Chapter 92: A Double Birthday

Last time a bunch of stuff happened and this time a bunch of other stuff has happened.

2 am and Lox and Frittata are spending some quality time together.  No one sleeps in this house.  Now that I have a plethora of Moodlet Managers, it’s like the Twilight house and bedrooms are just for show. 



Lox: Mom, watch where you throw that thing!

Frittata: Don’t worry about it!


Lox: *girl scream*


Lox: Llama crap!  I think I’m bleeding!

Peach and Mango are enjoying another scary story.


About the man trapped in the basement (dun DUN DUUUNNN).


The woman was tired of taking her time with him.  She mixed her final potion…


And she placed it on the table with a lovely pie, because the cake…


…had SPOILED!!!


Mango: *gasp* Not the cake!


Peach: Yes, the cake!


Finally the man’s walls crumbled and he succumbed to Stockholm’s Syndrome


They shared their first kiss in front of a stinky toilet stall…


Mango: Oh noes!


Finally, the woman let him out of the basement.  Because she freed him he agreed to marry her.  Cuppy was the best man.


And then they shared a disgusting kiss before going off and raising their children as twin boys.

Well that’s it, the last scary story.  Raspberry completed her LTW and I moved her and Jasmine out.  They now live with Brennan and his son Darrin.

The gnomes are still clustering together.  So far no offspring.


Napoleon: Geico watch where you put that thing, you got my eye!

Buffy: *is out cold*


Rock Stereo: Please not me.  Please not me.

Amenhotep: Hey look, LOOK!  I’m a mummy!  EL OH EL!!!!!!1one!

Genghis: With karate I’ll kick your ass.  Here to Tiananmen Square!

Lincoln: Zombies are stupid.  Therefore you, Amenhotep, are stupid.

Amenhotep: Who said anything about zombies, jackass.  I said I was a mummy.  Mummies are kewl.

Lincoln: JACKASS!  Come over here so I can wiz on your sandals!

Edamame: I’m uncomfortable with those little porcelain creatures…

That’s why I take pictures.

Frittata: Excellent!

Bella had a party and invited Frittata over.  Bella was not pleased to see Frittata came alone.  (For some reason this is the only picture I took of Frittata at Bella’s party.)


Bella: WTF, Frittata!?!  Where are the men?  You know you are the only one I invited to this party.  You were supposed to bring the men!!!  What are we supposed to do now?

Frittata: Uhhhh…  Watch TV?

Side Note: Bella and Patriot tried moving out of the Dibble House because I’d accidentally left them with too much money. I moved them back in a dropped their funds to 50. Y’all are going no where now!

Kix was to become a toddler and Bon Bon a child, so I decided a birthday party was in order.  Look I decorated!


Edamame: Why did you pick those colors? 

Because you’re a pain in the ass!

Edamame: ???  What does that have to do with the colors you chose?

Frittata: My little Bon Bon’s birthday…

Edamame: Aren’t you dead yet?

Frittata: Suck it, you old hag!


The party goers started to arrive.  There’s Sabrina and look, she brought her old man with her!  The guy with the hair is Laron Novak; he’s a party crasher.

Bella came; she’s pregnant, hopefully the baby is Partiot’s


Bella: Are those space pants your wearing?

Miller: Er… eh… space pants?

Bella: Because your ass is out of this world.

Sabrina: *changes subject* OMG, do you smell that?  That smells wonderful!

Laron Novak (party crasher): I’m totally going to bang this chick. 


A very pregnant Peach brought Kix to the cake.

Edamame: Does her uterus have a revolving door or something?

Frittata: Jealous?


And Kix became a little girl!  I think she has her mother’s hair, but it could be grey.  I’m not sure I ever mentioned her traits so here they are: Absent-Minded and Couch Potato.

Edamame: Perfect, now she can forget why she was sitting on the couch.

Then it was Bon Bon’s turn!


Bon Bon: Bwow…  BWOOOW!


Brennan: *stares adoringly at Raspberry*

No sooner than Bon Bon blew out her candles I receive this pop up from Sabrina.


So I quickly zoom over to her.


Oh yes, Sabrina, please do take care of that “stuff’” at home! 


Stacey: What smells like boiled eggs? 

Sabrina: Oops, I really gotta go.

Edamame: UGH!  Some sims are so disgusting! 

Frittata: It took a week for the smell to leave the couch.

Here’s a loot at Bon Bon.  Her traits are Hates the Outdoors, Workaholic and Easily Impressed. I think she’s cute.


Edamame: How can you tell?

All of Frittata and Miller’s children have different colored hair.  Peach has whitish hair, Lox has bright red hair and Bon Bon’s hair is a more muted red.  Interesting…

Edamame: I fail to see how you find that even remotely interesting.

Bella decided to network during the party.


Bella: Look, you want me to bake the cake, you need to supply the flour.

Berjes: Huh?

Bella: You gotta pay!

Pat: I don’t think I like wut mah wife is doin’.

Edamame: Not at the party!!!  No class, no class…


Berjes: Peach, can I bum a few simoleans?  This chick is totally willing to bang me in the bathroom, but I need some cash.

Peach: Ew NO! 

Bella: Time’s ticking, big boy.

Edamame: Why is Peach out of her maternity clothes?  I thought she was pregnant.

She was, she had the baby.


