Chapter 90: Born on the Fourth of July


Last time on the Food Legacy Frittata had another baby (Bon Bon), Peach grew into a young adult and married Paul Kearns (now Mango) and everyone forgot about Lox’s birthday.

With Generations added to my game a few things changed in this save file.  I very nearly put the Testys in my town because I miss them.  Sad smile  If you don’t know who the Testys are they are my test family.  I posted a Generations story about them (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

First, Miller sent Lox off to boarding school where the family could properly forget about him.


Lox: Good-bye family, don’t forget about me while I’m gone!

Edamame: Forget about who?  How is he realated?

Frittata: I would thing that’s obvious.

Second, I upgraded the park with the new play equipment for children.


As you can see, it still doesn’t get any traffic.

Edamame: Maybe you should start lacing those swings with LSD.  I’ll bet the brats keep coming back then.

Frittata: I’m glad I didn’t know while you were alive.

Edamame:  You would have been HONORED to know me!!!!

And yes, there is a new addition to the house.




Edamame: Oooooookaaaaaaay…  That’s not frightening.

Frittata:  This is new.  Where is this?

Raspberry had this room built in the basement.  It’s built off of a secret room.


See the door adjacent to the door leading to Steak’s room?

Frittata: Almost…

Edamame: It seems to be hidden.

Thank you Mr. Obvious, it is indeed a hidden door.

Edamame: *glares*

Through that door is her secret room, but we’ll get back to that later.


Frittata: I feel like our lives are about to change, Miller.

Miller: *is drunk* Nnn?  Yeah…

And almost immediately after this conversation they both became elders.


This picture is awkward, but it’s the only one I took for some reason.

Then Miller became an elder.


I don’t think Starla agrees with his new look.  I was trying to go for an over the top Jimmy Buffet look.  (BTW Alexy777, thank you again for the shirt!)

I let Steak come up from his inventing/sculpting/time travel DaVinci room because he found me this beauty.  Meet Geico.


To celebrate he decided to pick a fight with Starla.


Wrong person to pick a fight with.


Soon after their fight Starla decided to leave the family a gift.



Then she decided it was time to go and her face tried to eat itself.


Edamame: I think it looks like her eyebrows and mouth are trying to high-five each other.

Peach decided it was time for a scary story. 


Edamame: Look at her face in that light.  I am scared!

About a woman who drugs a man


Frittata: Hey, how did Raspberry get in this story?

And imprisons him in a secret room in her basement.


Edamame: That room looks familiar…

Where he was forced to live off of stale birthday cake because it wouldn’t go bad.


Mango was properly horrified.


Mango: *gasp* I’ll never leave this house again!

Juice came home from work after reaching his LTW!!!  Which means he moved out!


Phone: *beep, beep, boop, boop, beep*

Miller came in and tried to give Juice some advice.  old man Miller makes the greatest faces.


Juice: Now the Wilde Men are moving through the Westfold, burning as they go. (Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers)

Miller: Eeehhh?

Then Juice left the house.


Frittata: Do you have everything?

Juice: All of it’s gone.  By-Bye.  Whoo whoo.  See ya! (Toy Story)

Miller watched him go from the window.


Miller: I’m really going to miss that guy.

Edamame: Pshhhh, whatever, he moved out.  Life goes on.

And when I entered my game again I noticed this:



The next day I decided to throw a party for Independence Day.  I searched the internets for party supplies and decorated the house for the shindig. 



I stole the Kiddie pool from the Testys’.  And the floating octopus sprinkler no longer floats.


Oh yeah, the backyard had a bit of a makeover, I’ll go over that in the next post.

The pizza guy showed up without the pizza!  He took my 30 buck anyway!  JERK!


Edamame:  He probably ate it.  You know how those pizza lovers are, always touching and licking on the pizzas.  That’s why I never ordered pizza.

Frittata: Gross!

That is disgusting.  And you never ordered pizza because you were drinking your meals.

My simself was invited to the party.  She’s an elder now.  She is wearing a bathing suit!


Edamame: Ugh.

Watch it!

Sabrina showed up.


Sabrina: I just saw that She-beast.  That Chimpanzwoman outside.  She didn’t follow me did she?

The roof blew off the house, but guests still continued to enjoy their meal.


Tina, Strawberry’s wife (right) and Stacey, Frittata’s sister came in the same bikini.

Edamame: What a social faux pas!  Nothing like that ever happened to me.  I’m such a classy lady.

Frittata: *snort*

As the last of the guests arrived Peach went into labor!


Too bad her husband was in the tub.


Mango: Is there a creepy gnome staring at me and biting his finger?

Mango did manage to get himself out of the tub and take his wife to the hospital.  Meanwhile the party continued.

There were plenty of awkward moments between the bikini twins.


Tina: I can not believe you showed up in MY bikini.

Stacey: No this I MY bikini.

Tina: Oh no you di’ent!

Bonita: Girrrl don’t make me start popping off my finger nails!

Sabrina and I decided to catch up.


Sabrina:  How’s the family?

Sarah: Grown and married.  How is Leroy?

Sabrina: That bastard?  I dumped him a while ago.

Leroy was too busy to show up at the party.


And as the sky grew dark Miller decided to light the fireworks.


  Miller: Don’t breathe on the flame. Don’t breathe on the flame.

Edamame: No kidding.  What’s his breath 100 proof?





I noticed Tina has some strange gum thing going on.


And Generations is making my sims chronically make bar drinks.


That’s right, Miller, I’m talking to you.  Put down the shaker!

Chad Creeper came late and stayed early.


In the early morning Raspberry was super excited to see a man in the house.  Quick Chad run home to Starla!


