New Faces in Town

I’m in the process of moving new families into my Legacy Town.  The first of which are Pat and Bella Secksie.  This could be awkward for Leroy.

I’ve been a fan of the Southern Legacy for a long while, it is one of my favorites to read.  As I read their story I imagine Pat and Bella in the Dibble House which is the house in the American Gothic Painting by Grant Wood. 














So I built a sim-version of the Dibble House and moved Pat and Bella in.  First I took the opportunity to recreate the picture Southern-Style.  Open-mouthed smile

Southern Gothic crop

A few differences to note: I couldn’t get Bella’s actual look so I copied the dress from the painting as best I could.  Also, I used a hoe instead of a pitchfork.  For obvious reasons said hoe is pointed at Bella.  Winking smile 

Here is a tour of their new home:


The house, I like to call it Southern Gothic.


Here is another angle of the house.  I used what information I could gather from online images to keep the house as close to the original as possible.


The door on the left is the “front” door and leads to the kitchen.  The door on the right is not used as you will see when we enter the house.


Here is view to the right from the front door.  The door on the left leads to the back porch and the door straight on the microscopic bathroom.  The living room is the the right.


A look back at the kitchen.  Quaint.  Notice there is no refrigerator in the kitchen; that’s on the back porch.


The smallest bathroom on the PLANET!


This is the living room.


A view from the couch.  Er, loveseat, there isn’t enough room for a full couch.  Anyway, there is the reason why that door is never used, the Boob Tube.


A look back at the backdoor and stairs.  The stairs lead to the attic bedroom.


There it is.  I had to use a lot of MOO to make this work.  I could not color the walls because that’s the roof.


The other side of the room.  A crib and sleeping bag, maybe they will have children…


Back porch, the door on the right leads outside.  That’s the refrigerator.  Bella wanted a black on to match the stove.  Pat found one at the junkyard and painted it black.  Unfortunately he left it out in the rain…


Other side of the back porch.  That wood is for use in their stove.


Yeah, backyard!  You can see the barn, and on the right behind Bella is the family’s potato farm.


View to the right.


The big tree and potato farm.


Inside the barn and their rusted out old Ford.


And this is the ditch Pat dug for Bella.  She wanted a pool, she got a swimmin’ hol’.

One more thing to mention.  As I was taking pictures of Bella and Pat for photoshopping  I caught Bella doing this.  I have NEVER noticed a sim doing this in my game before.  Apparently it’s a Bella thing.


I snapped the picture a little late, but it looked like she was offering her services to the doorknob.

I’m adding other families too.  I have plans to add Garg and her husband, they will live in a mini version of La Hacienda Byrd – I may put Bradley Byrd in there with them.

A real update on the Foods will hopefully come soon!


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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15 Responses to New Faces in Town

  1. StyxLady says:

    OMG, this is epic! Love the house, and especially love the picture of Pat and Bella. <33 You are very talented!

  2. spongeb0berz says:

    ahahah LOVE IT! 😀

  3. missmiserie says:

    :O I concede defeat, your house for Pat and Bella has made mine look like amateur hour.

    Anyway, will be waiting on that Food update 😀

    • skehrer says:

      No way! Your lot has a trailer on it, that can’t be beat! 🙂
      Besides, I doubt that house it playable. I don’t think anyone will be sleeping in that bed. They’re going to fight over that sleeping bag.
      I have to say though, Pat and Bella are a lot of fun! I may sim-stalk them for a while.

  4. Gargantua says:

    Awesome! I’m firmly convinced the simming world needs more Pat Secksie! The house and the farm are really well done and truly evoke the impression of Green Acres. 🙂 I look forward to seeing what antics they get into in the Food hood!

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  6. Oh my word, do you take like classes in sims decor or something? Your houses always manage to blow my mind.

    LOL, a serviced doorknob is a happy doorknob.

    • skehrer says:

      Awww, thank you! Unfortunately that house is unplayable. I sent Fritty there to make nice with the Secksies and had her try to use the bed. Not happening. Good thing they have a couch and sleeping bag.

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