah” and I was like “… Lady.. I’ma bout to get so violent its not even going to be funny, and we’re both pregnant, this is not going to end well for either of us.”
        Sorry, ramble/rant.
        I’m really looking forward to Peach & Mango because I think she’s so stunning (possibly more than Fritty, IS THAT POSSIBLE?!!)

    • skehrer says:

      Oh no! I’ve never had to have the 3-hour test. That must have been terrible! I really hope you get your results soon and hopefully GD is not a problem for you!

      I do really like Peach and Mango. I haven’t played them since I updated though. I’m trying to finish up my Family Man Challenge first. But I really can’t wait to see what their children will look like. Hopefully some of their children will be born without the reaper skin tone so we can really see what they look like.

  4. Kelley says:

    question for you, which mods do you use? 😀 Just curious! Love the Legacy, I just found it and read through it all non-stop! 😀

    • skehrer says:

      Thank you so much! I have so much planned for this generation, I hope I can get my Family Man Challenge completed soon so I have more legacy time.
      I love Twallan’s mods. The ones I have are: Story Progression (and all its extras), Overwatch, The Woohooer, Portrait Panel and Master Controller. I’ll double check, but I think that’s all that I have.

  5. geritwag says:

    I just got my mods; I’m so happy. I only have Twallan’s Woohooer and SP, and then there’s one for toddlers and children. (Shortens toddlers life stage and gives more to the children.) Both the toddler/child one will be obsolete when I get Generations.

    I think it would have made it more interesting if Paul would have lost his hands to the wrath of Miller. That’s what beer does to you, I guess.

    Leroy, you bad, bad boy. Spreading your genes all over Sunset Valley. He’s slowly turning the town ugly! Run for the hills!

  6. Mira says:

    I read through your blog in 2-3 days maybe? (Summer vacation has started for me but not for the rest of my friends yet, so I basically spend lazy mornings stalking blogs)
    It’s so fun, and I love how Edamame critizes everything! 😀

  7. Gargantua says:

    I did it! It took me a week, but I have read the entire Food legacy and am now happily caught up. It was great fun! And Mango is a hottie, I have to say. And as for mods, once you go Twallen, you never go back.

  8. Joe Schmoe says:

    Paul is very cute 🙂

    Miller is hilarious as always. 🙂

  9. Joe Schmoe says:

    I have a new legacy and I would like it if you checked it out. 🙂

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