Okay, this is where I’m going to end this post.  It is far too late and I have to get up and bee a mommy in the morning.  Hopefully the next post will be better.  And next time we’ll find out what Peach and Mango’s baby is.  Until then:



Happy Fourth of July!  (to those in the States)


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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36 Responses to Chapter 90: Born on the Fourth of July

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  2. Joe Schmoe says:


    I like the torture chamber and that ghost story was hillarriousss.

    looking forward to the baby. 🙂

  3. simlover says:

    WOOT i was right you were keeping sims captive!LOLThe portrait picture happend to me to but it was caused from the stroller for me.And my sims keep making drinks to.. o.o i had to kep cannceling th stupid action! >..>.
    Where did you get the fire works?

  4. simlover says:

    Awsome chapter BTW! 🙂

  5. GeritWag says:


    I wonder what evil potions Raspberry was making? Was she going to test them on him?
    And Fritatta looks the same as an elder. I wouldn’t be surprised if she pulled an Edamame and started lying about her age.

  6. skehrer says:

    Oh, you mean Britt’s ‘dinner?’

    LOL about your idea with Fritty! Love that.

  7. uggles says:

    Awesome I love how you decorated for the holiday, the house looks spiffy – the torture chamber reminds me a bit of a basement dwelling a 40yr old nerd who refuses to leave his parents house would live in, just needs a computer and a stack of D&D books XD

  8. SecretSimmer says:

    Love it 😀 Can’t wait til the next post, ^.^

  9. missmiserie says:

    Awesome, a July 4th party update! Too bad the pizza boy sucked. He shames and humiliates the rest of the pizza delivery drivers who do their job right >:I

    And WTF Raspberry, why you so crazy girl?!

    • skehrer says:

      What is going on with my pizzas! I had the same-ish problem with the Testys. Grrrrr…

      Raspberry is desperate for love. Maybe all the rejection has driven her crazy?

  10. Elli James says:

    I’m pretty sure if I owned a Geico, taking baths would be a lot more enjoyable. I’d just be laughing the entire time! And the threat of popping off finger nails made me crack up, mostly because I’m pretty positive I’ve heard that as a legitimate threat before. It’s okay, you can judge me for hanging around people who talk like that. I’d understand.

    Eyebrows and mouth trying to high-five each other… Ahaha! I totally have a sim in my game who has that same problem! Only her face always looks like that… Very unfortunate.

    I’m excited about this baby!! It’s always fun when another sim gets added to the family, because there’s just that much more potential for another hilariously insane personality haha.

    • skehrer says:

      I’ve lived in/around Flint, Michigan most of my life. I will judge no one for having heard the ‘nails’ quote before!

      I’m not sure I ever realized you had a blog! I fail! I will try to start reading it tomorrow/today.

  11. Elli James says:

    Ahhha, I live around Dallas, Texas – that’s what makes it sad. There are some days I wish people would just stick to the southern hick cliche…

    Oh, why thank you! It’s not near as hilarious as yours, be warned. But I appreciate that greatly nevertheless! Nevermind about failing- I haven’t commented in a while myself, so I was pretty much invisible until now anyways. I can’t wait to read more from you!

  12. DB loves her Mac says:

    Is someone maybe pondering the Golddigger LTW maybe hmmmm? That looks like an excellent… chamber.

    • skehrer says:

      Great idea! I need to remember that when I have that LTW happen!
      also, I just read your comment about the Testys on my other blog. I have to say, I like the way you think. Cecila deserves nothing more than to marry Chucky and both get locked away with Trogdor! Awesome, awesome, awesome!

  13. lala says:

    amazing chapter as always! my grandma was born on th 4th :O… Cant wait for more

  14. Gargantua says:

    LOL! Raspberry seems to be taking a page of Edamame’s book for trapping men, only she is doing it better. Hooray for a 4th of July party. We watched fireworks, and I have to say the Sims fireworks look eerily similar. They should have made one that exploded into a green plumbob. Then I’d be impressed. 🙂 Excellent update, though I’m sad to see Juice go.

  15. skehrer says:

    Oh yes, Raspberry does it much better! plumbob fireworks would have been awesome! Someone need to get that to the people that care at EA.
    I was sad to see him go as well, but his children were growing up and he needed to marry their mother.

  16. Oh my gosh I just found your legacy. You are such a good decorator I’m jealous!

    LOL frittata. I like the name frittata. I think I’ll name my future children frittata… Then again, maybe not.

  17. turtles without a home anonymous says:

    OMG i just love this post cant wait till ur next one 😀

    • skehrer says:

      Thank you! I’m taking place in a build competition so I’m not sure when the next chapter will be out. When I get my house completed and submitted I’ll have time to play more.

  18. im turtleswithoutahomeanonymous and i am so hyped that u responded to my comment read my blog plz its at 😀

  19. StyxLady says:

    Sooo I’ve been reading this every night on my phone before bed for a few weeks, and I’m finally caught up! Boy, have I enjoyed the ride! But unfortunately it’s hard to comment on my phone. D:

    I’m sad to see Juice go–I loved all his quoting. Raspberry creeps me out, though. She can go anytime. >.> lol.

    Loved all the 4th of July decorations, and Miller’s Jimmy Buffet shirt rocks! Can’t wait to read more about the Food family!

    • skehrer says:

      Thank you so much! I do agree commenting with a phone sucks! But it is nice to be able to read legacies with them!
      I hope to have Juice invited over often so this should not be the last time we seen him!
      Raspberry on the other hand is still around… Sorry…

  20. How did you get the Story Progression to send you so many updates? When I moved my grown up sims out, it didn’t tell me anything. They had kids and everything and nothing popped up.

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