Meet Kool Aid.  I colored his swaddle read because 1. it’s my daughter’s favorite Kool Aid flavor.  (She thinks red is a flavor.) 2. The Kool Aid Man is red. 

Kool Aid: Oh yeah!

He’s Athletic and Clumsy. What a horrible combination!

Kool Aid: Oh no!

Back to the party.


Frittata: I don’t think that is good for the baby.

Edamame: I think maybe a little alcohol will be the least of this baby’s worries.


Berjes: Hey…

Bella: No.  You ain’t got the money.

Lox drank too much at the party.


Lox: *giggles uncontrollably* Aunt Raspberry had a man locked in the basement. *more giggles*

Raspberry (she left the party just after Sabrina) happened to be at the park.




Frittata: She is so weird!


Everyone: POOL!

But no one would swim… 

Peach was highly irritated that Sabrina’s man stuck around. 


Peach: What is wrong with that guy!  Go home your swim trunks don’t fit!


Edamame:  OH NO!  What a freak!

Berjes was allowing his hormones to get the best of him.


Berjes:  That’s a mighty fine ass.

Brennan stuck around for a little longer.


Brennan: My ex-wife is dead (she isn’t really).


Brennan: I should go home.  Is this my home?  I should go home.

Edamame: Apparently Raspberry still keeps him drugged.

Frittata: Would you stay with Raspberry if you had a choice?

Edamame: Good point.

A concerned Strawberry came over to Brennan.


Strawberry: You know she killed your wife, right?


Brennan: It’s okay; we’re going to bury her body in the garden!

Frittata: Should we do something about this?

Edamame: Wait until Raspberry dies.  You don’t want that one coming after you.


Strawberry: What was I doing again?

Oh how I miss the faces she makes.

Finally the guests started to leave.  Sabrina’s boyfriend (I can not remember his name) was one of the last.


The humidity seemed to have done something to his hair.

Mango and Peach decided to have another baby.


Edamame: Gross, has that thing been cleaned yet?

I don’t know, but Mango left happy.


Okay that’s it for this one.  I need to get to bed.  Until next time, thanks for reading and happy simming!


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I am a happily married mother of two sweet girls. The Sims is my not so secret addiction.
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16 Responses to Chapter 92: A Double Birthday

  1. Gargantua says:

    Oh yeah, baby. Mango looks really happy. 🙂 We love Mango. I still feel sorry for Brennan – he’s well and truly stuck. As for Pat, here is to hoping that one day he figures out how much of tramp his wife really is and kicks her to the curb. And what do you mean, red isn’t a flavor? Though I must disagree with your wee one, purple is the best flavor! *grin*

    • skehrer says:

      Mango sure was happy, but I think this generation may just kill me!!! Next time I need to get the Surrounded by Family LTW earlier in the challenge. Not sure I remember what purple tastes like all I’m allowed to make is red. And not any red, it must be fruit punch, if I try to sneak cherry she knows!
      Bella and Pat, I really like them. I can’t wait to see what else happens with them.

  2. Pingback: Food Legacy Chapter 92 | SKehrer's Sim Stuff

  3. simming4ever says:

    LoL,i love this legacy! ^_^

  4. StyxLady says:

    Oh gosh, I feel so sorry for poor Brennan, being brainwashed like that. D: Although I’m very happy Raspberry’s out of the house now…lol, creepazoid!

    Kool-Aid! That’s an epic name. Can’t wait to see him as a toddler.

    Bella cracks me uuuup. XD

  5. missmiserie says:

    Poor Brennan! I feel that their relationship is going to end with Raspberry dying off and Brennan sobering up and realizing that his name was legally changed to Crisco.

    Oh noes, Bella is breeding! I’m… so sorry…

    Kool Aid sounds like he’s going to be a cool kid. His athleticism and clumsiness is going to come in handy when he crashes through walls 😀

    • skehrer says:

      That’s an awesome idea, because you know Raspberry is convinced Brennan is Crisco from the past.

      I am looking for an arch that looks like a broken wall. Kool Aid is going to be soooo much fun!

      I forgot to mention I gave Bella both Flirty and Inappropriate traits. Poor Pat, he’ll always wonder if those kids are really his.

  6. Senny Paine says:

    How do you change swaddle colors???

  7. Bill Delgado says:

    Bella, Bella, alas, poor Bella… too bad she’s one of my favorite Sims women. I always have to import Bella in any town she’s not in, and I usually try to marry my Simself to her. She is a fatal attraction of mine.

    Speaking of… Raspberry scares me. I think she online stalked me once. I had to get one of my other female friends to tell her she was my girlfriend so she would leave me alone. I didn’t want to end up locked in her basement.

    The cake is a lie.

  8. geritwag says:

    I think that’s pretty much what happens to my hair when it’s humid out. I step outside and I suddenly have this enormous curly afro thing going on. And if anyone, I would want Cuppy to be my best man. He probably wouldn’t complain too much. Obviously Red is a flavor too, lol. It’s easier to remember than something like “Strawberry Banana Hurricane Explosion” or something similar to that.

    Let’s hope Lox doesn’t end up like Miller with his drinking. He seems like the kind that spews secrets when he’s drunk.

  9. spongeb0berz says:

    Oh dear god, I laughed so hard!

    “The humidity seemed to have done something to his hair.” XD That was hilarious! And Raspberry!! she’s so creepy!!

    Loved the update! XD

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